It’s Formica Laminate And It’s Spectacular!

If your kitchen is anything like the one here at Places In The Home, it’s one high traffic bustling hub of the home.  Change is a wonderful thing when it is all about improvement.  There’s no denying we are cooking, gathering and working in the kitchen with multipurpose precision.  Gone is the basic, get the job done approach to the purpose of the kitchen. There’s been a redefining, reshaping, and redesigning of kitchen design and decor elements.  In my daily rotation of design, kitchen, bath, home furnishings, and home decor news I come across many new products. Sourcing home improvement and home decor products is always an exciting process.  When a product grabs and holds my attention I label it swoon and share worthy.  Formica laminate has done just that.

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Brand leaders often become the verb of the product line.  Jim Parsons character, Dr. Sheldon Cooper on CBS’s The Big Bang Theory, hilariously demonstrates the point as he explains not all hot tubs are a Jacuzzi® in the video clip below.

Dave the Builder and I are both guilty of “verbing” one product line in particular. We refer to all laminate countertops as Formica.


Coming from construction, remodeling, and design families and backgrounds, I guess you could say we were raised on the Formica brand.

Formica countertops with aluminum edging graced the design features of our grandmother’s kitchens in high style of the times.  Dave the Builder and I cut our kitchen flipping/remodeling teeth on the Formica brand of laminate countertops.

Formica laminate anniversary collection chips Formica® Brand Laminate Anniversary Collection

Design trends and styles evolve and change, but one thing remains a home improvement constant. Construction, design, remodeling and renovation budgets adore a quality product that delivers an impressive design, decorative and affordable result.

Formica granite laminate

Formica 180fx® Laminate offers the luxurious look of a full granite slab. Taking today’s kitchen decorative details into consideration, Formica has perfected the look of granite for a fraction of the cost.  Taking trend into consideration, the pattern choices place an emphasis on the neutral palette.  The decorative design of the impressive Bullnose IdealEdge completes the flawless look without the brown seam line visible with a conventional flat edge.

Yes, it’s Formica laminate and it’s spectacular.

Formica Travertine silver granite

 180fx® Silver Travertine

Following through with a laminate backsplash will further enhance a coordinated design effect.  This is beautifully demonstrated with a large-scale stone look backsplash using 180fx® 3458 Travertine Silver.

granite kitchen countertop and backsplash

Formica classic woodgrains position a powerful presence with restyled color selections.  On trend with design features and patterns, the classic woods of Ash, Jarrah, Teak and Walnut exhibit simple straight grains and a natural look.

Did I mention this was laminate?

Yes, laminate!

Formica laminate

Formica laminate Natural Ribbonwood  incorporates strips of wood to create a designer butcher-block look with a nod toward modern appeal.

Formica Ribbonwood

I asked Dave the Builder if I could get his feedback on this post. Two sentences in he interrupted to inform me he saw samples of the 180fx laminate at Lowe’s last week.  His reaction was basically the same as mine- very impressed.  How could you not be?  The striking pattern choices meet with the design guidelines and tastes of today’s homeowner.  Formica laminate remains a quality, time tested, affordable, durable, sustainable and decoratively impressive product choice.


Just so you know disclaimer:  This is not an official product review or paid advertisement post.  Safe to say Formica® Brand does not even know I exist.  I’m just sharing and  following the original intent of this blog.  Places In The Home- A Design Show and Tell. 

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  1. Natural Ribbonwood, what is the actual color/woodgrain, etc of the beautiful ‘brown’ countertop in the photo on your post?
    Thank you.

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