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Lilly In April For May

Everything is right on Target for graduation and Mother’s Day gifts fresh in Lilly Pulitzer colors bright and pattern right.  The limited edition Lilly Pulitzer collection for Target will be available April 19th.  Can you tell I’m excited about this collection?   I read this fabulous remark the other day and found it to hit the bullseye.  The cure for spring fever is spring shopping.


I have several selections from the Lilly look book in mind for our son’s girlfriend who is graduating from university next month and a special Mother’s Day gift recipient on my the gift is in the giving list.  Allow me to share with you my favorites from the collection.





For chic summer evenings ~


Lilly-Pulitzer-target-women_embroidered-clutch---goldEmbroidered Clutch ~ Gold




For a touch of Pulitzer Pattern on the Patio ~

Lilly-Pulitzer-target-home_drinking-glasses---set-of-4Drinking Glasses ~ set of 4

Lilly-Pulitzer-target-glass-hurricane-candle-holder---nosie-posey-10Nosie Posey Glass Hurricane Candle Holder  




For the after graduation getaway or summer beach vacation~


Lilly-Pulitzer-target-home_beach-towel---giraffing-me-crazyGiraffing Me Crazy Beach Towel




For the home~

Lilly-Pulitzer-target-home_napkins-with-pom-pom-trim---set-of-4Set of 4 Napkins with Pom Pom Trim


Ceramic Mugs with Gold Caddy


Nosie Posey Floor Cushion




Mark you calendars for the arrival of the Lilly Pulitzer Collection for Target gift ideas.

Love your style!

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St. Patrick’s Day Decor Favorites In Gorgeous Shades of Erin go Bragh Green

Top o’ the morning to you on this St. Patrick’s Day Tuesday!  These St. Patrick’s Day decor favorites in gorgeous shades of Erin go Bragh green fill the eye and fill the heart with the color of St. Patrick’s Day.



green-hbz-march-hutton-wilkinsonHutton Wilkinson ~ Harper’s Bazaar


Julianne-MooreJulianne Moore in Gucci as featured in Harper’s Bazaar ~ photographed by Camilla Akrans

emerald green color historyDesign Sponge

The History of Emerald Green ~

This brilliant blue-green color was extremely popular in the mid-1800s.  Because it was cheap to manufacture, it was not only used as an artist paint, but as a household paint and was widely used for patterned wallpaper.  Unfortunately, the paint was made with poisonous arsenic.  This made damp rooms, where the arsenic would be turned into a gas by the mod living in the wallpaper paste, a death trap.  Napoleon’s death in exile on St. Helena was possibly hastened by his exposure to the Emerald green wallpaper in his favorite room.


Brendan-WongBrendan Wong Design


green heading 2

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What Works For You Is What Works

Inspiration is a funny thing.  There is no hard and fast formula for what, when, how or who will light the fire. There are times when the cart does come in front of the horse, and this is one of them. Scrolling through an image gallery on the Traditional Home website placed inspiration in my blog post thoughts. The kitchen in the image below has a whole lot going for it in the design and decorating department.  Great choice of flooring, natural light, exposed beams, workable layout and a pair of antique tables that serve up style with a side of function as kitchen islands. Repurposing, replacing parts and the repainting of vintage and antique pieces has taken root.  I must admit I often cringe at the sight of antique pieces in the direct line of a can of chalk paint.  I have seen gorgeous (and I do mean gorgeous) reworkings and re-paintings of antiques, paling only in comparison to the highest end of high end furniture manufactures.  I’ve also seen plenty that left the one word impression on me of why?  I prefer to keep the overall integrity in place and in its original state, but as the taste of the buying public changes so does the need for and use of pieces.  Repurposing an antique farm or harvest table, armoire or buffet to be used as a kitchen island, desk, entertainment center or home bar is what’s in at the moment.  Dave the Builder and I stand ready and willing to accommodate the needs of our clients by replacing the original wood top or shelves with marble, granite or a durable wood for practical use purposes. The result is another what works for you is what works piece ready for stylish duty in its new home.

antique-tables-as-kitchen-islandsTraditional Home

At first glance I did give pause to the placement of these sconces, especially the sconce on the far right and its close proximity to the wall.  Paired balance is present, but unless the cabinet door is rarely used the constant swing issue of door meets sconce could be a design deal breaker for some.  Moral of the story? What works for you is what works.

kitchen-gray-wallsTraditional Home

Let’s all gather ’round the grand piano~

Lalanne-sheep-Waldo-FernandezArchitectural Digest

Don’t be sheepishly shy with home decor choices.  The Places In The Home rule book clearly states the design and decorating principle that guides our simple philosophy- your house, your rules.  If you hear something I’m sure it is interior design icons, professors and the by-the-book believers crying out in a collective round of that’s not how it’s done.  To that I say oh pooh!  The unexpected always kicks the look up a noticeable notch or two.  Conformity can be awfully boring.

