A Most Fetching Friday




adjective: fetching


synonyms: attractive, appealing, sweet, pretty, good-looking, lovely, delightful, charming, prepossessing, captivating, enchanting, irresistible

This week’s Fetching Friday features bold and stunning scenes of nature, seasons, sequins, speak and Saints.


Fresh Flower Arrangement Tricks –  Good Housekeeping


Continental Tole Shield With Lion – 1stdibs

glitterguide_white_tshirt_3d_140609_4I highly recommend taking the Sparkle and Shine Your Way Through Life approach!  Life is Short Wear Sequins T –  Glitter Guide for eLUXE

lavender hill farmsLavender Hill Farms in Boyne City, Michigan – Midwest Living Magazine

ff-cognacColor Extraordinaire: Cognac – HGTV

van-goghVincent van Gogh

pumpkin-platterSeasonal Simplicity!  Pumpkin Platter Centerpiece – Better Homes and Gardens

Saints-helmtWho Dat Proud – New Orleans Saints

I hope yours is a most fetching Friday.

Love your style!

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Are You Ready For Some Tailgating?

Football season is here and tailgating ideas and recipes are on my mind.  I’ve got a simple question for the football loyal,  Are You Ready For Some Tailgating?  Our teams are chosen, tickets purchased and printed, tailgating menus planned, grills cleaned and ready to be fired up like a capacity crowd in Death Valley on a Saturday night,

CHANCE-OF-RAIN-716x1024ludlow & company

and the Geaux Tigers music tuned to roar!

Geaux Tigers: Official LSU Music

philly-cheesesteak-dipPhilly Cheesesteak Dip

Tailgating tablescapes decked out in team colors always proves to be a winner. I bring a few investment pieces for season to season use, dollar store gotta haves and diy dining projects to the team table.  Floral rings wrapped in burlap ribbon, mesh, floral moss (bayou theme) or team inspired duck tape make great custom candle rings.


Keep your eyes out for end of season clearance sales.  Decorative planters make fantastic tabletop arrangement anchors.  Load them up with seasonal flowers, natural or spray painted branches, magnolia leaves or artificial bunches- you get the point.  Inexpensive baskets and bandannas equal inexpensive one stop shopping dinner baskets and basket liners.  Hobby Lobby has a great selection of metal plaques and resin letters to add a little lagniappe to your tailgating tablespace decor.   In tailgating terms think easy transport, easy clean up.  I found a 3-pack of 5 gallon LSU buckets at Home Depot for $14.11.  Score!  Talk about the perfect tailgate tote, or centerpiece container, or trash receptacle… again, you get the idea.

cheeseburger-bloody-maryCheeseburger Bloody Mary 

This is how we tiger fan and fare at our Bayou Broil!

tailgating ideas and recipes

Balsamic-honey-pulled-pork-slidersBalsamic Honey Pulled Pork Sliders

bloomin'-onionAlmost-Famous Bloomin’ Onion

Tailgating times are once again upon us.  Regardless if your tailgate celebration is at the stadium or on your home field, good food and great style make an undeniable celebration combination. I  hope these ideas come in handy for all your tailgating times.  Happy tailgating, may your team be the pride of their division and Geaux Tigers!

Love your style!


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Kitchen, Breakfast Area, And Butler’s Pantry Page Weekend Update

The Places In The Home Kitchen, Breakfast Area, and Butler’s Pantry page weekend update is not to be confused with Saturday Night Live Weekend Update,  but it definitely took all of Saturday, and Saturday night, and it was definitely live.  With our household number temporarily reduced by two over the last three weeks,  I was able to clear out the cobwebs, so to speak, dig in, style up, photograph and post the results of  the new and improved Places In The Home Kitchen, Breakfast Area, and Butler’s Pantry page weekend update.


After much decorative debate our bella cucina has made the color transition from Sherwin-Williams Anjou Pear to Sherwin-Williams Curio Gray.


Any decorative decision made in haste runs the risk of the dreaded and expensive do-over, or worse yet, the dreaded make do.  Decorating mistakes and missteps happen. Goodness knows I could write a book on the ones I have made. Trial and error has its place in the color my world scheme of things, and painting offers one of the most inexpensive uh-oh, this isn’t going to work outs there is.  Anjou Pear began to rot sooner than later and the neutral but distinct color of Curio Gray proved to be a classic fit.


The biggest part of the kitchen remodeling project (if your interested find that post here) and material choices- cabinets, granite countertop installation, flooring- still float my boat and will remain in play for awhile.  I’ve debated over replacing the breakfast area chandelier and double fluorescents but the form, function and illumination of the fixtures wins out.

kitchen, breakfast Area, and butler’s pantry

New, edited and vintage accessories in gold, white and cream breathed new life into the look.  Dave the Builder picked up this crock from Ace Hardware.   I bought the medium sized vintage rolling pin from a local shop and the larger one I found on Etsy.  The treasure hunt for vintage cutting boards began and ended in my own kitchen.  I totally forgot I had most of these.  It was a like Christmas day when I found them.


