Places In The Home For The Holidays Decorating Ideas: Decorative Kitchen Accents And Accessories

Kitchens need holiday love, too!  Not exactly a bumper sticker slogan, but a reminder nonetheless.  Today’s kitchen is the hub of the home, an all points lead to here family, meeting, situation, media, board  and dining room. Long gone are the days when the kitchen was a merely a utilitarian space built strictly for the purpose of churning out meals. Decorative kitchen accents and accessories factor into today’s kitchen decor as much as the design and placement of appliances and work stations.

Kitchen_-_White_House,_1910The White House Kitchen, 1910

Many moons ago The Places In The Home house was holiday cocktail party central. Real estate agents, bankers and trade folk love to gather together at the holidays for cocktails served with a side of networking.  It always amazed me how the kitchen was the one room with the heaviest guest traffic. The time I invested in meticulously cleaning and styling the main company’s coming rooms was never wasted, but at party’s end those rooms remained almost as perfect as they were pre-party. And the kitchen?  That’s the room that verified how good the party actually was.


Decorating for the holidays goes beyond tinsel and trimmings.  What better time of year than at the holidays to update with accents and color or to make your gifts for the holiday decorista wishes known.  Taking there’s no place like home for the Holidays to heart, I ran with an inspired theme close to heart and Louisiana home, the French flavor of New Orleans.

Now for a little housekeeping and the disclosure portion of this post:

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With that out of the way,  let’s take a stylish look at decorative kitchen accents and accessories for the holidays as well as throughout the year.

hutchWinfrey Hutch Cabinet


Metropolitan Island Light French Black w/Gold Highlights Montparnasse French Black



ArtVeuve Amiot by Leonetto Cappiello


Harlequin Wallpaper 

Pulaski-Furniture-Accent-Chest (2)Pulaski Harlequin Motif Accent Chest

Louisiana Lagniappe is well represented through decorative accents with a French and New Orleans flair.  Harlequin patterns are closely associated with the New Orleans , and my kitchen can at times be closely associated with a jovial, lively and delicious carnival atmosphere.

harlequinbookendSelectives Harlequin Bookends for end to end cookbook and culinary magazine display. 


Christian Lacroix  Miss Harlequin Dessert Plate

For the flow and the French of it all may I present these ooh la la accessories to accent the look.

french-kitchen-tableCrate and Barrel

bar-stoolNot truly considered French, but oh so ooh la la lovely!   Ridged Leg Nailhead-trim Counter Stool

French-Country-Style-Vinyl-Memo-BoardCountry French Memo Board

French-Roast-TapestryFrench Roast Tapestry


Holiday Lagniappe-

 that little something extra

french-mustard-jarFrench Mustard Jar

fox-fireback  Fox Fire Back

french-match-strikeFrench Cafe Match Striker

mastering-the-art-of-french-cookingMastering The Art of French Cooking- Julia Child

lemon-juicerDecorative Lemon Juicer

golden-rabbit-4-qt-carbon-steel-round-dutch-oven-cb31-rd31Golden Rabbit Spatter Dutch Oven


French Bulldog Cookie Jar

 Love your style!

2 thoughts on “Places In The Home For The Holidays Decorating Ideas: Decorative Kitchen Accents And Accessories”

  1. Darleen, I love this post! You have highlighted some great accents…and the color palette is right up my alley! I love it!

  2. Right up my alley-Now that’s what I like to hear, or read in this case! The more I sourced, the more I fell in love with the color palette. The holidays are the perfect time to color your world. As always, thank you Shenita for the kind words, encouragement, and taking the time out of your day to comment- it means the world to me!

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