I hold it, that a little rebellion, now and then, is a good thing...”

~ Thomas Jefferson

mix-match-dining-chairsHouse Beautiful

I advise making a mismatched statement in at least one space.  Mismatched dining chairs instantly add the pop of personality factor to the don’t be like the rest of them, darling equation.


Talk about going for the brilliant and the bold with determination and palette penchant. This beauty takes a giant step away from ho hum, jumping style first into entry envy territory in a very what works for you is what works way.

HBX030115_072 Benjamin Moore’s Twilight 

What works for you is what works.  Always.

Love your style!

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Flawless Gray Areas: Inspiring Gray Rooms

By no means is the crush we design and decorating faithful developed on the color gray over.  There has been no break-up with this new neutral, no we are so over that color revelation. In fact, most of us asked gray to move in and stay awhile. It’s a color your world love affair expanding to many a living room, bedroom and kitchen. The relationship between proven color base of space and go-to neutral is color palette perfection, one that beautifully creates flawless and inspiring gray rooms.

decorating with gray as a neutral colorBetter Homes and Gardens

“The tones of gray, pale turquoise and pink will prevail.” -Christian Dior


gray bedroomMayme Baker Studio

Neutral colors are no longer being thought of as dull, boring or unimaginative home decorating, accents, paint and furnishings options. As seen in the image above, gray is a strong neutral, a formidable color that refuses to simply fade away into the background of the wallpaper, chandelier patina, or the headboard. The tones subtlety take control, guiding the eye to the prevalent and pronounced color pops. I really do love how the colors and patterns play so well together on this stylish playground.

gray-breakfast-areaTraditional Home

As the color foundation of the space, gray does not overpower nor underwhelm. It this case, however, the different shades do command attention to detail.

Toronto Custom Home

Recognized in design circles as a space changing tour de force, a gray color palette exhibits the decorative power trio we all look for in design and decorative execution- drama, elegance and style.

gray-wallsArchitectural Digest

Accent colors take to the depth gray offers, proving its impressive ability for enhancing color and creating flawless gray areas. It is quite an amazing and appreciated foundation shade.  


Gray is a stunning neutral, a color that has come into its own as both an elegant anchor and palette powerhouse.

Benjamin Dhong Interior DesignBenjamin Dhong Interiors

Complementing shades of gray frames the walls, marble floors and millwork as an interior design work of art.

gray-bathroomArchitectural Digest

gray-walls-bathroomTraditional Home

Nine impressive shades of gray from Benjamin Moore paints ~

Ashley Gray || Revere Pewter || Gray Owl || Silver Chain || Stonington Gray || City Shadow || Street Chic || Smoke & Mirrors || Perspective

velvet-drapesRestoration Hardware


French-lead-garden-urnsThe HighBoy


One Kings Lane

As the base or simply as the focal accent color, gray is color capable. It’s a color choice easy to work with, live with and and not grow bored with. And if that is not reason enough to consider incorporating the color gray in your decor take a look at the gorgeous image below.  Shades of gray, when paired with elegant accents in think outside the matchy-matchy box contrasting colors, give the space its personality and command a sublime reaction.

gray master bedroom Better Homes and Gardens



Love your style!






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A King of Hearts Valentine’s Day Inspired Compilation of Pretty Pictures and FYI Valentine’s Day Facts

How has everyone’s week been so far?  If the answer is busy we’ve got something in common. This first part of this week at Places In The Home has been all about blog housekeeping. This form of housekeeping is as tedious as the real thing, and like real housekeeping it is a necessary component of keeping things tidy and fresh. It is said in the blogosphere that content is king and images are queen. True, but if you don’t update links, resources and trend advice in order for the information to remain relevant there will be no readers in the royal court. Now that everything is in its place all neat and tidy let’s get down to post business. This blog post is a King of Hearts Valentine’s Day inspired compilation of pretty pictures and FYI Valentine’s Day facts.


With Valentine’s Day the subject matter of conversation hearts, and music being the excellent work companion it is, I fittingly updated my Power of Love Spotify playlist.  A good playlist mirrors balanced design and decor.  A well-rounded and represented mix of classic, traditional, contemporary and modern plays well.  In music, a sampling can be the defining quality of the body of work. As the images below demonstrate, a well-chosen and well-placed use of the color of love defines the intent. The color red draws the eye, introduces drama, envelopes the space in depth and frames the focal point.


