Easter Tablescape

Classic colors from a package of Easter egg dye, spring blooms and a china melange inspired my thoughts for a stylish yet casual Easter tablescape.


I want the Easter tablescape to reflect the colors of the season and the items to evoke memories.  A less formal approach fits well with the spring atmosphere and relaxing mid-afternoon dinnertime.


My Fitz and Floyd and Andrea by Sadek rabbits have hopped from decade to decade, Easter tablescape to Easter tablescape.


I found the framed print Bushy Tail by E. Gordon West on an antiques inventory shopping trip six years ago. The second I saw it I knew it was going into Dave the Builder’s  Christmas stocking.


Dave found a baby rabbit in our yard late one afternoon, and immediately became attached to it. That silly rabbit became tamed and a part of our family.  When Dave got home from work that crazy rabbit would walk right into the house like he owned the place. The rabbit would come right up to Dave and beg to be picked up and held like a baby.


This spring mix & spinach salad with strawberries, Creole pecans and honey dressing is fantastic. You can find the recipe here.


Hello, springtime!

Love your style!


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