Citrus Sugar Hand Scrub

Our latest eBay search for project materials brought forth open tabs and mounds, let me look at this one thing patience, and a DIY recipe for Citrus Sugar Hand Scrub.  More on that point later in the post. Dave the Builder is not used to with unorthodox way of treasure hunting.  Assuring Dave I am able to walk and chew gum at the same time, I jumped around the pages of eBay with expert keyboard precision.  As Dave measured and mulled his decisions, I searched and made a decision of my “own” to click Buy It Now on this darling vintage pottery creamer. 


Pattern, texture and color guide the selection process of interior design, decorating and home decor accents and accessories. Take as an example the PTC value of this creamer.  The pattern is unique as far as corn pottery patterns go, the texture is raised in matte perfection, and the color trio of pink, green and worn over time white blend together to create subtle soft tones.  Add to the mix the vivid childhood memory of a similar creamer my Mother once owned and a curiosity piece match made in collectibles heaven.


Presentation and placement is key when selling an item. Stores know it, sites know it, and decoristas know it.  It’s the package that sells the product, and the placement that delivers the decorative oomph.


Home decor accessories and accents placed in unexpected spaces and used in unusual ways make for the most interesting conversation pieces.


I am constantly arranging and rearranging smalls to create vignettes and focal point displays. The quickest way to combat decorative complacency is to design and decorate outside the lines.  A vintage creamer is repurposed as a cosmetic caddy, a porcelain bone dish finds new life as a jewelry holder, and an antique silver powder jar becomes a Mother’s Day gift filled with the latest recipe from the Places In The Home test kitchen.


Citrus Sugar Hand Scrub is a pampered treat perfectly timed for the summer mani and sandal pedi season.  It is also a wonderful foot scrub! Coconut oil is all the beauty rage, and is well represented in this homemade scrub for its softening ability.

For the hands:

Dampen hands with tepid water. Apply the citrus sugar hand scrub and gently massage in a circular movement to exfoliate and renew skin. Rinse well with warm water and gently pat dry. Complete the at home spa experience by applying your favorite hand cream to seal in the moisture and protect.

For the feet:

Soak feet in warm water for approximately five (5) minutes in order to soften the skin. Apply citrus sugar hand scrub to each foot and work in circular motions to properly exfoliate. Rinse feet with tepid water and gently dry with a towel.  Feet will be soft and moisturized so watch your step!  Now is the time to try out those new summer flip-flops or spa socks to prevent doing the twist and d#*! that hurts shout.


Citrus Sugar Hand Scrub


½  cup raw sugar

½  cup coarse salt

½ cup melted coconut oil

1 tablespoon lemon zest (1 medium-size lemon = approximately 1 tablespoon of lemon zest)

1 tablespoon orange zest

several drops favorite essential oil


Mix all ingredients together until combined.


Spoon citrus sugar hand scrub into container of choice and seal tightly. This scrub is best suited for use on the hands and feet, and is good for use for up to one month.

sugar-body-scrub signature-pink

A Most Fetching Friday: Staircase Designs




adjective: fetching


synonyms: attractive, appealing, sweet, pretty, good-looking, lovely, delightful, charming, prepossessing, captivating, enchanting, irresistible

Today’s Fetching Friday features staircase designs of winding detail with design twists and turns.

staircase designs

Architectural Digest

Phenomenal foyer focal point.  Say that three times.


Longwood Farm, Texas ~ Curtis & Windham Architects


Jennifer Garner as featured in Vanity Fair 

Hudson Architects, Boardman House, NUA, Norwich University of the Arts Architectural School, Norwich, Norfolk, UK, Winter 2016 Photographer Joakim Borén,

 Norwich University of the Arts Architectural School, Norwich, Norfolk, UK, Winter 2016 ~ Photographer Joakim Borén


John Malick & Associates


Detail of intricate work in the stair rail from the first to the second floor in the Senate side of the Capitol.


Palazzo della Banca d’Italia, Fi ~ Palace of the Bank of Italy, Florence

Enjoy your Friday!


