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Hot is a hot topic of conversation.  Summer made its official things are just getting heated up arrival this past weekend.  I’m sure I’m not the only person who welcomes places and spaces to escape, relax and renew from hot summer times in the fun and sun. Permanent vacation makes a good album title, but it doesn’t line up with the busy realities in today’s often stressed out world.  Home decor ingenuity can bring forth the beautiful tranquility of spa retreat splendor.  An excellent read to add to your summer reading list is 7 Simple Ways to Refresh Your Bedroom Decor,  a guide from P&Geveryday offering tips and ideas for creating the perfect year round destination of comfort and serenity by way of your bedroom.


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Easy style and home decor tips for making the life lived within our homes works!   7 Simple Ways to Refresh Your Bedroom Decor offers just that- easy style and home decor tips to promote and encourage a stress free zone where rest and relaxation is a priority.  Making an excellent point at the top of the list is the rule of refresh done right.  In order to clear the mind you first must clear the clutter.  Organization will set you free in your daily quest to de-stress.  You don’t have to take things down to the bare walls, but you get the point.


Once you’ve met and mastered the organizational part of the process, the design and decor fun begins.  Home Made Simple TV design expert Kenneth Wingard offers his 7 Simple Ways to Refresh Your Bedroom Decor design plan advice.  Great tips I must say.  The article also offers suggestions and sound advice for achieving optimum refresh benefit from your new and improved bedroom design and decor. The rule of refresh for the mind and body states: In order to unwind one must unplug.   Turning off the gadgets that keep us connected will go a long way in helping us disconnect from the hustle and the bustle of the day. 


Destination luxury is reached by surrounding yourself with bespoke furnishings and accents.  What home decor necessities top your luxe factor list?


These featured ideas and suggestions from 7 Simple Ways to Refresh Your Bedroom Decor are just a few of the tips, advice and resourceful ideas offered on the P&Geveryday website as well as the P&Geveryday Facebook page.  The purpose behind the variety of topics, helpful articles, delicious recipes, beauty tips and health and well being information you will find on P&Geveryday™  is to help people around the world have extraordinary days. Every day.  That’s refreshing!





I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Design Your Dream Room with Tarkett

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tarkett NA for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I never shy from a good challenge.  The steps involved in the selection process of core home furnishings can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be.  It’s time once again for a Places In The Home show and tell. The time has come for our guest room to make the transition to home office. The repurposed space will be a better fit in the scheme of things.  There’s not much to change in terms of design, but tastes and trends change many a mind. After great debate, I’ve decided the carpet is out and flooring is soon to be in. The issues of comfort, ease of maintenance and quiet factor into the flooring selection, especially in certain spaces of a home.

I have questions about flooring options just like everyone else does. I like to take advantage of pro tips and tools offered by manufactures of all things house that make a home products that assist in the selection process of home furnishings and home decor.  Seeing a product in actual working spaces is a plus in the process.  The Tarkett iSelect system, a design feature which groups Tarkett flooring options into 6 beautiful, easy-to-live-with color families, is an innovative design feature that allows the homeowner to coordinate flooring types, from room-to-room, throughout the entire house.

Introducing the iSelect® System from Tarkett North America on Vimeo.

iSelect  features Fiber Floor® and Luxury Floors from Tarkett. Fiber Floor® is a unique flooring option that stands up to real-life wear and tear in a warm, comfortable and it-looks-great kind of way. Tarkett Luxury Floors offer the ultimate in style, durability and versatility. Tarkett Luxury Floors are available in tiles with-or-without  grout, planks, adhered floors and floating floors.

Tarkett has organized a selection of FiberFloor products into six easy-to-shop palettes- Hushed Conversations, Fireside Chats, Warm Gatherings, Champagne Celebrations, Evening Reception and Earthy Connections. Each design complements the others within that palette.

 photo WarmGatherings_zpsdb05f015.jpg

The intriguing interior design feature of iSelect is that no matter which floor you choose, it will complement any other floor in the same palette making it easy to coordinate adjoining rooms. Flow is one of the most important factors to consider, and iSelect will answer those questions for you.

The next tool of use in the flooring selection process is TarkettNA’s online visualizer, RoomVūe. Visualize your room at RoomVue by designing a room using an image from Tarkett’s onsite photo gallery of room design inspiration or upload an image of your own room as I did.  A variety of viewing options puts the design control in your hands. Photos and information gathered can be saved in the “My Projects” tool on TarkettNA’s website, printed, emailed or saved to your computer for future ideabook reference. Tarkett also provides a chat feature where you can chat online with professional Designers regarding questions about room design, flooring options and product details.

 photo Champagne_Celebrations_zps0de51385.jpg

Are you in the decorative contemplation process, looking to update up a room in your home with new flooring in a design palette that suits your style?  Check out iSelect, RoomVūe, and the entire family of Tarkett Flooring. Tarkett Flooring has over 10,000 retailers across the country. Find a retailer close to you with Tarkett’s retail locater http://www.tarkettna.com/locator.  Further the flooring inspiration experience by following Tarkett on Facebook, Tarkett on Pinterest, and Tarkett on Twitter.





