The Decorative Oomph

The parallels between writing about interior design and decorating and working with interior design and decorating aren’t as different as you may think.  At least four times a year I go back into the blog dashboard and select blocks of posts to reread for the sake of relevancy.  I look at my foundation design and decorating advice as the good bones of the post and keep it squarely in place.  Images and sources aka the accent pieces of the post are what’s up for creative and decorating reconsideration.  Freshening things up applies to design and decor everything, and when you get down to it, do we as decoristas ever really place the period at the end of the design and decorating sentence?  A comma perhaps, but never a period.  New seasons, new reasons and new phases of decorating life bring about new ideas and arrangements.  If interior design, decorating and fashion magazines churned out dated and tired information it would be time to cancel the subscription.  My mother-in-law taught by example the importance of rearranging, re-positioning and refreshing the look of a space in order to achieve a very important element of design and decorating- the decorative oomph.

the decorative oomphTraditional Home

“It is always the simple that produces the marvelous.” ~ Amelia Barr

Now I’m not suggesting a costly and/or timely undertaking. What I’m talking about is applying the principle of musical chairs. There are several definitions for the term, and the confusing, rapid and all over the place definition does not apply here. What I’m referring to is this:

musical chairs


• a series of changes or exchanges of position

An affordable and easier than you think solution to the decorative doldrums is to rearrange and redistribute items.  Some of my best moves, decoratively speaking, have come about from actually sitting still long enough in the space and studying the entire contents of the room.  Sit down.  Look at the accents, art, accessories, etc…   Do items deliver a different look from one position or visual level than another?  Do you notice the decorative oomph? Decorative accents are ripe for the let’s move this to another spot picking.


I bet there is not a single one of us who hasn’t moved this over here and this over there at one time or another complete with a that looks ten times better there result.  I call those design and decorating V8 moments.

double-socket-lampsOne Kings Lane

Antiques auctions provided Hopefully Classic and Places In The Home with a rotating inventory. There was a whole lot of updating going on at the shop and at the house. Good and stylish times.  Like a moth to a flame, my eyes and bid card would lock on decorative lamps in need of TLC- total lighting care.


Rewired and ready for double decorative duty as part accent, part task lighting these double socket treasures would be fitted with one soft white light bulb and one soft pink light bulb. The result is visually pleasing and creates a surprisingly balanced look- the decorative oomph.

Renaissance IOne Kings Lane

Is that new?  No, it was in the __________.   As a frequent player of the musical home decor game, I have been asked that question or a variation of it a couple of hundred times.  It seems the biggest decorative impact is made when I move art around.  A quick rearrange of a gallery grouping or swap around is as near an instant response of is that new that I can guarantee. Behind almost every piece of art in this house is a positive testimony to the wonder of nail hole filler.  Here’s a tip: fill in a small nail hole(s) with white toothpaste. We’ve been doing this for years, and it works like a charm!  So does the toothpaste.

Incorporate the decorative oomph into a space by executing a series of changes or exchanges of position.  It’s a great way to rejuvenate the look, feel and personality of the space, and an easy way to balance the scales of space and design on a dime.

Love your style!


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Hackers Will Hack: Please Bear With Us

Please excuse the intrusion to the weekend with this rare weekend post. Intrusion to privacy, interference with standard operating procedures and the relentless efforts of hackers to post filth on my feed is beginning to test my patience.  We’re all adults here, and what an adult wants to view on their electronic devices and smart phones is their business, but when you type in on your electronic device you want Places In The Home ~ an all things house that make a home website/blog.  Thankfully, there is no issue at this time with our site when accessed from a desktop or laptop computer. Do I realize there is a problem with a porn site redirecting my website to theirs?  I most certainly do.  Dave the Builder and I are on constant “pull up Places In The Home on your iPad/iPhone and see if the porn is on there” patrol.  Extreme and necessary steps have been taken on our part to stop this nudity nonsense, but evidently there is still a spot of weakness and vulnerability left to hack.  A problem for sure, but one we are aware of and are doing everything in our power to put a stop to once and for all.  Please bear with us (bare seems more appropriate- ha!) and by all means, do contact me either in the comment section or via email  – – to let me know if you see content signaling the problem still exists.  I hope you will reconsider resubscribing to Places In The Home is you have unsubscribed due to this reason.  Who knows, curiosity may increase the number of subscribers. In that case, here’s hoping you’ll be disappointed meaning the porn problem is fixed, but wonderfully surprised at what you will find on our site- a design and decorating show and tell that under normal circumstances is rated S for stylish.