One marathon eBay search later and this perfectly imperfect white porcelain pitcher was coming my way.   I don’t mind digging in for the search, but after 3-4 hours of eBaying, Etsying, and online Goodwilling I was ironstoned, porcelained and crocked to a crisp!   With camera and coffee in hand it was onward and upward to the next phase- the pictorial proof of our Kitchen, Breakfast Area, and Butler’s Pantry page weekend update.


Without further ado, I cordially invite you to view the new, improved and updated Kitchen, Breakfast Area, and Butler’s Pantry page.


Love your style!

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A Most Fetching Friday




adjective: fetching


synonyms: attractive, appealing, sweet, pretty, good-looking, lovely, delightful, charming, prepossessing, captivating, enchanting, irresistible

This week’s Fetching Friday features antiques, words in the key of life, black and white statement pieces and an undeniable pop of pucker red in iconic Hollywood glamour via “The Look”, Lauren Bacall.

demiluneSmall Space Decorating via House Beautiful - photo by Jonny Valiant

Hollywood in KodachromeHollywood in Kodachrome by David Wills, Stephen Schmidt

outdoor-pumpkins Gorgeous entry in fall splendor via The Scout Guide

transitional-kitchenTransitional Kitchen by New York Interior Designers & Decorators David Scott Interiors via Lights Online

chic-black-and-white-living-roomsStunning Statement via Simplified Bee

pillow-H&MPillow Talk – H&M

Through the Years via Sweet as Candy
I hope yours is a most fetching Friday.
Love your style!

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A Splash of Style and Taste with Coffee-mate and David Bromstad Designs

Starting the day with a splash of delicious and stylish inspiration puts the day in proper perspective and gets the creative process going.  This statement comes on the heels of an entire weekend spent styling my kitchen for an updated our home page.  Inspiration is everywhere and I found a splash of weekend decorating inspiration over many cups of strong Louisiana coffee. Who would of thunk it? 

Coffee-mate and David Bromstad Designs

As I sipped and studied flow, balance and placement, I took a thought inventory of the kitchen counters, tabletop and marble top sideboard and the decorative accents and utilitarian wares soon to be placed upon them.  I kept in mind the kitchen is first and foremost a working space based in design and style.  Think of it this way- from prep to serve we “design” a meal.  I’ve even been known to color coordinate the food to the china to the serving bowls. I’m just designed that way. If we meticulously select decorative accents, color, flooring, lighting, cabinets and counter tops that reflect and inspire our tastes and style, doesn’t it make sense to select items that make a style splash, keep it style simple and complement our design and decorating choices?  From taste to tastes, it’s all in the details!


Look who’s designing, inspiring and making a delicious style splash!   Design star David Bromstad has partnered with Coffee-mate and Target, making a splash with limited edition bottle designs inspired by coffee and Coffee-mate.   The new David Bromstad designed bottles (French Vanilla and Hazelnut flavors) will be available exclusively at Target stores nationwide.  


The Art of Coffee by Bromstad limited edition bottle design brings a splash of style to the table, and Coffee-mate brings a splash of flavor to your favorite coffee beverage and recipes.   coffee-mate-Hazelnut Did someone say recipes?  Fall, football tailgating times and Holiday cheer time is upon us, and it’s easy to get recipe inspired with Coffee-mate.  Impress and inspire the crowd with a specialty coffee, hot chocolate beverage, cake or bread pudding flavored with Coffee-mate French Vanilla or Hazelnut flavored coffee creamer.  The versatility of Coffee-mate flavored coffee creamer from cup to counter is the Art of Coffee- a distinct look designed to complement a great taste. giveaway goodness Coffee-mate is generously helping me spread the coffee love to one of my lucky readers.    


The giveaway prize includes 5 mini journals, a pack of colorful pens, a coffee poster and 2 full-value product coupons ($45 ARV).


The giveaway period begins August 12 and ends August 20, 2014.  The giveaway is only open to US residents age 18 and older. Pens

a Rafflecopter giveaway


More Chances to Win!

For more inspired fun, snap a photo of the newly designed bottles and share it on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #CMInspiresSweepsEntry for a chance to win a year’s worth of Coffee-mate, $500 Target GiftCards, and a signed print from David Bromstad!

You’re Invited!

