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Leopard print.  I’m wild about its power presence in all its spot on spotted glory.  A classic pattern in both fashion and interior design, leopard print love is based on the look, texture and ability to add a punch of decorative prowess to the piece it adorns.

leopardLeopard print is the shake it up-style it up friend of fashion, fabric, and space.

upholstered Victorian chair

Traditional Home

I’m still standing by my unwavering opinion in regards to interior design and decorating.

I’m not wired for complication or confrontation, nor am I a fan of rocket science philosophy when it comes to our homes and what we associate beauty and style with.

It’s your home, your money, your tastes and your traditional, shabby, simple, extravagant, over-the-top, funky or fabulous decor choice.

My opinions and suggestions provide an idea to guide the course.

Let’s look at leopard print as an example.

leopard print barstool


For me, the use of a leopard print accessory or accent has got to be tempered and tasteful.

leopard runnerElle Decor

leopard-rug (1)

Alida Leopard-Print Hairhide Rug

Fashion guides us to certain principles of style.  Coco Chanel said it best when she advised the following:

“Once you’ve dressed, and before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take at least one thing off.

Coco Chanel

I don’t profess to remotely be on the same level of fashion or style expertise as Coco Chanel, but I will build upon her words.  

Once the space is “dressed”,  and before the it’s perfect stamp of approval is awarded, take one accessory out of the total equation.  

Ruth Kintzer Interior Design

Once removed, look  at the space with a discerning eye and decide if the absence of the removed accessory makes or breaks the look.


Too much of a good thing can be a great thing or a tacky thing.

I’ve got loads of experience with this life application.

My darling mother is wholeheartedly convinced if one of something is good, two must be absolutely fabulous.


Leopard Hide Table Lamp

This logic works at certain times in limited situations.

Off the top of my head I can think of one situation where two is better than one.

In most instances, two days of vacation is certainly better than one.


I’ll give her that.

Cayce side chairChaddock Home

Exceptions to rules and all that aside, two of too much often leads to a fashion or interior design misstep.

There is so much to the less is more school of thought.

A classic color, texture or pattern is visually capable of carrying the space as the focal point.


Inside Fabric

I like to think that is the reason accessories and accents exist.

My design and decor rule for leopard print love and the use of it is straight forward.

A well appointed space will only further impress the eye when there is a spot of leopard print present.

I get a kick out of referring to leopard print pieces as the ultimate spot accent.

leopard pillows


Inquiring and designing minds want to know.


Leopard print.

Like it?

Hate it?

Leave it?

LOVE it?

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