gold darleen


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Paging Friday, March 20th: First Day of Spring 2015

Paging Friday, March 20th.  I don’t believe I’m going out on a limb here when I say most of us are more than ready for the first day of spring 2015 to make an appearance in weather reports, gardens, flower beds and home decor accessories. Gloomy days and frozen nights of late make a very good argument for the hurried anticipation of spring’s arrival.  North, south, east and west- it’s time for spring to get to springing. I’m for less of this…


and much, much more of this.  Blooming trees, color on parade flowers and budding plants, warm temps, sunny afternoons and swing time works for me!

First Day of Spring

Have you ever seen the movie Waking Up in Reno?


This silly rednecks on a road trip resonates with our crowd in a we know people exactly like that kind of way.  One particular dialogue exchange between Billy Bob Thornton (as Lonnie Earl Dodd) and Patrick Swayze (as Roy Kirkendall) in regards to the customized Chevrolet Suburban they would be traveling in hilariously hit home.

Lonnie Earl: Nothing’s too good for my friends.  We’re gonna be ridin’ and stylin’ and profilin’.

Roy: It smells loud.

Lonnie Earl: That’s probably that Corinthian  leather, is what that is.”

My uncle, a Southern gentleman of few words and good taste, was in the carpet and flooring business for years before embarking on his career as the cinnamon bun king of central Florida.  Loud was his word of choice when describing busy colors, bold fabrics and pungent foods.




The MacKenzie-Childs Flower Market Outdoor Butterfly Chair is exactly that, loud. Subdued in its statement it’s not, but then again, neither is the beauty of spring. This chair captures the iconic look of the brand with the perfect amount of funky fun, live out loud color flair, and unique interpretation.


Speaking of loud, the buzz of the bee is the sound of nature at work. The bee makes spring things happen in the great outdoors as well as indoors with a gorgeous result.

bee-finialQueen Bee Finials

wallace-Napoleon-Bee-FlatwareWallace Napoleon Bee Flatware

Thibaut and Sunbrella bring classic style and outdoor durability to spring 2015 with the Portico collection.

Thibaut-Sunbrella-fabricsPortico ~ Thibaut

The Portico collection offers fabric selections in a gallery of vibrant colors and patterns synonymous with patio, deck, porch, courtyard and sunroom fun in the sun and shade style.

spring-flowers-purple1            Midwest Living ~ Architectural Digest

LilacLilacs ~ courtesy of Better Homes and Garden

We’ve got less than a month to go.  Hold on, the loud and lovely spring band will soon be Marching in.

Love your style!


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Flawless Gray Areas: Inspiring Gray Rooms

By no means is the crush we design and decorating faithful developed on the color gray over.  There has been no break-up with this new neutral, no we are so over that color revelation. In fact, most of us asked gray to move in and stay awhile. It’s a color your world love affair expanding to many a living room, bedroom and kitchen. The relationship between proven color base of space and go-to neutral is color palette perfection, one that beautifully creates flawless and inspiring gray rooms.

decorating with gray as a neutral colorBetter Homes and Gardens

“The tones of gray, pale turquoise and pink will prevail.” -Christian Dior


gray bedroomMayme Baker Studio

Neutral colors are no longer being thought of as dull, boring or unimaginative home decorating, accents, paint and furnishings options. As seen in the image above, gray is a strong neutral, a formidable color that refuses to simply fade away into the background of the wallpaper, chandelier patina, or the headboard. The tones subtlety take control, guiding the eye to the prevalent and pronounced color pops. I really do love how the colors and patterns play so well together on this stylish playground.

gray-breakfast-areaTraditional Home

As the color foundation of the space, gray does not overpower nor underwhelm. It this case, however, the different shades do command attention to detail.

Toronto Custom Home

Recognized in design circles as a space changing tour de force, a gray color palette exhibits the decorative power trio we all look for in design and decorative execution- drama, elegance and style.

gray-wallsArchitectural Digest

Accent colors take to the depth gray offers, proving its impressive ability for enhancing color and creating flawless gray areas. It is quite an amazing and appreciated foundation shade.  


Gray is a stunning neutral, a color that has come into its own as both an elegant anchor and palette powerhouse.