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Home Decor Finds Currently Catching The Eye

Spring packs a powerful and stylish punch with its April showers, May flowers and a stylish storm of home decor finds currently catching the eye.   I can’t say it enough,  inspiration is everywhere!  I can be as inspired by a discarded piece of treasure on the side of the road as I can be by a distinct shade of green running through the rind of a watermelon.  Funny thing about inspiration, you never know where and when it will come a-calling.


Turning the pages of Better Homes and Gardens will almost guarantee the reader an inspired idea or two.  Take the above  swoon worthy image.  Inspiration from this one image can go in many different directions-culinary, color, lighting, flooring, antiques, repurposing, tablescape and last but certainly not least, home decor.  See what I mean?  The china pattern and the vibrant shade of green grabbed my attention and set the wheels of seasonal home decor additions in motion. Before I knew it I was sourcing  kitchen tables and contemplating purchasing the table in the image below for a client and another for the Places In The Home kitchen.  Remember me telling you all about the current state of our kitchen dining table?  Perhaps the mention of a new dining room table may inspire Dave the Builder to relocate his plans, specs, and general stuff to a different and more appropriate location.



Wicker and rattan dining chairs continue to catch my eye.  Past being a trend and more of a taken the buying public by year round storm, the unpretentious allure of these chairs is based in the affordable price tag and ability to fit in with basically any interior design and decor style.




A new this or that update each season keeps the look fresh, new and “seasoned” to decor perfection.

home decor finds

There’s a trick to the host and hostess actually being able to be a part of the party and not being on constant party KP duty.  The rule of  KISS must apply- Keep it summer simple. Melamine plates rank high on the go-to, go well with list for summertime entertaining for that exact reason.  Mark these soft pastels with a pop of bright color, affordable and break and chip-resistant Melamine plates sold!  Besides, the only chips I want to contend with are the ones sitting next to the dip.  The Indian Summer cotton dinner napkins are just pretty.  Mother’s Day is only a couple of weeks away, and mothers tend to love pretty.  The Flea Market canvas print really caught my eye.  I deleted it three times, but kept going back to it.  It’s got a combination 1960’s attempt at mod, Pharrell because I’m happy thing going on.  Fun applies to home decor accents and accessories too. Happy is the theme, so I’ll run with it straight to JCPenney to pick up the Happy Chic Nina Geo lamp by Jonathan Adler.  The soft and pleasing color combination of mint and white is synonymous with fresh, and fresh is what we strive to accomplish when updating a look.  Here’s to happy, fun and pretty home decor finds.

Love your style!


Vennie Distressed Pine Antique White Dining Table  ||  Wicker and Rattan Dining Chairs here and here  ||Happy Chic by Jonathan Adler Nina Geo Lamp ||  Melamine Plates || Indian Summer Napkin  ||  Flea Market Floral Canvas Print

What Items Make Your House Your Home?

Past the design, past the paint, past the walls and windows- what items make your house your home?  Creature comforts, particular points of decorative interest, memorable mementos, and those I love my  _______________ gotta haves tend to go a long way in making the daily life lived within your home a little easier and a little prettier.  It dawned on me the other day I favor certain items over others when I clean, cook, compose, create… you get the idea.  I position certain accessories more front and center than others when company is coming. These items run the gamut of detail.  Some perfectly nail the details of our personal tastes and others make it a beautiful, easy and convenient day in the neighborhood. Far from mere decorative objects, everyday favorites and go-to items, these items all have one thing in common- they’re all things house that make a home.

The Big Blue Dutch Oven

The ooh la la factor is alive and well and cooking comfort food in French blue fierce style.

blue dutch oven

A great pillow

Hello.  I’m not Mike Lindell.  Seriously though, a great pillow can help to remedy the nightly flop, flop, flip, flip oh how uncomfortable this pillow is.  A rested home is a happy home.

bed pillows

A Scented Candle

Sorbet by Aromatique is my all time favorite scented candle.  It’s a summer in a jar!  Coming in a close second is the little square candle I pick up at one of my favorite antiques stores.  I must admit I like every single scent in the Texas General Square Candles line, but fried green tomato is the scent that has guests of Places In The Home asking, “what is that fantastic scent?”

fried green tomato candle


Dried, fresh or faux- flowers are one of the quickest ways to bring the colors of the season to the table in any space.

foyer flowers bold colorsHouse Beautiful


Modern accessories can, and do, live well with antique, primitive and vintage pieces.  Pairing the unexpected is a trade secret worth sharing in the quest to combat boring cookie cutter decors.  Remember this caveat- accentuate the mix and match, eliminate the mish-mash.

antiques oklOne Kings Lane

Family pictures

Displaying pictures of family members frames the personality of our lives and offers a daily pictorial retrospective.