Valentines- Lee-JofaLee Jofa Holland Flamestitch velvet ~ House Beautiful

dwm-maloos-portfolio-interiors-contemporary-modern-neoclassical-transitional-galleryDWM | MALOOS

Pink is such a delicate and graceful color, complementing in soft tones and shades. Ever wonder why pink is used as the base of many cosmetic products? The Society of American Florists estimates the number of roses produced for Valentine’s Day in 2014 was 257 million. A survey conducted by the National Retail Federation found 37.8 percent of Americans will buy flowers for Valentine’s Day 2015, spending a total of $2.1 billion.  Red roses come in first as the most purchased color of roses.  Pink roses are the second most popular choice.


tea-party-spread-Tea-Party-with-Heart-0212-xlnCountry Living Magazine

The colors associated with Valentine’s Day run the gamut from delicate to high drama.


A movie line of past caught my attention not for its brilliant observation, but for furthering my interest enough to check the numbers. The line made reference to Valentine’s Day being a greeting card holiday.  According to the numbers, more than 151 million cards are sold each year for Valentine’s Day.  That’s Valentine’s Day inspired.


Chocolate confections, strawberries, macarons, meringues, fudge, cheesecake, cupcakes, cookies and conversation hearts are served with Valentine’s Day love.  Cupid’s consumers will be spending a total of $1.7 billion on candy for their loved one.  Source: National Retail Federation


Valentines-candies-cookiesValentine’s Day Red Velvet Oreo Truffle Brownie Bars, See’s Candies, Chocolate-Covered Cherry Cordials, MacaronsTriple Chocolate Mini Bundt CakesCreamy Fudge Hearts

folk-art-heart-shaped-cookiesMarinold Cakes

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.”
Helen Keller


I hope you have enjoyed this Valentine’s Day inspired compilation of pretty pictures and FYI Valentine’s Day facts.  Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love your style!

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Valentine’s Day Gift Giving Ideas

The holiday of Amore is upon us. Valentine’s Day gift giving ideas are on the minds, conversation hearts and chocolate, glorious, chocolate thoughts of those in love. Knowing the likes and loves of your loved one is a huge plus to scoring big points in the Valentine’s Day gift giving game.


Traditional Valentine’s Day gift giving and receiving favorites of chocolate covered treats and flowers have long the captured the hearts and sweet spots marked expressly for Cupid’s arrow.

Valentine's-flowersPink Ranunculus

white-chocolateLock and Key Gold Leaf White Chocolates

Traditional works well for decor styles and Valentine’s Day gifts, but how about pulling back Cupid’s arrow and taking aim at these not-so-traditional Valentine’s Day gift giving ideas?  The customary colors of red and pink are well represented in shades of home decor, homemade, happy hour and haute fashion.  Valentine's-Day-gift-giving-ideas

Walnut Chocolate Hearts  ♥   Swirls Table Lamp    Memory Book    Country Living Hand-woven White High Kite Wool Rug    Hot Pink Contemporary Tattoo Scrolls Design Area Rug    Faux Croc Tray    Waterford Crystal Giftology Heart Paperweight  ♥  kate spade new york
‘supercalifragilipstick’ lipstick    ‘Nordstrom Heritage – Decades’ Decorative Trinket Tray  ♥  Pippin Wall Shelf   ♥  Handmade Pepper Red Porcelain Garden Stool   ♥  Pink Oskar Boxes  ♥  Louis Vuitton Monogrammed Earring Trunk     Lava Kiss Me Throw Pillow    Aromatique Mojito Beach Candle



Fornasetti Profumi – Scented Candle with Lid


Oysters and pearls is a Valentine’s Day gift giving ideas love connection combination of treasured keepsake and delicious proportions.


1847 Rogers 1906 Charter Oak 4 Oyster Forks International Silverplate Flatware     Mr. Boddington’s Studio   Abigails Oyster Porcelain Plates   American Coin Treasures Double Pearl Adjustable Ring

 Art-Wall-Interpretation-in-Red-Blossoming-Almond-Tree-by-Vincent-Van-GoghInterpretation in Red Blossoming Almond Tree by Vincent Van Gogh






Set your Valentine’s Day and night to music,


strawberries, chocolate, honey and whipped cream.

Chocolate-Strawberry-Honey NestsChocolate Strawberry Honey Nests

For him or for her, these Valentine’s Day gift giving ideas are suggested with love in mind.