Don’t miss the Coffee-mate #CMInspires Twitter Party on Thursday, August 14 at 7pm Central, co-hosted by Courtney Whitmore of Pizzazzerie and David Bromstad


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


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A Most Fetching Friday




adjective: fetching


synonyms: attractive, appealing, sweet, pretty, good-looking, lovely, delightful, charming,prepossessing, captivating, enchanting, irresistible

This week’s Fetching Friday places the accent on classic.

portraitTraditional in Gold via New England Home

‘Tis the weekend of the 127 Yard Sale aka The World’s Largest Yard Sale.  The Places In The Home Gang hit the sale in Gadsden, Alabama many moons ago on our way back home from our annual trek to the hills and mountains of East Tennessee.  The already overloaded Excursion and U-Haul ( it was very normal for us to pick, hunt and buy enough treasures, trinkets and trash to warrant renting a u-Haul).  Have any of you ever been to The World’s Largest Yard Sale?  Please share!  I love this pic from Authentica Classics.  More where that come from here.

world's-longest-yard-saleDiscovered Treasures – World’s Longest Yard Sale via Authentica Classics

Gone with the Wind is as famous for its lines as it is for the movie itself.  If I had a nickle for every time “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn”  has been quoted well, you know.  Good Housekeeping recently informed its readers the infamous ending almost wasn’t the famous ending as we know it.  An alternate ending has been revealed through the recent findings of a script.  Take a look at what words Scarlett may have spoken over at Good Housekeeping.

gone-with-the-wind-scriptHeritage Auctions

Speaking of iconic, the image below is of the interior of the actual  brownstone on 64 Perry Street, New York, New York  otherwise known as Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment in Sex and the City.

Ornate-crown-ceiling-moldings-make-apartment-historicPop Sugar -  Sotheby’s Realty

shipsClassic navy never looked so beautiful!  via Traditional Home

St. Louis CathedralThe classic interior beauty and architecture of the St. Louis Cathedral make it a premier historical New Orleans landmark.

I hope yours is a most fetching Friday.

Love your style!

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Styling the Table Between Two Sofas: How To Style a Coffee Table

Attention grabbing titles stump me at times.  The backspace on this keyboard should start up its own CrossFit class because this baby gets in an impressive and exhaustive daily workout erasing first drafts, not so PG-13 wording and the like. Title considerations for this post ranged from Not Another Boring How To Style a Coffee Table Post, Putting Stuff on the Coffee Table and Why It Matters and the winner, Styling The Table Between Two Sofas.  Anyway you title it, how to style a coffee table is a hot topic of decorating interest.


I like to incorporate individual style and objects that capture the soul of the life lived within your home.  The only hard-and-fast rule I follow in regards to how to style a coffee table is no sight obstruction.  I don’t know about you, but I hate to sit down to gab, read or watch television only to get right back up to move a decorative accent out of my sight line.  High, medium and low is a working concept with considerations to factor in. When I’m styling a coffee table I sit down on sofa, chair, etc…  and choose the primary sight line. X marks the center spot- the prime location for a medium or low height object placement.  The “outer” areas balance the method with graduated heights to continue the flow, theme and visual engagement.

how to style a coffee table

The rule of you applies effectively applies to decorating and should be beautifully evident throughout your home.  Styling a coffee table with a sense of individual style is easy.  A treasured keepsake, great read, conversation piece, a decorative box to house remotes (a necessary evil), framed picture of something, somewhere or someone that when you look at it a smile instantly touches your heart- the essentials!  Here’s the background on the pieces presently calling the top of my coffee table home.


The shells were found on the beach in Corpus Christi, Texas by my mother when she was eight years old.


My great-grandparents owned tourist courts in the beach area, and on one of the many trips to Corpus my mother picked up these shells.  Treasures of time and travel for sure.


The rose bowl was an anniversary gift from Dave the Builder.  A  fellow antiques dealer brought it into the shop, and my heart skipped a beat.  Dave surprised me with it, I bawled like a baby, and up this keepsake went. Fast forward to moving day and Miss Grace Kelly here dropped it, shattering it into several pieces.  The water works began, but I sucked it up and let it go.  No use crying over chipped and cracked porcelain- the thought behind the gift was still in one piece.  I picked up the pieces as best I could, placed them in a box, and set it out in the garage.


Dave saw the box when he came in and asked me what had happened.  I filled him in, letting him know I had made peace with the pieces.  Dave wouldn’t hear of it.  He grabbed the glue and went to work.  When he finished gluing the pieces back in place he offered up a rather profound explanation.  He told me to look at it in a new light.  Things that are perfect one minute may not be so perfect the next.  That doesn’t mean you throw it away- you dig in with determination and fix it.  The rose bowl is more beautiful to me now than it  ever was in its pristine state.


