Holiday Hospitality Guest Room Essentials

Holiday hospitality guest room essentials in mi casa es su casa fashion fit perfectly into the ’tis the holiday company’s coming season.  Creating a comfortable home away from home guest room for visiting family or friends begins with holiday hospitality guest room essentials.


Our Canadian snowbird arrived home last week, officially kicking off the There’s No Place Like Home for the Holidays party.  That red suitcase is the ultimate holiday decoration.

“The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friends and family, Mr. Emerson.


The goal at Places In The Home is for our guests to need or want for nothing.  My darling Daddy welcomed guests with a heartfelt declaration “if we don’t have it, we will get it.”

Welcoming words for sure, and that is the objective.


When Dave the Builder and I are overnight guests at the homes of friends and family, we consider the comforts of home furnished by our hosts not only thoughtful, but guest room life savers.  Let’s take a look at my list of guest room essentials.

Guest Room Essentials

Topping the list of guest room essentials is space!!!  Dresser and bedside tabletops and drawers cleared and ready for guests to clutter set out and fill is always appreciated.  To reduce the risk of scratching the top of a dresser or bedside table(s), simply place a plush bath towel or blanket on top of the furniture piece.

Joy Mangano Huggable Hangers® 10-Pack Shirt Hangers


Closet space complete with extra clothes hangers and a bottle of wrinkle releaser, thank you.


Rack ’em up

I like to put out one or two luggage racks for our guests to utilize vs. wall to wall luggage on the guest room floor.  Navigating the guest bedroom should not resemble an obstacle course.

Looking good, Billy Ray!
Feeling good, Louis!

The snowbird loves our long standing holiday tradition of watching the movie Trading Places on Thanksgiving night (Black Friday Eve).  I love the above line from the movie, and seize every opportunity to inject it into a conversation.  His and Her looking good-feeling good baskets are a big hit with overnight guests.


His and Her looking good-feeling good baskets are a big hit with overnight guests.



Wrap these welcome kits up and tie them with a holiday bow for festive gifting fun.

Gift Your Guests with the Gift of Comfort and Hospitality


Festive faux or fresh flowers.


A beside water carafe.


A stylish basket packed to please with his and her slippers, plug-and-power charging station for devices, reading glasses, tissues, extra toilet paper, room and linen spray, and a pair of mini flashlight (to avoid things that go bump in the night like toes and kneecaps).


Extra blankets, a scented candle, note pad with pen, and trinket tray on the bedside table or dresser top my holiday hospitality guest room essentials list.


Through The Woods – Signature Soy 2-Wick Candle

Over the river and through the woods, To grandmother’s fantastic smelling house we go.


Staying connected to the world wide web while connecting with friends and family is the business and leisure routine of daily life.  Holiday sales, where to go, what to do, checking emails and social media, tracking Santa’s route- when you need to know you need the password.  Frame a WiFi password printable for beside table display so guests can connect to your WiFi network.

Downtime is the Right Time



Travel, especially holiday travel, can be a stressful event.

Enter Noisli.

The Noisli app is a little peace on earth and goodwill toward traveling men and women.  Peaceful background noises promote a serene environment conducive to a relaxing sleep.

A Good Read

Place a few best sellers and shelter magazines around the guest room for guests to enjoy.

end-table-booksDomino – photography by James Waddell

A good read before bedtime can unwind even the tightest of clocks, and is proven reading often promotes a better night’s sleep.


Guest Room Service

A bedtime sip and snack is a token gesture of comfort, or as we say in Louisiana, a little lagniappe.  A tray of holiday or anytime of year sips and snacks served in room service fashion is a hospitality treat.

Dunking_OreoMilk & Cookies

A glass of ice cold milk paired with home for the holidays cookies.

decorated-doors-wreaths-Christmas-cookiesDecorated Doors Cookies

What do we holiday have here?


Hot Cocoa Oreos.

sipsA mug of hot cocoa  goes well with the holidays.   Add a zing of seasonal deliciousness to hot cocoa with a dollop of flavored whipped topping, peppermint or cinnamon sticks, a splash of Kahlúa or a generous shot of Southern Comfort for a 21 and over spirited nightcap.


A relaxing cup of decaffeinated sweet cinnamon spice herbal tea.  Little details pamper and please, and a bedtime treat always goes over big with guests.


It’s the little touches that make them feel right at home sweet home for the holiday.

Love your style!

A Most Fetching Friday






synonyms: attractive, appealing, sweet, pretty, good-looking, lovely, delightful, charming, prepossessing, captivating, enchanting, irresistible

This week’s Fetching Friday features bold and stunning scenes of nature, seasons, sequins, speak and Saints.


Fresh Flower Arrangement Tricks – Good Housekeeping


Continental Tole Shield With Lion – 1stdibs

glitterguide_white_tshirt_3d_140609_4I highly recommend taking the Sparkle and Shine Your Way Through Life approach!  Life is Short Wear Sequins T – Glitter Guide for eLUXE

lavender hill farmsLavender Hill Farms in Boyne City, Michigan – Midwest Living Magazine

ff-cognacColor Extraordinaire: Cognac – HGTV

van-goghVincent van Gogh

pumpkin-platterSeasonal Simplicity!  Pumpkin Platter Centerpiece – Better Homes and Gardens

Saints-helmtWho Dat Proud – New Orleans Saints

I hope yours is a most fetching Friday.

Love your style!

