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Getting your house in order and neatly organized is a necessary all things house that make a home activity.  We accumulate scads of stuff in a 365 day period, and organizing it all can be quite the task.  The upside to this sometimes dreaded, always necessary task is decorative storage solutions.  Is your New Year’s resolution to get organized?  If it is, putting the spaces and the places in your home on a diet will help to get the job done. 



Declutter by definition is removing unnecessary items from an untidy or overcrowded place.  Decluttering is a total body workout.


Decluttering is a physical and mental activity.  You stretch, you reach, you bend, you lift, you give thought to.  When you live in a clutter free (or greatly reduced) environment, you can find things easier.  You can get from point A to point B without having to negotiate an obstacle course of stuff.

Decluttering restores order, reduces stress and anxiety (and yes, the guilt), and gives instant visual results.

declutter your home

Becoming Minimalist

If you haven’t used or admired it or over the last year, the time is now to part ways with it

If you haven’t used, admired, or simply lost that loving feeling for a particular item, the time is now to part ways with it.

Of course, exceptions to this suggestion exist.

Family heirlooms, inherited collections, and items steeped in sentimental value, but not your present day decor choices, may better fit your decor tucked away in a keepsake storage box-container.


Coco Chanel offered chic pearls of wisdom when she said “before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.”


I apply Coco Chanel’s stellar advice to the placement of decor accessories and accents in a space.  Editing allows you to clear the canvas so you can see the space in a new light.

Taking away from can add to the appearance and flow of a room.

Transferring from Within

Transferring furnishings and decor accessories from one room to another puts a new spin on things.   Groupings with the emphasis placed on cohesiveness will balance the scale of the room.

Absolutely play with the look.

Give placement to each and every “that will never go together” idea.

Some of the best looks I’ve put together began just that way.

If the look doesn’t land you’re keen eye will know it.

“What if I fall?
Oh, but my darling, what if you fly?” 

― Erin Hanson


As smart and savvy ideas for decorative storage solutions go, baskets, boxes, compartmentalized organizers, racks, and dividers continue to lead the way in stylish options for honing our home storage and organizational skills.


House Beautiful

I like to mix things up a bit by bringing antique, vintage, and non-traditional decorative storage solutions into the fold.

armoire storage


Antique armoires, sideboards, cupboard cabinets, vintage display cases, bookcases, crates, and trunks make great housing for just about everything we need and use while feathering our nest.

1860’s Traditional Hungarian Armoire

1860’s Traditional Hungarian Armoire

woven square basket set

Woven Square Basket Set


Traditional Home

Woven Seagrass Basket with LeatherWoven Seagrass Basket with Leather


Airelle Console TableAirelle Console Table

Storage trunks and coffee tables make excellent 2-for-1 storage options.  You not only get a stylish accent but also a decorative storage solution.

Danita 3 Piece Iron Storage Trunk Set

Danita 3 Piece Iron Storage Trunk Set

I love the look of this coffee table/decorative storage piece.

Palm Estates Coffee Table

Palm Estates Coffee Table

So coastal chic!

CABINET Schranksysteme AG, GermanyHouzz


Storage boxes need not be plain, boring, or lacking in decorative oomph.

Caolan Storage Box - Brown10″ Caolan Storage Box – Brown


John Derian – Architectural Digest

Biltmore-Hats-Stetson-BoxBiltmore Hats Salesman’s Sample Stetson in Box

Vintage Oval Hat Box Dobbs Fifth Avenue

Vintage Oval Hat Box Dobbs Fifth Avenue

Limoges France Cognac Adet Porcelain Ashtray

Limoges France “Cognac Adet” Porcelain Tray

Duck Head Valet Tray

Duck Head Valet Tray

A vintage dish or valet tray is a handsome holder for his cuff links, change, keys, phone or sunglasses.




Antique English Mahogany Bookcase

harvest-wire-basketHarvest Wire Storage Basket

Tyler Square Tall Tote Basket with HandlesTyler Square Tall Tote Basket with Handles

To complete the look…

Bent Rej Keith Playing the Piano II" - Keith Richards Backstage Copenhagen

Bent Rej “Keith Playing the Piano II” – Keith Richards Backstage, Copenhagen 1965

You’ve Got Mail!

The quickest way to clutter up the top of your desk is to let the mail stack up on it.

Clear Magazine Slipcase

Clear Magazine Slipcase

Not all of us have gone paperless or digital (e.g., bills and magazines), and I still love sending and getting greeting cards through the USPS however, they do tend to stack up.

Wall hanging letter baskets solve the problem, free up valuable desktop space, and look smashing.


A vintage biscuit barrel finds a new use as a decorative office supplies holder.


Antique English Oak and Silver Plated Biscuit Barrel

Giving the Dog a Bone


Beau, the wonder Shepherd, loves his afternoon treats.  Each afternoon at promptly 3:00 p.m. he appears at the French doors ready for his afternoon snack.


The Ziploc bag I presently store the box of bones in gets the job done, but isn’t exactly what one would deem stylish storage solutions.

Pet Woven Rattan Bone Toy Basket

Pet Woven Rattan Bone Toy Basket

Anchor Hocking 3 Qt. Heritage Hill JarAnchor Hocking 3 Qt. Heritage Hill Jar

Gold Wire Bone Metal Basket

Gold Wire Bone Metal Basket


Southern Home Magazine – Photography by Emily Followill


Vintage pitchers make a charming choice of housing for kitchen utensils.


Kathy Ireland – House Beautiful


McGee & Co. 

Once upon a time function and style was an either-or situation.

Bracey Decorative Metal Wall Mounted Coat Rack1

Bracey Decorative Metal Wall Mounted Coat Rack

Fortunately, designers and retailers got the memo, and the decorative storage solutions in today’s market offer both.


Metal Wall Decor With Hooks

Damask Tile Wall Decor With Hooks

Damask Tile Wall Decor With Hooks 

gabrielle-system-hanging-utility-basketGabrielle System Hanging Utility Basket

alphabet hooks spell out home

Alphabet hooks from Pottery Barn spell out organization.

Lion Wall Hook - GoldLion Wall Hook – Gold

Towels, keys, leashes, coats, backpacks, messenger bags, purses, jewelry,  scarves, and robes hang in style on decorative wall hooks.

Houser Dog Wall Hook

Houser Dog Wall Hook

Boxer coat hookBoxer Wall Hook

Decorative storage solutions bring style to the job of getting organized by offering options big on both function and style.

Love your style!

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