Mother’s Day Gift Suggestions

There’s an art to selecting the perfect Mother’s Day gift for the All Things House That Make A Home matriarch.  Personal style plays a pivotal role in the theme of the gift.  The following Mother’s Day gift suggestions begin with building upon the hobby, destination fascination wish list, collections, color, gourmet, couture or cultural events interests for the gift intended.  Once a theme is established, the special attention to Mother’s Day gift details fall into place.


Mama Needs a Beachin’ Breakaway Getaway

A pack a bag and let’s vacation destination gift is always an appropriate choice of Mother’s Day gift.  From the gifted with love weekend getaway or once in a lifetime vacation, it’s the journey and the thought that counts and makes the Mother’s Day memory.


Vera Bradley Streeterville Travel Duffel

In Adorned Appreciation~

A classic statement cuff from Mark and Graham in tortoise and gold chic, this monogram cuff is a keeper piece.



Continuing the Classic Design Theme~

The Crosley Cruiser Briefcase Portable Vinyl Record Player spins a vintage vinyl beat in retro color style.  Mothers of my generation and my mother’s generation with an appreciation for the soundtrack of our Top 40 lives will love this everything old is new again find.


“Ah! There is nothing like staying at home, for real comfort.”

Jane Austen

A girls night in gift basket is a wonderfully fun and thoughtful gift option. A good red, read, sound, look, color, scent, mood and cup set the tone for a very good night in.


A Good Red ~  A Good Read  ~  A Good Sound  ~  A Good Look

A Good Color  ~  A Good Scent  ~  A Good Mood  ~  A Good Cup


Color Mom’s World~

Mother's Day Gift Suggestions

Crochet Lace over Denim Tank Top ~  American Coin Treasures 1964 Silver JFK Half Dollar Keyring  ~  St George Bontanivore Gin  ~ DaVonna Sterling Silver Grey Cultured Pearl Bracelet  ~  Teal & Gold-Tone String Bracelet  ~  Apatite and Aqua Rough Gemstone Earrings  ~ Asphalt Nylon Ramona Hobo ~ Morgan Linear Clip-On Earrings  ~ Blue Lace Mirror-top Grant Tray  ~ Crystal Chandelier  ~  Bongo Women’s Leah Blue/Silver Sandal


Pretty In Shades of Pink, Green and Gold~


Children Serenade Outdoor Statue  ~  Charles James Fashion Illustrations Journal ~  Rose Cushion Cover  ~  Kenneth Jay Lane Cluster Necklace  ~ Kenneth Jay Lane Topaz and Gold Drop Earrings  ~ Mosser Jadite Pitcher ~  Sterling Essentials Gold over Bronze Cable Link Bracelet  Mondevio 18k Gold over Stainless Steel Textured Cuff Bracelet  ~Faux Spring Rose Mixed Bouquet ~ Bose® SoundLink® Color Bluetooth® Speaker

Surprises In A Subscription Beauty Box~ 

The beauty box subscription concept delivers a monthly and/or quarterly surprise that I have to admit I look forward to.   These boxes are packed with beauty items and decorista must have treasures in assorted sizes.   The price is right, the concept is genius and the products are quality- a Mother’s Day gift option that keeps on giving all year long.




Target Beauty Box  ~  Walmart Beauty Box

Happy gifting!


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A Most Fetching Friday




adjective: fetching


synonyms: attractive, appealing, sweet, pretty, good-looking, lovely, delightful, charming, prepossessing, captivating, enchanting, irresistible

Today’s fetching Friday pays tribute to the incomparable Prince.



A master musician, composer and brilliant force of talent, Prince leaves a commanding impression upon the world of music and pop culture.


Boss Fight


House Beautiful

I will forever remember watching his first appearance on American Bandstand. Absolutely spellbinding.


Better Homes and Gardens



With great edge, purple and paisley panache and a keen understanding of the mechanics of superb showmanship, Prince was in a class all by himself.



As the words of the song note, nothing compares to you.


Feathered Friends On A Cloudy Afternoon

Storm clouds are hanging heavy over our part of the world this week. What’s up with this weather pattern?  Houston, we have a problem took on a whole new meaning and a whole lot of water Monday morning. Everything is bigger in Texas, including this most recent flooding event. My mother, channeling her inner Jim Cantore, kept me informed of the worsening weather conditions and rescue situations in the Greater Houston area throughout the day.  We watched the following rescue unfold live, amazed at Mother Nature’s power and the strength in numbers good Samaritans who saved this stranded trucker’s life.