Benjamin Dhong Interior DesignBenjamin Dhong Interiors

Complementing shades of gray frames the walls, marble floors and millwork as an interior design work of art.

gray-bathroomArchitectural Digest

gray-walls-bathroomTraditional Home

Nine impressive shades of gray from Benjamin Moore paints ~

Ashley Gray || Revere Pewter || Gray Owl || Silver Chain || Stonington Gray || City Shadow || Street Chic || Smoke & Mirrors || Perspective

velvet-drapesRestoration Hardware


French-lead-garden-urnsThe HighBoy


One Kings Lane

As the base or simply as the focal accent color, gray is color capable. It’s a color choice easy to work with, live with and and not grow bored with. And if that is not reason enough to consider incorporating the color gray in your decor take a look at the gorgeous image below.  Shades of gray, when paired with elegant accents in think outside the matchy-matchy box contrasting colors, give the space its personality and command a sublime reaction.

gray master bedroom Better Homes and Gardens



Love your style!






***updated post***


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Oscars 2015: Color Goes To The Movies

Hollywood is in its own spotlight this week leading up to Sunday night’s award season crescendo, The Oscars. Considered the gold standard of Hollywood excellence and achievement in film, The 87th Academy Awards ceremony will recognize a most talented field of nominees in Oscars 2015 categories of best actor and actress in a motion picture, film, director, music score, cinematography and costumes among many others.


Of course, the really important aspects of the televised event revolve around the unofficial categories of particular Oscars 2015 interest – best dressed, best designer, best do, best looking couple, best acceptance speech, best host moment, and new to the mix, best selfie. Remember this how many Academy Award winners can you crowd into an Academy Awards show selfie Ellen style from Oscars 2014?

ellen-degeneres-oscars-selfieUS Magazine

Hosting duties for The 2015 Oscars ceremony fall into the talented hands and steps (quite the dancer, this guy) of Neil Patrick Harris.  Hosting The Oscars is a tough gig, so we’ll have to see how this pairing shakes out.

Neil-Patrick-Harris-Oscars-2015-hostThe Oscars

Stand-out moments from Oscars past have become ingrained in our memories. Remember when Sally Field won the Oscar for Best Actress in 1985 for her starring role in Places in the Heart?  Ms. Field’s “You like me right now, you like me!” acceptance speech hitched a ride on the pop culture band wagon for a long and what’s all the fuss about ride.  Anywho, Places in the Heart served as the inspiration for the title of this blog. Home is where the heart is, and the heart of the places in the home beats family strong.

MSDPLIN EC006Cineplex

Do you have a favorite film in this year’s field of Oscars 2015 Best Picture nominees?  The jury is still out in my viewings and selections, but I will say Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel is by far one of the most colorful films I have seen in quite sometime, literally. The Academy Awards show loves color. Gold statues, red carpets, and green rooms- color most definitely goes to the movies, and it stars in The Grand Budapest Hotel.  It’s of no surprise this film is also nominated for best cinematography. The artistically impressive color rich sets and period costume colors jump, jive an’ wail off the screen.  Talk about giving the lines, location scenery, sets and star-studded cast a run for the scene stealing money.


The royal red lacquered elevator walls are certainly on trend for 2015.  I am a goner for the color combination of purple and red- a successful and striking pairing in the pop of color world.  This color combination is a staple in the world of neon and advertising for the draws you in qualities shown in the image below. Quick question to you all…


The phrase “pop of color”- is the interior design and decorating world tiring of this phrase, or is it a short and sweet-exactly to the palette point catch phrase that’s here to stay?  I like it and use the term frequently. Why use twenty words when three get to the heart of the matter.  If you read Places In The Home enough you will recognize my select descriptive terms.  Gorgeous, lovely, decoratively, stylish, and swoon worthy describe things to a classic tee. What’s the point of this part of the conversation?  Words, like color combinations, say so much about personal style.

grand-budapest-hotel-tumblrMoving Colors

The-Grand-Budapest-Hotel-facadeThe Grand Budapest Hotel

Strong, classic color combinations play well to and with the storyline.

gbh_Mendl'sFox Searchlight Pictures

Color has a strong influence over the space it inhabits. Tone, hue, shade and patina take top billing in this color production number.  What is to first appear as basic and utilitarian actually serves as the focal point of the scene. Matte black, rich copper, and natural aged woods, metals and porcelains in blondes and browns frame the scene in period authenticity and scene effectiveness, a genuine color synergy for sure.

the-grand-budapest-hotel-agathaFox Searchlight Pictures

The impressive and color rich sets of The Grand Budapest Hotel places the Oscars 2015 spotlight brightly and boldly on how color goes to the movies. #Oscars2015

Love your style!


