Holiday Potpourri

I really wanted to title this post “What to do with all the left over fruit that did not make the holiday fruit salad cut” but Holiday Potpourri recipe had a much better ring to it.  Apples, oranges, homegrown fresh lemons (thanks, Mrs. JoAnn!) and spices of the season do a house good as they come together over low heat.  Our Thanksgiving celebration ushered in the first hint of Christmas with the simple yet perfect scents of the season simmering in the crock pot to welcome family, guest, and delicious memories.


Holiday Potpourri


3  apples, sliced

3 oranges, sliced

1 large lemon, sliced

4 cinnamon sticks

1 Tablespoon whole cloves

2 teaspoons ground cloves

2 teaspoons ground nutmeg

2 bay leaves

6  cups water


Fill stoneware liner with water.  Turn setting to high. Slice apples, oranges, and lemon and place in water. Add spices. Continue with setting on high for at least 2 hours. Reduce setting to low, careful to monitor water level. Add water as needed.


I sincerely believe music is the core note of holiday celebrations, and Places In The Home is full holiday celebration mode! Occasionally throughout the holiday season I will tuck one of my favorite Christmas ~Holiday songs at the end of a post.  I am not the biggest fan of music automatically playing as a website loads, and I apologize for the videos with sound that sporadically play as Places In The Home loads. With that being said, I’m leaving the option up to you~ if you want to hear the music while reading click play and enjoy!



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