Funky weather conditions can dampen even the sunniest of dispositions. We’ve had just about all the sadness we can take around here lately, making the distract and deflect act I have become abnormally good at a necessary part of a cloudy day.  Lighting plays such a significant role in our moods and energy levels.  The right amount of the right kind of lighting can promote a calming, serene and pleasing atmosphere.  Sunny days and the pristine natural lighting are favored, but not a 365 day reality.  What to do, what to do with the cloudy one at hand?  I know, let’s take a gander at what’s going on with our feathered friends on a cloudy afternoon.


Dave the Builder put out bread and filled the chandelier bird feeder pots with seed late Sunday afternoon.  We kept watch to see how well the birds would respond to this first feeding of the spring season.

Robins, blue jays, doves, cardinals, mockingbirds, sparrows –

Feathered Friends On A Cloudy Afternoon

nature is well represented right outside our kitchen window.


You would think a rainy, cloudy day would keep them away, but it seems the weather was just right to entice these creatures to turn out to feed and frolic.


See the tilted and empty clay pots?


Meet the culprit.


Never underestimate the will of an alpha squirrel and the king of the yard swagger that goes along with it. This greedy gut and his partner in squirrel crime worked in tandem to tip each of the full clay pot feed holders over.  This was one seedy ground game.  A determined blue jay with expert aim dive-bombed the spotter squirrel and it was game on from there.  Mr. & Mrs. Cardinal and the sparrows circled the wagons, and the doves noshed in couldn’t care less fashion.  Victory was declared by the feathered finishers, and a pair of crestfallen squirrels cried “fowl” and retreated to the neighbors yard.

Just a view from my window on the world.



A Most Fetching Friday: Design Details




adjective: fetching


synonyms: attractive, appealing, sweet, pretty, good-looking, lovely, delightful, charming, prepossessing, captivating, enchanting, irresistible

Today’s fetching Friday focuses on design details and the it’s all in the details beauty that enthralls, captivates, and delights the eye.



Stunning images such as this classic example of French Louisiana architecture from architect Ken Tate with interiors designed by Ann Holden of Holden and Dupuy Interiors affirm my love of traditional design and decor features steeped in southern charm.

lantern-in-foyerDering Hall


Jenny Wolf Interiors

Monogram_2Monograms and Antique Linens ~ Victoria Magazine

outdoor-settingVogue Living

Beauty on point captured by dancer Kyle Froman as featured in Harper’s BAZAAR.


gold-giltGold Gilt on Pinterest

Have a lovely weekend.

Love your style!

Spring Home Decor Accessories Gotta Have It List

A new season means new home decor accessories, seasonal decorating updates and a totally new and refreshed blog theme.  The Places In The Home Gotta Have It List spring home decor accessories edition is here to get the refresh and update ball rolling.  First up on the list is a home decor accessory considered a quintessential gotta have-must have for the southern, Gulf Coast and Floridian home.  We do love and revere these elegant pink feathered creatures.

Flamingo+Bird+by+Tim+Knepp+Painting+Print+on+Canvas ‘Flamingo Bird’ by Tim Knepp

What colors of the spring season speak to the decorating side of your brain?

an-aesthetic-pursuit-portfolio-interiors-stylesAn Aesthetic Pursuit ~ Dering Hall

Bold and bright.  Pastel perfection.  Coastal cool and oh, so chic.


I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!


spring home decor accessories

Spring Into Color, Texture and Pattern Decorative Throw Pillows


The colors of the spring into summer season thaw the last of winter’s remnants and extends an invitation to color and decorate your world.

colorful-world-2-pillowColorful World 2 Pillow


Jungle Animal Print Square Wool Area Rug

Color, pattern and texture pairs well with the the best outdoor living spring into summer style has to offer.

Style on the beach~

The Leopard Lady Beach Towel from our favorite maxxinista haute haunt, T. J. Maxx delivers big returns on life’s a beach fun and style. The price is right and the look is spring into summer fun.