Explore and Adorn Your Decor with P&Geveryday

Hot is a hot topic of conversation.  Summer made its official things are just getting heated up arrival this past weekend.  I’m sure I’m not the only person who welcomes places and spaces to escape, relax and renew from hot summer times in the fun and sun. Permanent vacation makes a good album title, but it doesn’t line up with the busy realities in today’s often stressed out world.  Home decor ingenuity can bring forth the beautiful tranquility of spa retreat splendor.  An excellent read to add to your summer reading list is 7 Simple Ways to Refresh Your Bedroom Decor,  a guide from P&Geveryday offering tips and ideas for creating the perfect year round destination of comfort and serenity by way of your bedroom.


P&Geveryday™  is an informative site that features content and resources on beauty, family, food, health, home and more – all alongside great offers from the innovative and trusted brands you love. P&Geveryday is about listening to what you truly need and sharing resourceful ideas, advice and products to make it easy for you to enjoy life … every day.  Listed below is a sample of helpful, informative and relevant topics of interest that you will discover on P&Geveryday™:

Delicious recipes, beauty trends, and smart tips

New products to try out for yourself, family and home

Product ratings and reviews

Fresh ideas and inspiration

Coupons and samples from your trusted brands

And much more!

Easy style and home decor tips for making the life lived within our homes works!   7 Simple Ways to Refresh Your Bedroom Decor offers just that- easy style and home decor tips to promote and encourage a stress free zone where rest and relaxation is a priority.  Making an excellent point at the top of the list is the rule of refresh done right.  In order to clear the mind you first must clear the clutter.  Organization will set you free in your daily quest to de-stress.  You don’t have to take things down to the bare walls, but you get the point.


Once you’ve met and mastered the organizational part of the process, the design and decor fun begins.  Home Made Simple TV design expert Kenneth Wingard offers his 7 Simple Ways to Refresh Your Bedroom Decor design plan advice.  Great tips I must say.  The article also offers suggestions and sound advice for achieving optimum refresh benefit from your new and improved bedroom design and decor. The rule of refresh for the mind and body states: In order to unwind one must unplug.   Turning off the gadgets that keep us connected will go a long way in helping us disconnect from the hustle and the bustle of the day. 


Destination luxury is reached by surrounding yourself with bespoke furnishings and accents.  What home decor necessities top your luxe factor list?


These featured ideas and suggestions from 7 Simple Ways to Refresh Your Bedroom Decor are just a few of the tips, advice and resourceful ideas offered on the P&Geveryday website as well as the P&Geveryday Facebook page.  The purpose behind the variety of topics, helpful articles, delicious recipes, beauty tips and health and well being information you will find on P&Geveryday™  is to help people around the world have extraordinary days. Every day.  That’s refreshing!





I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Adventures In Decorating Rental Property

During a recent all in the family design consultation the question “how would mom decorate it?” was asked and answered.  The it I refer to is the  townhouse our son will soon call home.  He is on the move once again in the pursuit of higher education and stylish digs.  Thus begins our adventures in decorating rental property.  Our son has a clear and concise idea of what he wants on the education front, but questions his decorative decisions on the latter.


I’m considering printing up a couple of custom stickers that declare “My son and my money and my furniture, home furnishings, and home decor accessories go to LSU.”


It’s important when decorating rental property to be fully aware of the rules and limitations regarding changes to the existing decor, but to also keep a personal stamp of style in mind.

Color does just that. T

he color palette I’m suggesting consists of his all time favorite colors.  Not quite nautical in nature, but close enough to glean inspiration from.  It’s been established the living area and kitchen colors will remain as is for the following two reasons:

  •  A neutral color palette in a common area works to your advantage. Neutral colors are wildly popular because most everyone lives well with them. With that in mind, it’s a safe assumption a neutral color palette in shared areas will reduce the risk of conflicting tastes with the roommate. Your security deposit dollars and post graduation time schedule thank you in advance for your consideration.


  • Introduce color through accent pieces and home decor accessories.  It’s much easier to add and subtract on a smaller scale than to go big or repaint at this stage of the college housing game.

nautical color palette

The decorative emphasis is on the bedroom. The floor plan offers enough space and full walls for better furniture placement. Windows are great, but can wreak havoc with furniture placement. Thankfully, this will not present a problem.  Storage and a sufficient work area remain big considerations in the overall plan.

bedroom floor plan

Let me share with you a renter/lessee tip.  Before painting the interior or exterior of a property, obtain written permission from the landlord or property management firm.  With written permission from the property management firm giving the okay to paint firmly in place, we’ve reached a color compromise of sorts.


Sherwin-Williams Hyper Blue is the one color he is set on.

We both agree the 14′ X 13′ bedroom is better equipped to do Hyper Blue decorative justice as a focal point color.

Enter the accent wall.

red accent wallHBO

“I Heart NY” is one of my favorite Sex In The City episodes.  Moon river, a red accent wall, and the charismatic Chris Noth aka Mr. Big made a lasting impression on me.

That one red wall is captivating!

Other than my gush, our son has no point of reference.  Unfortunately, Dave the Builder does due to the years of overexposure to my obsession.  Dave suggested the above image for visual reference.  The decision has been made and we have a winner- a happy collegiate,  a bedroom stylishly furnished, and one Sherwin-Williams Hyper Blue accent wall.

Dave the Builder insists on making a custom upholstered headboard.  It’s a practical and affordable way to bring more color into the space and to create a striking look.  One sheet of plywood, a jigsaw, upholstery foam, batting, upholstery fabric, and a staple gun will get the DIY job done.

For the next two months one thing is for sure- college decorating days are here again.  This is a refresher course for me in the A,B,C’s of decorating rental property, an all in the family affair, and I’m loving every stylish minute of it!