Reliable Appliances that Get the Job Done Right the First Time

A cook, baker or happy homemaker is only as good as the appliances he or she uses.  Of all the appliances in my get the job done inventory, I would hate to do without my Electrolux vacuum cleaner(s).  I have four.

Yes, four.

File this one under if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Electrolux vacuums

Two of the models are no longer in production and are used for parts. The other models are for finish jobs on installs and for everyday chores around the home base that is Places In The Home.


Show off  individual style and house to home personality through collections.  Place, hang, vignette- pick your display preference and do your collected treasures proud.

showhouse traditional entry


It’s show and tell time, friends!  What items make your house your home?

love your style

The Heart And Soul Of Decorating

In an ever-changing world it’s difficult to stay on top of what’s on trend.  Think electronic gadgets.  About the time you program, master and become proficient with the latest and greatest electronic gadget of choice here comes the newest version down the pike.  Does this principle apply to decorating?  Nah!  Accents and accessories with timeless and classic appeal make sure of that.



The heart and soul of decorating is evident through individual decor style choices.  We put a lot of ourselves into the selections and styles we go with. Perusing the blogsophere last year I scrolled through images of a blogger’s kitchen remodel reveal.  In the comment section I was taken aback by a comment from another reader.  “The  _________________ look is so over!” I felt so bad for the blogger. There is no expiration date on what style you, the lead decorator of your domain, deem stylish, relevant and a necessary gorgeous to surround yourself with. The pride the blogger took in sharing the finished project was obvious, and to then have decorative doubt placed upon the heart and soul of decorating choices made- so uncalled for.  Comments, like great interior decorating, should be balanced with good taste and careful consideration.

comment section


It is my personal and professional opinion that a look, style or decor choice will at sometime in its life be in need of at the very least a  freshening up.  That’s the heart and soul of decorating.  Tastes and decor likes, loves and gotta have it choices change over time.  A tweak here and a trend there guarantees it, but it’s the individual tastes and decor choices at the core of it all that makes it a statement of quality and personal style.

the heart and soul of decorating

And that look, my fellow decoristas, is never over! Embrace, be proud of, and by all means…

Decorating The Area At The Foot Of The Bed

Let’s talk the often overlooked detail of the master, guest or kids bedroom- decorating the area at the foot of the bed.  The decorative discovery phase of interior design and decorating makes my heart pound and my head spin.  That’s the beauty of beauty.  I never bore with the process that begins with inspiration and ends with decorative realization. Attention to detail is the final part of the process, and the final touches and tweaks go with the territory.  You move an accent piece one inch to the left, adjust the corner of a frame, change the position of a throw pillow.  Perfect!

faux fur ottomans

Better Homes & Gardens

Adjustments and placements make all the difference in the space and to the most discriminating eye- yours!  It’s a process full of individual style and taste to get from inspiration, to idea, to search, to gotta have it detail. The gotta have it details come together to bring imagined ideas to perfected realities.

sitting area at foot of bed

I addressed the subject of  placement in an unexpected and non-traditional place in the blog post Decor Mistake Or Furniture Placement Brilliance?   It is not out of the realm of possibility for the focal point of a space to be the result of the unexpected and non-traditional.  The success of  focal point impact is measured by visual draw.  It’s not the size of the focal point, it’s the decorative impact it delivers.


Summer House Style

The definition of pleasing and comfortable broadens as our design and decor needs change.  Bedrooms are becoming the new all in one space of convenience.  Sitting and work areas are high on the list of requested additions to bedroom design.  When space is limited, consider the area at the foot of the bed as a prime spot for a sitting or work area.  Let’s look at decorating the area at the foot of the bed.

