The Season of Louisiana Gulf Coastal Style

Certain decor styles have a season, and now is the season of Louisiana Gulf Coastal style.  The decor style displayed throughout your home is a 365 day a year love your style affair, but at certain times of the calendar year the appeal of particular decor styles is heightened.  Coastal design and style, stand up and take a bow.

Brown_Pelican3The Brown Pelican ~ The Official State Bird of Louisiana

Louisiana is a mixed bag of decor styles, dishes and dialects.  Among the Victorians, Acadian, Creole, French, Spanish and European influences is the Sportman’s Paradise belle of the decorating ball, Louisiana Gulf coastal style.

Oyster-shuckLouisiana Cookin’


Pearl White and Gold Louisiana Oyster Shell Salt Cellar


Sagg Coastal Beach Oyster Shell Wrought Iron Island Light

Sagg Coastal Beach Oyster Shell Wrought Iron Island Light

Cue the magnolias, John James Audubon prints, pelicans, oyster and turtle shells, eclectic objets d’art of beach and bayou and blue and white porcelain.

pelican figurinePelican ~ Fitz and Floyd


Fish Set Including a Large Platter and Six 1960s French Porcelain Oyster Plates

Louisiana Gulf coastal style


Kaldun & Bogle Capri Shell Pitcher


Louisiana Gulf coastal style blurs the lines of traditional coastal style in a let’s build upon a classic way.

Blue_crabBlue Crab found on the Southern Louisiana Coast


We take just enough decorating liberty with traditional coastal to make it our own, enhancing the look with a dash of native to Louisiana flavor without walking too terribly far way from the core notes.

Louisiana-coastal-designJarod A. Hebert Architect, LLC


Cyan Design Driftwood Table Lamp

A maddening search of warehouse and storeroom for my Great blue Heron John James Audubon print got this Louisiana Gulf coastal style party started.

Audubon-blue-heronAudubon Oppenheimer Octavo Edition, Pl. 369 Great blue Heron

Hanging the Great blue Heron print in the dining room is under decorative consideration, and the best way to rule it in or rule it out is to actually hang it before the second and final coat of paint. I do this often when it is convenient.  If I decide against the piece, Dave simply caulks the nail hole and we are on to bigger and better items.




The natural color palette so beautifully found along the sands and water’s edge of the Gulf Coast inspires the softer shades of traditional coastal colors.

driftwood-console-tableDriftwood Console Table


Bayou Chandelier design by Currey & Company

Bayou Chandelier design by Currey & Company

I believe we can all agree that summer is the season of coastal decor style, and the popularity of Louisiana Gulf coastal style is simply experiencing its day in the sun.

Love your style!

2 thoughts on “The Season of Louisiana Gulf Coastal Style”

  1. Love this post, Darleen! I noticed the same with the “Low Country ” decor, while we were in Savannah last week. While it is all coastal, each area has some accents that are unique to its region. I love the accents that you’ve highlighted here!

  2. Thank you so much, Shenita! Please excuse my slow response to your comment. College graduation prep has taken over so bear with me. The graduation is what inspired this post in the first place. Our summer vacation will be
    a home statecation, and when you get down to it Louisiana is not a bad whatever cation destination. Unique is definitely a fitting word to describe the “boot”.

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