When A Classic Becomes The Trend: Houndstooth Home Decor

Houndstooth is trending now!  Fashion and home decor are so closely associated, and the two are keeping close company with the current houndstooth home decor trend.

Traditional Home

Houndstooth is a classic textile originally made from Scottish woven wool.  The most recognizable duotone example of  the houndstooth pattern is the traditional black and white.  Beautiful and traditional are two of my favorite words in the world of decor however, color ranks at the top of the descriptive heap.

Several gorgeous combinations of color currently abound in the world of houndstooth broadening the color choices.  It has proven to be a formidable pattern and a timeless classic.  The Robert Allen houndstooth fabric lines the statement wall of this Tobi Fairley designed bedroom featured in At Home in Arkansas.

At Home Arkansas

Throw pillows make a decorative statement sitting pretty in any space.


Tailored to suit with a stunning houndstooth rug anchoring the space is this residential office designed by the  Jeffers Design Group.

A classic design knows no bounds.


Alexander McQueen Houndstooth Dress

Ferragamo fantastic from the pages of Vogue

Double the look, double the houndstooth style for a touch of trend and function.

houndstooth-ottomansAt Home Arkansas

This example from a past Talbots holiday catalog continues to capture the essence of  two classic beauties, the hostess skirt and Julianne Moore.  The hostess skirt is classic holiday attire, and although not everyone’s style choice, I like the idea of it.  Cocktails anyone?

Trends come and go, but a classic remains a classic.

Love your style!

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4 thoughts on “When A Classic Becomes The Trend: Houndstooth Home Decor”

  1. I like the mug and think it would be great for the holidays. I totally agree with you, classic makes no mistakes.

  2. Darleen, thank you so much for those sweet comments on my move in post. So grateful for all of you out there reading along. I love this post about houndstooth, love it, such a classic. I might have to get something houndstooth for my new house too.

    Have a great week!

  3. Houndstooth is such a classic style, Rhoda. Following along with the redo and seeing the progress unfold makes a great read! Enjoy your week of placing, “prettying”, and rediscovering your treasures.

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