Sunny, Spring Sunday Afternoons ~

We interrupt this sunny spring Sunday afternoons train of thought in the name of Louisiana travel and tourism transparency.  Never let it be said that this native Louisianian is less than honest about Louisiana humidity and the hot as Hades havoc it plays with our unsuspecting visitors.  The summertime humidity levels down Louisiana and Gulf Coast way ain’t for the faint at heart.  Oppressive puts it mildly.

vintage-shoppingWashington Old Schoolhouse Antique Mall Antique Fair

Ah, but spring is a most delightful time of year to visit our fair state. The sights, seasonings and strolls pair well with a sunny spring Sunday afternoon tailor-made for festivals, food and finds of the antiques, vintage and spring home decor accessories kind.

French-antiqueOne Kings Lane


Painted Pine Armoire


The Apothecary Bench from Paul Michael Company is a great option for foyer or end of bed seating.

Linen. It is the look and feel of the season.


Linen Pillow Linens  ~  Decorative Shell  ~  Large Glass Vases

Mixing, matching and marveling at the new season of home decor accessories remains my top suggestion for an instant seasonal update. What spring home decor accessories do you have in mind for your gotta have it list?

Love your style!

A Most Fetching Friday




adjective: fetching


synonyms: attractive, appealing, sweet, pretty, good-looking, lovely, delightful, charming, prepossessing, captivating, enchanting, irresistible

I thought I would bring back my A Most Fetching Friday series for the spring and summer season.  Today’s spring and summer fetching Friday kicks off the series with a collection of images drenched in color and seasonal decorating inspiration.

she-shed-garden-decoratingCountry Living

iced-teaSouthern Living

54c1c92c4f6f3_-_ed-peterson-4-xln-xlnELLE DECOR


Lucille-BallHarper’s BAZAAR


Banana_Leaf_Wallpaper_in_Green_and_Pink_design_by_York_Wallcoverings_aa448458-675c-428d-ad2a-0baa567e685a_2048x2048Burke Decor


Have a wonderful weekend!


Spring Cleaning Tips And Hints For The Spring Clean Fling Of It All

It seems I’ve got the dirt on spring.  My last blog post dealt with digging the spring garden scene, and today’s post deals with spring cleaning scene.  Spring cleaning may not be your idea of fun, but it definitely puts a spic and span spin on things. Spring comes but once a year as does the spring cleaning cleanapalooza we participate in.  This time of year is synonymous with all things fresh and new, refreshed and updated and spring cleaning tips and hints.


Dirty jobs come with the life lived within our homes territory, and house cleaning is a necessary part of all things house that make a home.  Spring cleaning tips and hints lend a helping hand to the ritualistic spring fling cleaning machine. It’s those helpful spring cleaning tips and hints help me cut through the muck, gunk and grime left over from winter and rockin’ tunes to spring clean by help me clean and cut a rug.

Spring Cleaning Tips And Hints

Spring Cleaning Tips And Hints

Boost the cleaning advantage of a less expensive dishwasher soap by adding two teaspoons of white vinegar to your dishwasher.

Boost liquid dish soap by adding two tablespoons baking soda to hot dish water.

I advise against putting sterling silver flatware in the dishwasher.  The ingredients in dishwasher soaps prove too harsh and the heat will result in whitening the silver. If your silver sees a lot of use it usually will not need polishing. High humidity accelerates the tarnishing process.  Hand wash sterling flatware with a non-lemon-scented liquid dish soap.  Lemon-scented dish soaps cause pitting, discoloration and darkening. Rinse well with hot water and hand dry with a soft towel.  Silver does not respond well to air drying. Residual water will cause spotting.  Stainless and silver do not wash well together. Place your sterling silver and stainless steel flatware in separate dish rack compartments in order to avoid an electrolytic reaction.  I wrap my silver pieces  in acid-free tissue and pop them into a Ziplock slider storage bag.


Spring is messy and delicious.  Spring clean it up.


While we are on the subject of dish soaps and how fabulous some brands smell, can you guess which scent is my favorite?