Louisiana is known for unique characters, creatures, homes, food and culture. House Proud: Unique Home Design, Louisiana by Valorie Hart and Edwin Edwards Governor of Louisiana by Leo Honeycutt are both interesting reads and wonderful conversation pieces.  Two birds, one stone.  The dried bouquet in the image below is a memento from my nephew’s wedding.


What do you consider essential decorative elements in the pursuit of how to style a coffee table?

Love your style!

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A Most Fetching Friday




adjective: fetching


synonyms: attractive, appealing, sweet, pretty, good-looking, lovely, delightful, charming,prepossessing, captivating, enchanting, irresistible


Week two of  A Most Fetching Friday features color, texture and pattern- the decorating trinity.

picklingExpert Pickling Tips – Williams-Sonoma Taste

kitchen-brass-hardwareFarmhouse Brass via Martha Stewart - Photo: Eric Piasecki

lipstick-GHColor palette inspiration – Good Housekeeping

pink-dining-roomCountry Living’s editor, Sarah Gray Miller’s Upstate New York Home

bird-girl-statueIn the Garden of…  Bird Girl Statues

I am a complete sucker for vintage animal prints, and have the perfect frames ready for this and the vintage cow printable. These are perfect- not too kitchy, not too busy.

Vintage-sheep-Drawing-wVintage Sheep Drawing Printable – House of Hawthorns

blue-brown-black The Hotel St. James,  Paris – Apartment Therapy

Pink Lemonade Cake makes everyday A Most Fetching Friday.  It’s a little pink piece of summer sweetness, and a lovely image to end on.

pink-lemonade-cakePink Lemonade Cake – Better Homes and Gardens

I hope yours is a most fetching Friday.

Love your style!

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DIY Dorm Room Decor Ideas

Dorm days are upon the back to campus crowd once again.  College bound decoristas are owning color, texture and pattern, expressing stylish signs of budding tastes. Back to campus condos, townhouses, apartments, and sorority house rooms need decor love too, and decor and DIY design class is in session. School is always in when it comes to interior design, decorating, chic accents and color choices.  Dorm decor is a study in ever evolving styles and tastes. Gone are the dorm days of cinder block bookcases and anything will do furnishings. Thank goodness the old school school of thought has taken a page from the book of back to campus DIY dorm room decor ideas.

 DIY Dorm Room Decor Ideas


At this stage of the dorm decorating game colors, pattern and the general decorative direction is in play, but building upon those choices sets apart from general style studies.  With that in mind, I’m placing decorative emphasis on updating basic and affordable pieces with fabric, hardware, paint, embellishments and basic DIY talent.


A simple DIY dorm room decor ideas equation guaranteed to result in a positive result goes like this:

Updates + Embellishments = Wow Factor


Paint covers a multitude of mistakes, yesteryear funk and gunk, and pure ugly. I love the look in the image below,  but the price may induce sticker shock.  The cure?  Take one can of spray paint in hand and color your world.


Trade ordinary for extraordinary by using fabric to line drawers.  Replace standard ho-hum hardware with designer knobs and pulls.  Factory primed and ready for paint or faux finish molding rosettes are primed and ready for drawer fronts.


Mad in Crafts shows us how to get our fabulous DIY inspired talent on with thumbtacks and paint. Knock off?  Knock your socks off chic, dorm decoristas! Get the designer inspired details here.


Alexis over at Persia Lou creates this DIY Marble Paper Filing Cabinet.  Talk about style files!  See her tutorial here.

Dorm room decor days are here again.  Take a course in smart, savvy and stylish back to campus DIY.

Love your style!




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A Most Fetching Friday




adjective: fetching


synonyms: attractive, appealing, sweet, pretty, good-looking, lovely, delightful, charming,prepossessing, captivating, enchanting, irresistible


Places In The Home is an interior design and decorating show and tell. Goodness knows I have met the tell quota, so let’s concentrate on the show part of all this with a new blog series, A Most Fetching Friday. Architectural, interiors, design, antiques, travel and food images will be worth at least the 300-500 words of a blog post, and Friday speaks for itself.  Enjoy this debut with a tour of eye-catching features found down Southern states way.

Traditional Kitchen by Knoxville Architects & Building Designers Home Design Elements LLC

deeringantiquesahlmiamicircle_002Dering Antiques – Atlanta, Georgia via Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles

foxgloves-antiquesahlmiamicircle_015Foxglove Antiques & GalleriesAtlanta, Georgia via Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles

new-orleans-restaurant1St. Lawrence in the Vieux Carré – New Orleans, Louisiana

lemon-icebox-pieLemon Ice Box Pie – Food & Wine

Bill PaxtonDishing with Texas-born Actor and Director Bill Paxton via Southern Living

antique-architecturalMain Street Revival – Garden & Gun

I hope you have a most fetching Friday.

Love your style!

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