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Mardi Gras Historical Rex Musings: King of Carnival

Carnival season is rolling throughout the state of Louisiana and Gulf Coast regions. Dark clouds rolled in this morning, but a positive party attitude prevails victorious at Mardi Gras. The spirit, tradition, customs, pomp and circumstance of Carnival in Louisiana began with the clubs and carnival organizations formed in the greater New Orleans area over one hundred and fifty years ago.  Fat Tuesday is the last day of the Carnival season culminating weeks of celebrated indulgence.  In honor of the history and recorded beginnings, this year’s annual Places In The Home Mardi Gras post takes a look at Mardi Gras historical musings and Rex, King of Carnival.

Proclamation_King_of_Carnival_1936“Proclamation by the King of the Carnival”

Rex, the King of Carnival~

Rex-2015Visit New Orleans

The Krewe of Rex is one of the oldest krewes of Mardi Gras. Established in 1872, Rex continues to reign as the King of Carnival. The origin of inspiration for the official colors of Mardi Gras points to the official green, purple and gold colors of Rex.  Rex established the color palette of Carnival, and it’s the party favor that keeps on giving. Strong, bold and vibrant colors take center court as king in the Mardi Gras krewe of décoration.

beads-on-fence-mardi-grasVisit New Orleans

Leave no stone, house, balcony, courtyard, fence, tree, ladder, person, or architectural element unturned or undecorated in the name of all that is ornate, ostentatious and wildly extravagant.  Show your colors- it’s Carnival and it shows throughout the cities, towns, villages and parishes of Louisiana.


The more things change the more traditions and symbols stay the same. Parades, beads, throws, masks, costumes, libations, meals fit for kings, queens and royal court jesters, crowns, scepters and Boeuf Gras – the roots of the Krewe of Rex and Mardi Gras run deep through the years of royal good times, traditional splendor and joyous revelry.

826px-Rex2007BoeufGrasStChas Rex’s Iconic Boeuf Gras Float



A grand bacchanal, Mardi Gras attracts over one million people to the Greater New Orleans area. Rex issues his Official Proclamation of Carnival, inviting his subjects to gather together to celebrate. With a symbolic key to the city in Rex’s hand, the Rex parade rolls on Fat Tuesday to the beat and bellows of throw me something, mister. Contrary to popular belief, Mardi Gras is not just an all or nothing peep show throw down. It’s a celebration of many masked facets, one easily customized to the laissez le bon temps rouler side of the revelers brain.  We’ve rolled with the family flow on St. Charles Avenue and seasoned our celebration with a dash of naughty in the French Quarter. Culinary and historical debauchery is on Krewe control, and family oriented fun is a neighborhood parade route away.

Rex_2012_White_Deer_VerticalKrewe of  Rex Mardi Gras parade on Napoleon Avenue

Let the good times and the Krewe of Rex parade roll.

Love your style!


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A King of Hearts Valentine’s Day Inspired Compilation of Pretty Pictures and FYI Valentine’s Day Facts

How has everyone’s week been so far?  If the answer is busy we’ve got something in common. This first part of this week at Places In The Home has been all about blog housekeeping. This form of housekeeping is as tedious as the real thing, and like real housekeeping it is a necessary component of keeping things tidy and fresh. It is said in the blogosphere that content is king and images are queen. True, but if you don’t update links, resources and trend advice in order for the information to remain relevant there will be no readers in the royal court. Now that everything is in its place all neat and tidy let’s get down to post business. This blog post is a King of Hearts Valentine’s Day inspired compilation of pretty pictures and FYI Valentine’s Day facts.


With Valentine’s Day the subject matter of conversation hearts, and music being the excellent work companion it is, I fittingly updated my Power of Love Spotify playlist.  A good playlist mirrors balanced design and decor.  A well-rounded and represented mix of classic, traditional, contemporary and modern plays well.  In music, a sampling can be the defining quality of the body of work. As the images below demonstrate, a well-chosen and well-placed use of the color of love defines the intent. The color red draws the eye, introduces drama, envelopes the space in depth and frames the focal point.