A fireplace is a wonderful source of comfort and heat on cold winter nights, and the proof of use is left behind on tile floors, mantels, ceiling fans, air conditioning and heat grilles and vent floor covers and surrounding walls.  Enlist the help of your vacuum cleaner attachments to remove the film left behind.  Discard the vacuum bag and begin anew.  I keep a lightweight mop bought at the dollar store on hand strictly for cleaning times like these.  The basic, easy and get the job done cleaning power of warm water and a couple of drops of Dawn is still the best household cleaner.  I’ve tried the rest and I always go back to the best.  Using a clean mop dampened in the warm water and Dawn solution, work from the top to bottom of the surfaces to wipe away the dirt.  Rinse mop with clean warm water, allow to dry to a lightly dampened state and repeat steps to rinse.

decorative throw pillowsH & M

Freshen up decorative throw pillows and seat cushions using the upholstery brush and crevice tool vacuum attachments to remove seasonal dust.  I treat my medium-sized decorative throw pillows to an air-only cycle run in the dryer for 1o minutes to further freshen.


Spring cleaning presents the perfect opportunity to change out china patterns and update displays.  An open cupboard or one lined with wallpaper is a personal style statement waiting to be admired.


Warmer temps tend to not mix well with the flannel sheets and heavy blankets that kept us warm and cozy all winter long.  Begin by flipping the mattress and giving it a good vacuuming.  Lose the winter blues in favor of crisp cotton linens heavy on nothing but seasonal comfort.  The spring fling frame of decorative mind we find ourselves in is ready to lighten things up in pattern, texture and color.

white-cotton-linensVictoria Magazine

Don’t forget a spritz or two of linen spray.  A light and lovely scent sets the tone for a good night’s slumber.

Linen Spray

1 ½  teaspoon essential oil of your choice

2  Tablespoons witch hazel or vodka

4  cups distilled water

32 oz.  spritz bottle

Mix witch hazel or vodka and desired oils in a bottle.  Add the distilled water and shake to combine.  The witch hazel or vodka aids in dispersing the oil evenly throughout the liquid.  Shake bottle gently before each use.

clotheslineCountry Living Magazine

I wish I could replicate the exact scent of line-dried linens on a spring afternoon in a linen spray.  White clouds, the color blue, a warm breeze and the feel of soft cotton.  Aroma therapy perfection!

kitchen windowsDomino

One of the best ways to experience spring is to open the windows and doors to let the light and fresh air in.  There is no substitute for naturally airing out the house with fresh spring air post pollen season.


Washing windows can be a pane (forgive me, I couldn’t resist) to keep clean. Although not a spring cleaning favorite, once the decision is made to meet and master the task at hand the result is so worth it!  ♫ I can see clearly now…

Window Cleaner

32  ounce spray bottle

2  cups distilled white vinegar

8  Tablespoons lemon juice, fresh or concentrate

2  cups water

Mix the vinegar, lemon juice  and water together in a spray bottle. Use crumbled newspaper to wipe the windows for the simple reason it  keeps streaks to a minimum. If the sun is hot and shining on the window it will promote quick drying resulting in streaks.


Spring cleaning tips and hints lagniappe~ a little something extra:

To keep windows sliding up and down with ease rub a bar of soap across the track. A quick fix for a small hole in a window screen is clear nail polish.  Apply a few layers of polish and allow to dry.

Park-Avenue-apartmentELLE DECOR

Spring cleaning is a dirty job, but one that nets big let the sunshine in rewards.

Spring Gardening Days Are Here! Can You Dig It?

Spring gardening days are here, my friends!  Can you dig it?  Recent snow (or as they say in Louisiana, sneaux) events, frost dusted mornings and the band of 32° and below temps has got to go.  My visual and vocal denial of last week’s light frost on the ground mornings brought forth the words of Sergeant Schultz of Hogan’s Heroes fame.  I see nothing, nothing!  I only have eyes for spring.

gallery-cl-fb-lilypulitzerCountry Living Magazine

If things rock on like this I may have to order this hoodie and whip up a hot toddy to garden by.

gildan-50-50-hoodie-FF6FADGardening Weekend Forecast Hoodie

The calendar says spring, my mind says spring, my heart says spring and the blooms and buds throughout the neighborhood say spring.



A kitchen vegetable garden flush with vegetables, herbs and color rich flowers is on my fresh from home farmers market radar.  Better Homes and Gardens has a free kitchen garden plan to download which includes planting instructions and plants list for the kitchen veggie garden shown in the illustration below.  Click on this link:  An Eye-Catching Kitchen Garden Plan.