Love your style!





Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.

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Blue, Brown and Aqua Color Palette

The color spotlight for this week shines on the palette perfection brought forth by the calm, serene and often understated elegance of a blue, brown and aqua color palette.


A tried and true color palette choice, blue, brown and aqua is not your average lock you down to basic run-of-the-mill color palette option.  Selections of varying shades work together to serenely frame a space regardless of decorative style.

Cat-Mountain-ResidenceGlynis Wood Interiors

From the subtle shades of coastal blues and tranquil aquas to a bold turquoise paired with a warm Moroccan brown, blue, brown and aqua strike a perfected balance of blended shade and tone culminating in flawless color palette execution.


Working with classic color palette combinations as the decorating foundation and building from there allows for a fresh perspective in the grand color palette scheme of things.


Aqua, turquoise, Tiffany or Wedgwood- the many tones, colors and shades available in the current paint, fabric, upholstery and wallcovering marketplace reflects the popularity of this palette and how it fits in with the design and decorating styles and tastes of today’s decoristas.

Bold Statement

Saint-JamesHotel Saint James

High Impact


Reserved Elegance




Benjamin Moore HC-69  Whitall Brown ||  Benjamin Moore  2107-10  Chocolate Candy Brown  ||  Aqua Ocean by Valspar  ||  House Fabric  ||Online Fabric Store  ||Inside Wallpaper  ||  Total Wallcovering

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Fabric Color, Pattern and Trim: By The Numbers

Old Man Winter has dropped his bags at the front door of 2015 for an extended stay, but a fabric color, pattern and trim pick-me-up provides all the decorative lagniappe necessary to lift a decorative spirit out of the winter doldrums. Mardi Gras and the calls of Throw Me Something, Mister ring thick in the mild Louisiana winter air, taking the sting out of the fact we’ve got a ways to go before spring, sprang and sprung of spring. With the word throw being the star of the Mardi Gras Carnival parades, and bright, bold and anything but boring color draping the entire state in pops of party shades, color me inspired.


Decorative throw pillows remain a great choice of decorative accent for instant and affordable pop of color, pattern and trim. The colors, pattern and fabric durability of outdoor fabrics are making the transition to indoor home decor accents. Recently I came across a very informative feature by Stephanie Nickell in the Fashionable Fabrics for ’15 edition of Casual Living Magazine. Exclusive to Casual Living Magazine, the 2015 Fabrics Survey shows fabric color, pattern and trim choices projected to be the best sellers for 2015 by outdoor retailers and designers who responded to the survey.  Categories include cushions, slings, decorative pillows and trim predictions with percentage comparisons between the 2014 and 2015 results listed.  Let’s take a look at the numbers in the 2015 preferred pillow colors category.


fabric color, Pattern and Trim



Interesting predictions. To take a look at the complete 2015 Fabric Survey click here. In what category do you find your preferred fabric color, pattern and trim choice in?

Love your style!




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Brand Recognition and Interior Decorating Ideas Association

Shopping in grocery, electronics, big box, dollar and home improvement stores for items that keep the all things house that make a home process up, running and connected is what you make out of it. My approach and attitude toward this necessary ritual is rooted in an it’s what you make of it attitude and friendly game of decorative distraction.  I have a resourceful tool of spin I use when the aisles begin to close in- a friendly game of brand recognition and the interior decorating ideas association.  I will not identify any brand in this post by name, but I don’t believe it will be hard to connect the dots. No endorsements, no preferential product treatment or mention, no sponsored posts (not that there is anything wrong with that- news of shareworthy products goes hand in hand with all things house that make a home). This exercise in brand recognition and interior decorating ideas association is just another way to incorporate beauty, color and style into the day.


The stately portrait of the white haired gentleman framed in attire and colors befitting the home of the red, white and blue is the brand hallmark of a classic breakfast cereal. This famous logo never fails to bring to mind the Federal era, American antiques and star spangled decor.

federal-paletteHouse Beautiful


Well, hello! Talk about gorgeous on a most colorful scale. Going boldly with bold color, furnishings in unique form and placement, and pattern play perfection are design and decor treatments that will have people talking.


