Right At Home: Flour, Grain, And Vintage Potato Sacks

Over the last few years flour, grain, and vintage potato sacks as home decor have made their way into the accents and accessories mainstream.

It’s a trend that continues to make itself right at home.

flour sack pillowsIron Accents

Steeped in less than perfect perfection with vintage and vintage looking charm and appeal, this home decor furnishings and accessories trend shows no signs of waning popularity.

Antique French Louis XVI Style Wing Chair in Antique Grain Sack Upholstery


Things have moved far past Etsy and the DIY community as the lone embracers, starting and ending point, and sole source of antique and vintage textiles.

Commanding style and good taste is always on trend and recognized by industry leaders.

Lyster grain sack armchair

Lyster Armchair


Spann Wingback Chair

White & Gray Farmhouse Stripe Kitchen Towel Set of 12

The lovely farmhouse style flour sack kitchen towel is as versatile as it is affordable.




The hallmark of  a great decorative accent.

Acorn Pillow

Better Home and Gardens


Urban Renewal Repurposed Grain Sack Pillow

Hello, Gorgeous!

Grain Sack Red Black Stripe Hemp Fabric Grainsack Si Monogram Soft Washed Linen

Grain Sack Fabric Grainsack Monogram Soft Washed Linen

Some things are so much better the second time around.

grain sack upholstered chairA Beautiful Mess Antiques

Decorative possibilities range from the rustic to the elegantly embellished with grain sacks.

Sawyer Mill Charcoal Fabric Euro Sham

Sawyer Mill Charcoal Fabric Euro Sham

I love when the design and the execution beautifully line up with the decorative juxtaposition of pattern, texture, style, and periods.


Traditional Home

This dining room by interior designer Ginger Brewton showcases authentic flour sack covered slipper chairs existing in elegant harmony with traditional decor touches- a strong testament to the stunning statement made when antiques and vintage accessories are paired in a union of comfortable formality.


Linen Grain Sack Fabric

Does it take you awhile to come to love certain trends or the decorative accents du jour?

It does for me.

I’m totally convinced this is the reason spot accents and home decor accessories exist.

It’s always advisable to introduce those not so sure items on a small scale with as few dollars invested at the beginning.

Raise your hand if you’ve been known to jump into a project with decorative ideas and $$$ flowing only to realize at projects end this isn’t working.

Yep, it’s been known to happen here at Places In The Home.

grain sack poufMayle Tan Pouf

Okay, let’s hear it.

Grain, flour, and vintage potato sack home decor and home furnishings.

Add it to the gotta have it list, or is this particular trend one you’ll take a pass on?

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