A local radio personality gives a daily update on the produce progress of her vegetable and flower garden, and I must admit I look forward to and am inspired by her down on the farm reports.  In regards to the spring and summer salad season my question to you is this: Is there anything better than a fresh garden salad made with home grown tomatoes?  Pass the fine black pepper and the buttermilk dressing.


Don’t forget the fresh herbs, too!


Speaking of fresh, colorful and tasty edible accouterments.  Edible flowers add a burst of seasonal color to any garden and the dishes and drinks they adorn.

Salad (1)Victoria Magazine

Common edible flowers to consider planting in your spring garden areas and containers: marigolds, chrysanthemums, nasturtiums, pansies, petunias, snapdragons, geraniums, sunflowers, begonias, daylilies, dandelions, tulips,


violets, hibiscus, lilacs, honeysuckles and roses.

edible-flowers-seed-packs1Cooks and Gardeners” Edible Flowers to Grow and Eat 10 Seed Packets By Botanical Interests

Spring plants a sweet treat seed.  Doesn’t this orange chiffon cake with buttermilk ice cream look fabulous?  Fabulous and fattening, but gardening is an excellent source of exercise so take that calories.  Dig in.


Orange Chiffon Cake with Buttermilk Ice Cream

7 large eggs

1 egg white

½ cup canola oil

zest of 2 medium oranges (about 1 ½ tablespoons)

1½ tsp. vanilla extract

2 cups all-purpose flour

1½ cup granulated sugar

1 tbsp. baking powder

1 tsp. salt

½ tsp. cream of tartar

1⅓ cup confectioners’ sugar

1 tbsp. melted butter


Buttermilk Ice Cream:

3 cups low-fat buttermilk

1½ cup heavy cream

½ cup sugar

½ tsp. Sea Salt


Preheat oven to 325 degrees F.  Meanwhile, fit the bottom of a 10-inch tube pan with parchment paper and set aside. In a small bowl, mix orange-juice concentrate with ½ cup water and set aside. In a medium bowl, whisk together egg yolks, oil, half the orange zest, vanilla, and ¾ cup reserved orange-juice mixture. Set aside.  In a large mixing bowl, sift together flour, granulated sugar, baking powder, and salt. Whisk in the reserved egg-yolk mixture until batter is very smooth. Set aside.
In a large bowl, using an electric mixer on medium-high speed, whip egg whites and cream of tartar to stiff peaks.  Add about 1/3 of the egg whites to batter and whisk gently to combine. Using a rubber spatula, fold in remaining egg whites.
Pour batter into prepared pan. Bake on center rack of oven (do not open oven until end of baking time) until top is golden brown and springs back when touched, 50 to 60 minutes. Invert pan over neck of a bottle or heatproof funnel to cool completely. Remove when cool. Run a knife between the pan and outer edges of cooled cake, all the way around, and invert cake to remove from pan.

Meanwhile, in a medium bowl, combine confectioners’ sugar, butter, and remaining orange-juice mixture and orange zest. Place plastic wrap directly onto the surface of glaze and set aside until ready to use. Place cake on a serving plate and drizzle with glaze. Let sit 10 minutes before serving.  Serve with Buttermilk Ice Cream.

To make Buttermilk Ice Cream:

In a large bowl, combine all ingredients and refrigerate until very cold, at least 1 hour. Pour mixture into an ice-cream maker; process according to manufacturer’s instructions. Pack ice cream into a 1 ½-quart lidded container and press plastic wrap directly onto the surface before sealing. Freeze until completely set, from 2 ½ to 4 ½ hours, depending on freezer. (Ice cream can be made up to 3 days ahead.)

~Country Living Magazine


garden shedBetter Homes and Gardens

An early Easter gets the spring gardening ball rolling.  I’ve got my “she shed” area on the back patio mapped out and a spring gardening supplies list primed with items to aid in the task at hand.

spring gardening

It’s all nursery festivals, spring forward garden centers and merry, merry, how does your garden grow everywhere you look.  Here’s a spring gardening video from Garden Answer blooming with inspiration and how-to steps for longer lasting spring blooms.

Spring gardening days are here.  Can you dig it?