The King Has Left The Building And All I Got Was This Walnut Table

This one comes from our bartering files.  We have a business friend who is one of our favorite sources for architectural and whimsical finds.  She had gone to a festival in New Orleans, and in her buying rounds found an oil painting of a Mardi Gras King, plucked it up, and brought it back to her shop to sell.  It caught my eye the minute I walked in her shop.  I kept going back to it,  knowing deep down it was coming home with me.   As I was paying for our other treasures I scooped it up and told her I had to have it.  I put it at Hopefully Classic, where it got rave reviews.


I have one very blurred picture of the King that shall remain unposted. The overhead fluorescent lighting/ white walls motif  throughout the entire mall makes it virtually impossible to produce pleasing photos. Please see the proof of it in the image below.  I will post a picture of one funny and revered Mardi Gras King, Mr. Will Ferrell.


In the King’s debut week one of our regular customers fell in love with the painting.  He approached me about a trade, and I channeled my inner Renee Zellweger & Dr. Frasier Crane–  he had me at trade, and yes, I was listening!   We both agreed to the terms of the trade and he did the Mardi Gras Mambo.  Keep the customers happy and the word of mouth positive! My part of the trade resulted in a Walnut wall table.  It continued to grow on me, and I decided it would be better off finding its new home at my new home.

I get the thing home and it sits for a few months.  The next phase of creativity presented two questions.  The where to hang it one was a no brainer.  Now the do we try to improve it one I had to ponder.  Being no strangers to DIY projects of course we will try to improve it!  When our son was four years old he fell in love with the painting Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh.  We jumped at the chance to purchase a copy for him.  While walking past the painting one afternoon inspiration struck.  Dave was in total agreement with the plan.


Out comes the Annie Sloan chalk paint and the Rust-Oleum tintable chalkboard paint.  When the creative process beckons patience is nowhere to be found. Let’s just say you use what is available.   Dave primed it for me with KILZ interior oil primer from Lowe’s.  I painted the entire table with Rust-Oleum tintable chalkboard paint in Periwinkle and allowed it to completely dry.

**Important note**

I asked the paint associate to cut the formula by fifty percent (50%) and increase the black tint by fifty percent (50%).   The next step was to paint over the apron and legs with Annie Sloan chalk paint in Old White. I followed up with a light second coat of ASCP Old White for good measure.   Wonderful stuff!  I hit the  high notes on the apron and legs with fine sandpaper until I reached distressed goodness. Dave took over the final stage of applying Johnson Paste Wax.  It’s a pairing I would not have originally thought of.  I am so pleased the colors in the painting complement the color choices we went with for the wall table. Label this one an accidental selection, but a surprisingly perfect fit in execution. The table really serves no purpose at this time, but our son’s passport and car keys have a home waiting for them on his next visit home.

Love your style!