Chicken Salad,Tomato, Peach And Avocado Stacks With Peach Puree

The summer salad series rolls on with this delectable dish.  Chicken Salad, Tomato, Peach and Avocado Stacks with Peach Puree is a fresh, light and made for summer days dish.


Chicken Salad, Tomato, Peach And Avocado Stacks With Peach Puree


For Chicken Salad:

4  skinless, boneless chicken breasts

1-1 ½  teaspoons teaspoon salt

1  teaspoon fine black or white pepper

2 teaspoons onion powder

4  teaspoons celery seed

½ – 1  cup  mayonnaise

For Peach Avocado Salad:

6  medium peaches, peeled and chopped

zest of  1 lemon or 1 orange

1-2  Tablespoons fresh lemon juice

1  Tablespoon honey

3  medium avocados, diced

3  Roma tomatoes

3  green onions, chopped

fresh parsley

salt- I prefer Kosher or sea salt.

fine black or white pepper


For Chicken Salad:

Place chicken breasts in large pot. Cover with water.  Add salt,  pepper, onion powder, and 2 teaspoons celery seed.  Bring to boil over high heat.

Lower heat to medium-high and cook for approximately 45 minutes or until completely done with no red or pink.  Add more water if needed. Remove chicken from water and place into large mixing bowl.


Use a knife and fork to shred chicken. For a little zip of fresh, I like to add a generous squeeze of fresh lemon juice. Now it’s ready for 2 teaspoons celery seed and any additional salt and pepper to your liking.  Begin with stirring in ½ cup mayonnaise to coat chicken. I always begin with only ½ cup mayonnaise, and add additional if needed.  Cover and refrigerate.  Serve cold.

For Peach & Avocado Salad:


Peel and chop peaches. Stir together peaches with  fresh lemon juice and lemon zest.  Add ½ cup peaches and 1 Tablespoon honey together in food processor and pulse until smooth.

Season with Kosher or sea salt and fine black or white pepper to taste.  Peel and dice the avocados. Chop the green onions and fresh parsley, and slice tomatoes.  If you want to stack the layers in a rounded presentation, an empty tuna can thoroughly washed and with the top and bottom lids removed is a great round form.


For the first layer, arrange tomato slices, green onion, and fresh parsley on chilled plate.  Lightly pepper to taste.  For the second layer: spoon 2 Tablespoons peach puree around the tomatoes, green onions and parsley.


Next, top tomatoes, green onions, and parsley layer with  2 Tablespoons diced avocados and ½ cup of the chopped peaches. Sprinkle with Kosher salt to taste.  Add ½ cup chicken salad and top with desired amount of green onions and chopped fresh parsley. Repeat steps for each individual serving.  Serves 6.


Holiday, Summertime, Music To Work To & It’s The Weekend!~ A Top 10 Playlist

Okay, I’ve about had enough of website “housekeeping” for one holiday break.  My eyes are bugged from proof reading, correcting images and freshening things up around Places In The Home.  All the mechanics of this blog run together quickly, and I try to stay on my toes.  I must have slipped back in March when I tried to improve the header.  Did any of you notice I misspelled the word “diversified” in the header tagline?  I did, four months later. Note to self: get it together. As I get it together today I find I need caffeine and music.  None of the soft, smooth and settled stuff will do today.  Pump up the volume, I’m still in a 4th of July/It’s summertime mood!  Here’s a summer holiday top 10 music playlist and videos for this weekend.  Be back Monday.

The Beach Boys- All Summer Long

Heavy Shift- 90 Degrees in the Shade

Gwen Stefani- Hollaback Girl

Beyoncé~Jay-Z- Crazy In Love 

Celine Dion- The Best 

Carly Rae Jepsen- Call Me Maybe

Sly & the Family Stone – Hot Fun in the Summertime 

Jake Owen- Beachin’

Cher- Strong Enough

Creedence Clearwater Revival-  Born on the Bayou