Settee at foot of bed

Seating that doubles as storage is pure genius, a settee adds a dimension of elegance, and a desk or console table pulls decorative double duty. Working with a queen or king size mattress, consider the width measurement when selecting an option for foot of the bed placement.  A queen mattress measures 60 inches wide and 80 inches long, and a standard king bed measures 76 inches wide and 80 inches long.  Standard measurements for a loveseat range between 52-71 inches wide, and the width measurements of a settee tend to be comparable. Another option to consider is a twin sleeper.  This option may be a better fit for the space and a more practical version of a chaise lounge.  The Tate twin sleeper with storage ottoman from Ballard Designs measures 58 inches wide.  

foot of bed stools

A loveseat, settee, storage and decorative benches, stools, twin sleeper, or a pair of chairs remain wonderful considerations that will introduce form and function at the foot of the bed in a handsome manner.

foot of bed seating

A desk or vanity paired with a stylish desk, slipper or vanity chair has all the makings of a stunning focal point.

desk at foot of bed

Utilize the area at the foot of the bed to enhance not only the function aspect but also the overall flow of a bedroom.







images: S. B. Long  Interiors – John Gruen PhotographyCurbed

My Best of The Best of High Point Market 2013

The May 2013 issue of Home Accents Today features the Best of High Point Market Spring 2013 editon- a home furnishings and decor review of products and highlights from last month’s market.

Home Accents Today

High Point Market is the largest furnishings industry trade show in the world,and the party comes to High Point, North Carolina twice a year. Palpable style, trends, energy and excitement come together to marvel the interior design, home furnishings, and home decor industry.  I thought I would do a little style spotting of my own and share with you a select few of my favorites from the Best of Market Spring 2013 High Point high points.

Bliss Studio Lurgia Collection Cane Nesting Tables

Feather your nest with just the right side kick for an accent chair, sofa, or the area of a space that needs “that” special piece but nothing too large or decoratively overpowering.

Feiss Stateroom Collection Bali Brass Table Lamp

Brass is big in 2013, and the hint of nautical whimsy makes this lamp in season for sure.

Uttermost Chahna Bench

You had my attention at aqua blue, and your keeping it with the dark chocolate and milky white velvet cushioned seat.

Interlude Home Caicos Fan Coral

So silver. so ebony, so chic accent ready to go as a coffee table centerpiece or foyer bureau focal point.

High Point Market


Alden Parkes Reflection Bombe Chest

Elegance paired with a timeless color combination never goes out of style.

Zeugma Handmade Wooden Lantern

Lantern love this!  The handmade wooden lantern exemplifies mater craftsmanship and custom detail to attention.

Worlds Away Jared Navy Lacquer Desk with Gold Leafed Base

Gold leaf and classic navy in a modern marriage of style and function.

Imax Worldwide Home Marisa Graphic Ottomans 

Propped up or sitting pretty, the upholstered Marisa Graphic ottoman comes in  green, purple, grey, and orange- the hot colors of the season.

Eastern Accents Scalamandre Scarf Pillow

The iconic signature classic Zebra pattern from Scalamandre is a design standard.

Do you spot a piece that is perfect for your style?


Design Duos: CB2 and Novogratz Brasil Collection

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of CB2. All opinions are 100% mine.

CB2 has partnered with  the dynamic husband -and-wife designing duo Robert and Cortney Novogratz on their latest collection, CB2 and Novogratz Collection, debuting May 2nd.  Unique originality is never a boring calling card, and quality home furnishings inspired by affordable sophistication, bold colors, warm woods, and a vacation home in Brazil is brilliant! CB2 recognizes the spirit of sophistication and fun in home furnishings and decor. Robert and Cortney have a guided eye to whimsical, the vintage, the modern, and the color that puts the stamp of approval on fun, funky, and fresh home furnishings. 

Outdoor spaces have quickly become extensions of the life lived within our homes. Whimsical in theory, neutral in palette, and classically fun- the Luli Lamp will pair perfectly to any outdoor space decor. It doesn’t monkey around with its stylish statement.

Bright and bold color injects essential life of the party looks to a space. From small indoor pops to grand outdoor statements, color makes its welcomed personality known in the CB2 and Novogratz Collection. Hot color mixed into warm wood, a wide range of items and price points, and a design nod to vintage love from a thoroughly modern designing couple makes for one desirable collection.

I’m a big fan of husband-and-wife designing teams. Just ask Dave the Builder. The couple that designs and decorates together deserves a beautiful vacation home in Brazil!

Remember me mentioning this collection puts an emphasis on style and fun? You and 3 of your friends could win the trip of a lifetime by entering the CB2 and Novogratz Brasil Sweepstakes. On lucky person will win a one week stay at the vacation home of CB2 collaborators Bob and Cortney Novogratz in beautiful Trancoso, Brazil! Ten other lucky winners will receive a CB2 giftcard worth $100 along with a personally signed copy of the book “Home by Novogratz”. How’s that for style and fun! The CB2 and Novogratz Brasil Sweepstakes runs from May 2nd through June 3rd.

CB2 invites you to follow their social media channels for more updates on the CB2 and Novogratz Brasil  Sweepstakes trip of a lifetime. Follow them on Twitter @CB2Tweets, Pinterest CB2, and CB2 on Facebook.

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