Valentines- Lee-JofaLee Jofa Holland Flamestitch velvet ~ House Beautiful

dwm-maloos-portfolio-interiors-contemporary-modern-neoclassical-transitional-galleryDWM | MALOOS

Pink is such a delicate and graceful color, complementing in soft tones and shades. Ever wonder why pink is used as the base of many cosmetic products? The Society of American Florists estimates the number of roses produced for Valentine’s Day in 2014 was 257 million. A survey conducted by the National Retail Federation found 37.8 percent of Americans will buy flowers for Valentine’s Day 2015, spending a total of $2.1 billion.  Red roses come in first as the most purchased color of roses.  Pink roses are the second most popular choice.


tea-party-spread-Tea-Party-with-Heart-0212-xlnCountry Living Magazine

The colors associated with Valentine’s Day run the gamut from delicate to high drama.


A movie line of past caught my attention not for its brilliant observation, but for furthering my interest enough to check the numbers. The line made reference to Valentine’s Day being a greeting card holiday.  According to the numbers, more than 151 million cards are sold each year for Valentine’s Day.  That’s Valentine’s Day inspired.


Chocolate confections, strawberries, macarons, meringues, fudge, cheesecake, cupcakes, cookies and conversation hearts are served with Valentine’s Day love.  Cupid’s consumers will be spending a total of $1.7 billion on candy for their loved one.  Source: National Retail Federation


Valentines-candies-cookiesValentine’s Day Red Velvet Oreo Truffle Brownie Bars, See’s Candies, Chocolate-Covered Cherry Cordials, MacaronsTriple Chocolate Mini Bundt CakesCreamy Fudge Hearts

folk-art-heart-shaped-cookiesMarinold Cakes

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.”
Helen Keller


I hope you have enjoyed this Valentine’s Day inspired compilation of pretty pictures and FYI Valentine’s Day facts.  Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love your style!


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Valentine’s Day Gift Giving Ideas

The holiday of Amore is upon us. Valentine’s Day gift giving ideas are on the minds, conversation hearts and chocolate, glorious, chocolate thoughts of those in love. Knowing the likes and loves of your loved one is a huge plus to scoring big points in the Valentine’s Day gift giving game.


Traditional Valentine’s Day gift giving and receiving favorites of chocolate covered treats and flowers have long the captured the hearts and sweet spots marked expressly for Cupid’s arrow.

Valentine's-flowersPink Ranunculus

white-chocolateLock and Key Gold Leaf White Chocolates

Traditional works well for decor styles and Valentine’s Day gifts, but how about pulling back Cupid’s arrow and taking aim at these not-so-traditional Valentine’s Day gift giving ideas?  The customary colors of red and pink are well represented in shades of home decor, homemade, happy hour and haute fashion.  Valentine's-Day-gift-giving-ideas

Walnut Chocolate Hearts  ♥   Swirls Table Lamp    Memory Book    Country Living Hand-woven White High Kite Wool Rug    Hot Pink Contemporary Tattoo Scrolls Design Area Rug    Faux Croc Tray    Waterford Crystal Giftology Heart Paperweight  ♥  kate spade new york
‘supercalifragilipstick’ lipstick    ‘Nordstrom Heritage – Decades’ Decorative Trinket Tray  ♥  Pippin Wall Shelf   ♥  Handmade Pepper Red Porcelain Garden Stool   ♥  Pink Oskar Boxes  ♥  Louis Vuitton Monogrammed Earring Trunk     Lava Kiss Me Throw Pillow    Aromatique Mojito Beach Candle



Fornasetti Profumi – Scented Candle with Lid


Oysters and pearls is a Valentine’s Day gift giving ideas love connection combination of treasured keepsake and delicious proportions.


1847 Rogers 1906 Charter Oak 4 Oyster Forks International Silverplate Flatware     Mr. Boddington’s Studio   Abigails Oyster Porcelain Plates   American Coin Treasures Double Pearl Adjustable Ring

 Art-Wall-Interpretation-in-Red-Blossoming-Almond-Tree-by-Vincent-Van-GoghInterpretation in Red Blossoming Almond Tree by Vincent Van Gogh






Set your Valentine’s Day and night to music,


strawberries, chocolate, honey and whipped cream.

