Fireside Style: Decorative Ideas For Firewood Storage

Baby, it’s gonna be getting cold outside.  Sooner for some and later for others, anticipated by some and dreaded by others.


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Here in Louisiana the weather tends to go like this: nine months of unbearable heat and humidity, two months of sweater weather, and one month of true winter.  That is twelve isn’t it?   Math has never been my strong suit!  A warm fire in the fireplace does a chilly body good.  In spring we may clean, but in fall we spruce up and prepare our homes for the season by being cold weather proactive.

traditional living room

As I was checking things out last week and getting prepared to decorate the fireplace mantle for fall, I had a “that has got to go” moment.  The eyesore I reference is an antiquated firewood holder sitting ugly on the hearth.  It is the same firewood holder filled with the same Birch logs I have looked at for the last thirty five years.

A moment of decorative clarity gave me an idea and Dave the Builder a reason to stop by the antiques warehouse to decrease the present inventory by one.

Sherry Hart Designs ~ Houzz

Coming up with unique and decorative options to house and hold firewood is not a huge challenge.  Interior firewood storage is both a necessity and a convenience.  It can exist “out of the box” and in decorative harmony with the rest of your decor.


copper-firewood-holderSignature Hardware

Love this!



and this lovely as well!


Kouboo Wicker Fire Log Basket



Enough said.


Pretty is as pretty stores.




Saddle Bucket with Iron Handles

66A14Plow & Hearth

I have had a few of these in inventory in the past. The colors and details of this Berks Blanket Chest from Andersen & Stauffer Furniture  are wonderful. Painted or vintage trunks rank high on the list decorative ideas for firewood storage.


Fitting in well with the weave, warmth and wearing patterns of your most comfortable winter sweater will be no problem. These impressive winter white foldover baskets designed by Robert Ogden for Lostin baskets will coordinate function and purpose with beauty.

Country Living

I feel a fall/winter DIY project idea coming on.  Vintage crates would make a great firewood holder.  I usually find them in a true brown wood finish which I can live with.  Not your first choice?  No problemo.  With one can of spray paint in your favorite designer color, a transfer or a stencil a masterpiece will appear. I realize this Maple Syrup painted milk crate may not be a practical choice based on the small size, but it depicts the perfect winter scene.  It would be fun to decorate with during the holidays when having company over for hot chocolate or hot toddies.


Columbia Wood Crate Dry Batteries National Carbon Company New York Automotive Industrial Advertising 1920’s- Etsy

Why not bring the outdoors inside by using a decorative outdoor planter as a firewood holder?  Firewood vertically placed in a planter makes a stylish display.

firewood-urnsWayfair,  Home Depot,  Country Living 

I would love to read what you use for decorative winter displays. Remember, no matter how you stack it those chilly days and nights are on the way.

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