Nature’s Nuts, Fruits, Branches, And Cones In Understated Season

It’s time to let your creative imagination get back to nature.  Easy, affordable, and simply beautiful fall arrangements and centerpieces are as close as your yard, local produce market or grocery store, or favorite area of woods.  Decorating for fall with natural elements and accents emphasizes the beauty and color of the season.


What is fall without fall fruits, foliage and seasonal nuts?  It’s a given they are wonderful ingredients for fall recipes, but boy do they shine in fall arrangements and centerpieces!

natural centerpiece fall dough bowlVictoria Magazine

Let me show you a few ideas that are inexpensive, colorful and beautiful.

Better Homes and Gardens

There is something so elegantly simple about an arrangement of magnolia leaves.  The deep green leaves contrasted with striking copper brown under tones capture the eye and the essence of fall.  I was a goner the minute I saw the magnolia leaves abounding from the copper pail.

Better Homes and Gardens

Pears, gorgeous pears!

How beautiful is this no fuss fall centerpiece?  Pears paired with nuts and leaves for a fall pop of color is elegance in its purest form.

Take one clear glass vase, six oranges, and five acorn branches and call it WOW!   Another way to go would be to take one clear glass vase, six apples of your color choice, five branches from any hardwood shrub or tree, and one can of spray paint.  Painting the branches with metallic colors such as gold, silver, bronze, or copper adds to the element of decorative surprise.

Better Homes and Gardens


Southern Living


Autumnal Berry Branches

Berries, nuts, fruits and pine cones bring a natural grace to the season in an understated elegance display.


A tray, dough bowl, vintage compote, blue and white footbath or fireplace mantel makes a wonderful display accompaniment.  Add feathers, greenery and fresh flowers for the wow factor win!

thanksgiving-table-9Dimples and Tangles

For a match made in natural fall arrangement beauty think outside of the traditional vase box.  Pumpkins make their debut in the beginning of fall, and these seasonal decorating essentials make a unique and festive vase for an arrangement made with succulents.


Simply Happenstance

Many harvest moons ago when our kids were not yet teenagers, my family and my best friend’s family would spend Thanksgiving week at our local state park.  We rented this lodge- our three bedroom holiday home away from home complete with a huge fireplace and mantel ready for decorating.

A tradition within a tradition was the kids and my friend’s husband going out on Thanksgiving morning and collecting leaves, pine cones, acorns, and basically anything from nature that they interpreted as beauty.

1024px-lake_chicot_louisianaLake Chicot in fall glory

Thank goodness all three of the gatherers had good taste, and no strange or crawling elements of natural beauty were brought back to the lodge.


My friend’s husband furnished a pair of deer antlers from his collection as the focal point of the mantel arrangement.  I looked forward to gathering morning, seeing what the kids would come back with, and the family time spent decorating the mantel.



They are the stuff life is made of!

The decorating for fall with natural elements ideas, combinations, and supplies are within your reach.

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2 thoughts on “Nature’s Nuts, Fruits, Branches, And Cones In Understated Season”

  1. Lovely blog!

    I’ve home schooled my daughter from day one and doing fall crafts was the most fun. She is almost 13 now and not as interested as even I am still at my age, lol. I sure miss those days! And I’m really excited for fall, my favorite time ever! Thanks for the ideas!

  2. Fall is a wonderful time and I’m so ready for it this year! Our weather in Louisiana went straight from winter to triple digit temps- Come on fall! Almost 13 will be coming back around full circle to her memories of fall crafts with mom. My almost twenty one year old is 3/4 of the way making that complete circle-ha! The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

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