Black, white and basic, or is it?  Twenty odd years ago a major grocery chain in our area introduced a line of generic brand products packaged in no-frill black and white packaging.  I mean this packaging was straightforward and to the point with white being the predominate color choice accompanied by plain text black lettering.  One would think the plain, ordinary, lackluster, non-descriptive packaging would have faded into shelf obscurity, but not in this case.  The complete opposite effect took place, and the basic packaging stood out above all the others. Why?  I can only venture a guess, but I think as eye catching as colorful and bold packaging can be, it served as a frame to draw the eye and attention to the generic brand and away from all others. Visually commanding focal points are not decoratively exclusive to interior design and home decor accents.  The generic brand packaging successfully caught the eye in spite of the basic branding.  When less is more proved correct in this case.

black-white-bedroomThe Glitter Guide

It is amazing how many brands utilize the color combination green and blue in product packaging. I’m beginning to catch on to the genius behind this clever marketing choice.  It’s hard to deny the power of this color combination and the association of it to the calm and cool coastal waters of Any Beach, USA. From sea to salad, tranquility sells, sales and sails!


So the next time you are shopping, remember this decorating exercise in brand recognition and interior decorating ideas association and my mantra, inspiration is everywhere!

Love your style!

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The Second Time Around: Repurposed Vintage Items

The popularity of repurposed vintage items remains deep rooted in decorative purpose. Vintage furniture, accessories, clothing, textiles, spaces within our homes and even this second time around blog post can live many lives at the creative mercy and keen decorative sense of second chance individuals.

Mad Menvia

I’ve given a second, third and fourth chance to many repurposed vintage items. A piece that was merely good in its former life has the potential to be fabulous in its repurposed one.

architectural pedimentvia

Architectural elements find new life through current trends and design applications. Granting a decorative reprieve to armoire crowns and pediments is a perfect example of an elegant repurpose.

repurposed-doorsTraditional Home

A door is a door is an entryway statement.  A set of vintage doors installed on rollers and repurposed as stunning entryway options- absolutely!  Repurposed by definition is to change an item so it can be used for a different purpose.  This door repurposed project does exactly that by taking traditional off the hinges and achieving excellence through elegant and unique repurposing. 

Pair Baluster Lamps smAtelier de Campagne

The beauty of the repurposed balustrade lamp is found in the distressed patina that adds the charm factor, neutral lamp shades that complement and complete the look, and the finished product that shines a light on elegant simplicity. The balustrade lamp in the image below  is from the Dave the Builder collection. We found the balustrade at an antiques market, scooped it up, wired it up and the rest is illuminated history.


A storage deficient kitchen proposes a problem, but a bit of creativity can quickly and uniquely solve the problem.  One of my best treasure hunts resulted in two very happy clients and a fun project. Dave the Builder and I found ourselves “flea-ing” one afternoon.  My eyes zeroed in on the corner of the storage building where  a matching pair of antique twelve light wrought iron chandeliers from Walnut Grove Plantation called to me .  These beauties were rusty (loved it), massive (yeah, baby), and ridiculously impressive to me.  I could not tag and pay for the iron beauties fast enough!   I caved to convention, code and a quick cash sale and rewired, repainted, and retailed one.  The other I repurposed as a vintage chandelier pot rack.

iron chandeliers

How gorgeous is this antique bureau repurposed as a kitchen island?

island-antiqueTraditional Home

Vintage travel trunks and cases find second life style as coffee and accent tables.

luxury-home-design-Elle-DecorElle Decor

louis-vuitton-coffee-table-Brook-Shields-homeArchitectural Digest

Repurposed vintage items top the treasure seekers gotta have it list as must haves for impressive kitchen decor on a grand- scale.

repurposed-kitchen-itemsCountry Living 

Becky at Beyond the Picket Fence calls her repurposed project Shutter Island. Great eye and execution, Becky!


But wait!  Repurposing goes beyond treasure finds of the furniture or architectural antiques kind.  A redefined repurposing of a space to better accommodate and serve the purpose of need and function is another form of repurposed vintage items. Consider the layout of most ranch style homes and the sign of the formal living room times from which they came. Don’t forget the often non-utilized space of the over-sized entrance hall or foyer. These spaces become interior relics- an area of wasted space ripe for the repurposing.

Before –


The insight and courage to go for the design and decorative gusto by repurposing a space is to be applauded.  This center hall area becomes a present day dining room repurposing project- a unique and decorative demonstration of design and decorative repurposing.

After –

repurposed-entry-hallHouse Beautiful

Dave the Builder created another one of his “original” designs by cutting down a pair of vintage shutters to fit an electrical panel opening.  He placed flush mount hidden hinges on both shutters and secured them to the wall.  A decorative hook was installed in the middle of the shutters allowing  the shutters to lock together and remain in a closed position.  The new look created a unique disguise to an otherwise unattractive necessity.



  Unique with a purpose, or repurpose.






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