A Most Fetching Friday




adjective: fetching


synonyms: attractive, appealing, sweet, pretty, good-looking, lovely, delightful, charming, prepossessing, captivating, enchanting, irresistible

This week’s Fetching Friday features signature signs of the season in sight and word, warm reminders, a DIY project, and a pair of birds from a distinct feather.


Warm is a hot topic of fall conversation.  We have entered the season so closely associated with a changing and impressive palette.


It may be a coincidence, but it seems the senses become heightened as the days shorten, colors deepen, spices and aromas entice and the tones and textures of nature engage us by sight, sound, touch, smell and taste.


I call this the apple of my eye wreath.  This stunning DIY apple wreath on fall home tour display at The Wood Grain Cottage is my kind of DIY project.


Lowe’s knows color.


Natural elements come together to create a tablecsape with a nod to the seasonal influence of color, texture and pattern.


This time of year is deliciously referred to as soup weather, and this Pumpkin-Chestnut soup recipe from Martha Stewart is a quintessential fall favorite.


A member of the duck, swan and goose family, the ruddy shelduck or Tadorna ferruginea is a distinctive species mostly found in central and Southern Asia.  Beautiful markings, don’t you think?


I hope you have a most Fetching Friday.

Love your style!

Holiday Prep and Decorative Detail

Holiday prep and decorative detail time is upon us here at Places in the Home. All is merry and bright with the help of caffeine, precision planning, patience (lots of merry patience), swift kitchen detail and keeping a cool and relaxed tude to guarantee a cool yule.


I tapped into the decorations closet of Christmas past for inspiration and holiday show this year.   Everything is new again is the holiday decorations running theme.  It’s a great way to reacquaint yourself with treasured favorites and to fall back in love with them all over again.


I had more fun pulling vintage, antique and new accents from here and there and grouping them together in holiday harmony.


Items that immediately identify with and tell the story of  individual tastes, collections and personality are always in the best of style, your style.

John 3:16

The centerpiece is one of those “it all just came together” accents, and I couldn’t be happier with the result.  A big thank you to the florist at Kroger for her well timed and generous markdown on the roses, and to my brother who showed a magnolia tree and juniper bush who was boss with his mad clipping and cutting skills.

fresh flowers

No shrubs or trees were harmed in the making of this Christmas centerpiece, just pruned and picked.


From all of us here at Places In The Home, we wish you a Places In The Home for the Holidays very Merry Christmas filled with peace, joy, fond memories old and new, blessings, love, relaxing times with family and friends and a joyous celebration of the beauty of the season in your places in the home.


Love your style!


Travel Times: Summer Vacation Memories

Deep in the soul of summer travel times with family and friends lurks the shadows of summer vacation memories.

A rise in temperatures signaled the rise in my travel anticipation, even if our holiday road only lead to a local pool, creek, or lake.

summer vacation memories at the lakePinterest

“Summer will end soon enough, and childhood as well.”

– George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones

Hancock Springs poolThe Road Trip Destination Guide

For those times when the holiday road lead to East Tennessee or anywhere in the great state of Texas the party was on!

Summer, family reunions, cousins, and swimming pools go naturally together.

Lampasas, Texas set the scene for our annual summer family reunion. While the parents, grandparents, aunt, and uncles told tall tales, prepared epic picnic fare, and played 42,  my cousins and I clocked hours in the Hancock Springs Pool.

I’m not sure,  but I believe my love and fascination with swimming pools began there and then.

Everything is bigger in Texas, especially the memories!

Great Smoky Mountains National ParkThe Great Smokies

Gatlinburg, Tennessee and the  Great Smoky Mountains National Park will forever be considered my home away from home.

Every summer of my childhood my parents, brother, and I made our annual trek to East Tennessee.  It’s a travel tradition that has carried through to my family.

Memories from the past blend in with new memories we are making. I like a little past served with the present, and summer vacations tend to deliver on that front.

Remember these?

aluminum tumblersLeaf tv

A picnic in the Smokies is a must do for our gang of merry travelers.

As much as convenience tempts me, Solo cups need not apply.

I pack a mean vintage picnic basket complete with aluminum tumblers circa 19ihavenoidea.

Ever the colorista, these darlings make a summer tablescape pop with their blast from the past retro fashion colors.

Holiday Inn signFast Company

Dave the Builder and I were both raised in the era of larger than life hotel and motel swimming pools.

How many of you were too?

Big haul road trips came with the extra added bonus of at least one overnight stay in a hotel or motel.

The mid trip overnighter existed in order to break the “are we there yet?” monotony.

This is where things had the power to get summer splash zone interesting.

The first indication of how good or how bad things were to come was based on the size, style, and neon quotient of the hotel or motel sign.

Didn’t your heart drop at first glimpse of a beloved Holiday Inn sign?

The parents may have measured the quality of the overnight accommodations by the luxury offerings, but the kids knew what really mattered- the swimming pool.

In order for a property to receive the kid approved five star rating there better be a whole lotta pool time on the schedule.

Twin Islands Best WesternGatlinburg, Tennessee

I guess the more things change the more they stay the same.

We’ve clocked many sun screened soaked hours at many a swimming pool with our son.

Whenever I see the swimming pool in the image above my mind and heart immediately take me back to a late July afternoon twelve years ago when our son learned to swim.

It’s those kind of summer vacation memories that become the priceless souvenirs of a lifetime.  

Where will you be making summer vacation memories this year?

Holiday Settings: The Christmas Tablescape

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas around Places In The Home. One of our neighbors walked down last night to see our 2012 Christmas tablescape.  He asks the same question every year, “Now, are we going to eat Christmas dinner at this table, or is this a just for decoration holiday tablescape?”

