Wrapped In Weekend Warmth: Cable Knit Home Decor

Sweater weather days and crisp fall evenings are here!  Weekends are a prime time for a bit of personal downtime.  What better way to recharge the battery we run down during our busy and hectic week than with a good book, a hot beverage and a few creatures of cozy comfort in the form of cable knit home decor favorites.


Remember this golden oldie recipe for hot spiced tea?  It really is the best!


Hot Spiced Tea from TANG


1  1/3 cups TANG

½  cup sugar

½  cup instant tea*

1  teaspoon cinnamon

½  teaspoon cloves

*Or use lemon-flavored unsweetened or sugar-sweetened instant tea


Combine ingredients and store in tightly covered jar.  Makes approximately 24 servings.  For 1 individual serving, place 1 teaspoon of spice tea mix in a cup, fill with boiling water and stir until dissolved.


Okay, we’ve got the warm beverage part covered. Speaking of covered, don’t forget the braided cable throw and knit slippers.  Have you read any good books lately?

House Proud: Unique Home Design, LouisianaHouse Proud: Unique Home Design, Louisiana by Valorie Hart

I recently won a copy of  House Proud: Unique Home Design, Louisiana by Valorie Hart, and am eagerly awaiting its arrival.  In the meantime, the November Holiday issues of Southern Living, Better Homes and Gardens and Real Simple will provide me hours of reading enjoyment.

The New Traditional: Reinvent-Balance-Define Your HomeThe New Traditional: Reinvent-Balance-Define Your Home by Darryl Carter

Dear Santa…

In with the oldIn with the Old: Classic Decor from A to Z  by Jennifer Boles

Glamorous Retreats by Jan Showers

Stephen SillsStephen Sills: Decoration by Stephen Sills


Enjoy your weekend!

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