The Decorative Darling Color Duo Of Black And White

Isn’t it funny how a classic color combination has become the trademark of a classic cookie.  Decorating with the decorative darling color duo of black and white sets the color combination bar high for the sublime statement worthy color combination standard.


What do a classic cookie and the decorative darling color duo of black and white have in common?  They’re both unmistakably delicious!


As timeless as it is tasteful, I wouldn’t dare refer to the legendary Coco Chanel black and white suit collection as devoid of color.

Would you?

black and white

Country Living Magazine

The pairing of black and white introduces a touch of luxury and classic elegance into a space.


Black & White (and a bit in between) – Timeless Interiors, Dramatic Accents, and Stylish Collection by Celerie Kemble

Easily recognizable as the closest to neutral most people will ever come, this never boring, always on trend color pairing stands up well as a decorative chameleon- a color foundation in which to design and decorate upon.


From classic traditional to vintage retro kitsch, black and white interiors, accessories and accents garner dramatic results in presentation.

Robert Kaner Interior Design

Robert Kaner Interior Design

I discovered a new level of cookie greatness over the Christmas holidays.


The easy and delicious Oreo Cookie Truffle takes the three ingredient recipe of Oreo, cream cheese and white chocolate to a whole new level.




Like its decorative darling color duo of black and white counterpart, it’s all in good taste.

black-and-whiteAtlanta Homes & Lifestyles

Be it together on a wall, chair, frame, fixture or in complementing contrast to each other in the space, the decorating darling color duo of black and white makes a classic color statement.

Love your style!

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