We are going to enjoy the holiday out of it!

I like to set the table with china and accents in traditional colors of the season. The ebony, brick, red, and gold colors of the runners and placemats accent the dining room color palette while offering a twist on tradition.

My bright idea from last year’s holiday tablescape of attaching the dinner napkin to the placemat with decorative rhinestone buttons is again featured on the holiday table.

The rhinestone buttons are from a bridal shop, the grosgrain ribbon gives a nod to the traditional peppermint, and the ebony placemat ties the rich deep colors of the runners  to the color palette. The ribbon is loosely tied to the dinner napkin, which is folded handkerchief style.


Vintage and soon to be vintage crystal accessories make their yearly trek from the china cabinet to the table (that’s a whole lot of cleaning and polishing, folks!).  I knew I wanted to find a spot for the Royal Vienna plate somewhere on the table. I placed it all around, thinking in terms of tradition and conventional placement. Nothing worked or suited me until I thought out of the box. Funny how that works the best most of the time for me and my tastes. 


The centerpiece base consists of pyracantha, magnolia leaves, cuttings from a fresh cut Ruscus garland, and red and white glass ornaments. The vintage crystal candelabra is a Tennessee treasure found antiquing in Chattanooga, Tennessee.


I can’t begin to tell you how fantastic this centerpiece smells!  Our dining room does not catch much direct sunlight which helps to keep the greenery from losing its appeal or drying out prematurely.


Decorative touches of  Louisiana and the local landscape join the celebration. Enter the cotton stalks and decorative gold pine cone I used at Thanksgiving. I paired them with the plaid ribbon, sterling candlesticks, and taper candles with a touch of ivory to keep things festive and uncomplicated.

The Christmas goose has been part of our holiday scene for years, and Christmas would not be Christmas without him. ‘Tis better to be stuffed than cooked!


The temperatures have dropped, the table is set, the Christmas dinner menu planned, the sweets of the season baked and Christmas memories are being made.  Happy Holidays!

Love your style!


An Additional 30% Off Clearance Sale Means Hello, My Little Home Decor Finds

Shopping the current Dillard’s additional 30% off clearance sale is how I spent my Wednesday afternoon.  I went in search for men’s clothing sales, but I stayed for the home decor sales.

Sale is a four letter word I say a lot.  Is it on sale?  Are they having a sale? Wonder if I can find it on sale?  I ask it, customers at the antique shop ask it, and we all look for them. Stand up and be proud, you sale searchers!

I live in a retail deficient area. It was not always this way, but most of our locals prefer to travel two hours north or two hours south for their retail therapy sessions, resulting in slow sales figures and lackluster revenue for the retailers. Thank you to the gods of retail and the powers that be at Dillard’s for keeping retail hope alive and the sales coming.  I showed my appreciation at our local Dillard’s store yesterday and Dillard’s online today.  Now to the good stuff.

For every season there is a tablescape. I keep an eye out for china, crystal or silver pieces to add to the collections, and today I spied eight Noble Excellence Embossed Floral dinner plates in Mocha.

My 2011  fall tablescape stroke of decorative genius involved $1.19 burlap bags from Tractor Supply, which were used as placemats. How’s that for affordable genius?  Future tablescapes entered the no winter white linen napkin zone yesterday. The set of 6 Noble Excellence cotton napkins will better suit and complement the burlap bag placemats.


Burlap placemats will go oh so well with these hammered Kemp & Beatley napkin rings.  Love the look!

True to shopping form, I didn’t necessarily need a pair of clear canisters, but the look and the price enticed me.

My Wednesdays with Dillard’s will never be a bestseller, but it is always a shopping best “saler” when you find quality affordable home decor accents and accessories.

Love your style!








images via MSNBC~Michael Nagle/Getty Images file

The Season Finale: The Fall Tablescape

My fall checklist is winding down.  The mantel is all gussied up, crotons and pumpkins line the front entryway, and cinnamon filled recipes have been prepared and joyfully consumed.  That “leaves” one decorative detail left to address.  Last on my fall to-do list but certainly not least is thefall tablescape.  I decided to reflect the simple, natural, and casual feel of fall throughout the tablescape.

“Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn.”

~Elizabeth Lawrence


I find I am loving and using burlap in many of my decorative undertakings.  Burlap is inexpensive, natural, and an easy material to work with.  A couple of months ago I made throw pillows using  burlap sandbags from Tractor Supply. The form of the sandbag caught my eye and I filed the “eyedea” away in my mental Rolodex.  The affordable bags ($1 each) are perfect for making pillows!  The bottom and sides come sewn together with the top left open for filling.  The more I thought about it, the more I knew the bags would be perfect for another project I had in mind.  I was in full fall tablescape planning mode when burlap genius struck.

Nice burlap sandbag placemats, don’t you think?   I really like this low cost/high impact idea.

I utilized the top ties for securing the place cards.  Inspiration struck once again as I found the decorative feathers from Hobby Lobby.  I placed the feathers through the loop and tucked the ends into the side of the sandbag.  Dave the Builder tipped the pine cone with copper spray paint to give it the all important fall pop of color.


The essence of fall-the pumpkin and the pine cone.


The distinctive colors of the Staffordshire inspired Greyhound statues blend well with the deep, rich colors of the furniture and accessories.


A decorative urn makes the perfect base for a pretty pumpkin centerpiece. Various types of squash, ornamental dried bundles, taper and flameless candles complete the center display.


I include both a cloth and a paper napkin in my tablescapes.  It never fails that someone will ask me for the opposite of what napkin I originally set, so I am tablescape proactive.  It cuts down on the up/down time.  The backstory on the deal of the year salad plates is here.  The table is set for fall to be celebrated with family and friends. I hope it meets with approval.