Chocolate-Strawberry-Honey NestsChocolate Strawberry Honey Nests

For him or for her, these Valentine’s Day gift giving ideas are suggested with love in mind.

Love your style!





Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.


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Blue, Brown and Aqua Color Palette

The color spotlight for this week shines on the palette perfection brought forth by the calm, serene and often understated elegance of a blue, brown and aqua color palette.


A tried and true color palette choice, blue, brown and aqua is not your average lock you down to basic run-of-the-mill color palette option.  Selections of varying shades work together to serenely frame a space regardless of decorative style.

Cat-Mountain-ResidenceGlynis Wood Interiors

From the subtle shades of coastal blues and tranquil aquas to a bold turquoise paired with a warm Moroccan brown, blue, brown and aqua strike a perfected balance of blended shade and tone culminating in flawless color palette execution.


Working with classic color palette combinations as the decorating foundation and building from there allows for a fresh perspective in the grand color palette scheme of things.


Aqua, turquoise, Tiffany or Wedgwood- the many tones, colors and shades available in the current paint, fabric, upholstery and wallcovering marketplace reflects the popularity of this palette and how it fits in with the design and decorating styles and tastes of today’s decoristas.

Bold Statement

Saint-JamesHotel Saint James

High Impact


Reserved Elegance




Benjamin Moore HC-69  Whitall Brown ||  Benjamin Moore  2107-10  Chocolate Candy Brown  ||  Aqua Ocean by Valspar  ||  House Fabric  ||Online Fabric Store  ||Inside Wallpaper  ||  Total Wallcovering


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Big Flavor For The Big Game: Super Bowl Party Recipes

Big flavor for the big game comes from tailgating good times and delicious Super Bowl party recipes.  Regardless if you are parked in the stadium lot or at home in front of the big screen, Super Bowl Sunday is synonymous with good times, great sports and tasty team food!  Dine & Dash asks the question, “ are you ready?”  You know we are, especially when it comes to Super Bowl party recipes starring your Pepperoni Pizza King’s Hawaiian Bread.


This Super Bowl tailgating party favorite recipe from How Sweet It Is for Crockpot Cheddar Beer Chicken Tacos is on our gameday menu radar.


Did someone say spicy hummus?  We’re digging and dipping this quick and easy recipe for spicy hummus from PopSugar.


If it’s January in Louisiana, and it’s Super Bowl Sunday, you can bet it’s a party and a shucking good time for a crawfish boil.


Up next in our Super Bowl party recipes suggestion box is a Places In The Home house favorite, Baked Sweet Potato Wedges with Honey Lime Creamy Dipping Sauce.


Baked Sweet Potato Wedges


4 medium sweet potatoes, washed, scrubbed and cut lengthwise into thick wedges

¼ cup olive oil

¼ cup chopped fresh parsley

1 tablespoon ground cinnamon

1 teaspoon nutmeg

1 ½  teaspoon garlic powder

1 teaspoon sea salt

1 ½ teaspoon ground black pepper



Preheat oven to 400 degrees.  Wash and scrub sweet potatoes.  Cut potatoes into wedges of desired thickness.  In a large bowl, toss sweet potatoes with olive oil, parsley, cinnamon, nutmeg,  garlic powder, sea salt and pepper, coating potatoes evenly with all ingredients.  Cover and marinate at least two hours.  Lightly coat large baking sheet with olive oil, about 1 tablespoon.  Place marinated sweet potato wedges on baking sheet. Bake in a 400 degree oven for 20 minutes, or until tender.  Serve immediately.

Places In The Home Honey Lime Creamy Dipping Sauce


¼ cup plain yogurt

¼ cup mayonnaise

1 ½  tablespoons honey

1 ½ tablespoons barbecue sauce

1 tablespoon fresh lime juice



In a medium bowl, combine the yogurt and mayonnaise to incorporate flavors together.  Add the honey and barbecue sauce, whisking all ingredients together. Last but not least, whisk in the fresh lime juice.

Wait a minute!  What about something sweet?  BeanTown Baker (Patriots approriate) scores with her yummy recipe for Samoas Rice Krispies Treats. This sweet treat is reminiscent of the taste of one of my favorite Girl Scout cookies and a snack classic, the rice krispie treat.


Enjoy the game, the Super Bowl party recipes, the camaraderie and all the fun and festivities of Super Bowl Sunday!



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