Natural Beauty: A Fall Mantel Created With Natural Elements, Mementos and Memories

Fall is here in all its colorful, tranquil and glorious splendor!  It is an amazing time for the senses.  Color and texture is right outside my front door, and natural elements, mementos and memories create a fall mantel.

Nature is the ultimate inspiration for fall decorating and offers many natural elements to work with.  When I started giving thought to the mantel decor for the fall holiday season, I knew I wanted to incorporate personal mementos with special meanings.


When we learned my parents would be moving in with us, we realized some of our renovation plans would need to be modified or postponed. My father fashioned the fireplace mantel after the one in his childhood home. Wanting to make my parents comfortable in our home while remembering it was originally their home, Dave the Builder and I agreed to leave the den in its original design. That is personal memento number one.


The mounted pheasant is something I treasure for many reasons.  When my mother was at MD Anderson for cancer treatment in 1999, we found the pheasant at a shop one afternoon while antiquing.  It was a wonderful and memorable afternoon, and the pheasant continues to remind us of that day.  The resin deer set and small framed rabbit print are gifts from Dave the Builder. Now comes filler time.


Our neighborhood has no shortage of magnolia trees, or kind neighbors who don’t mind sharing their leaves with me.  Pine cones “tipped” with copper spray paint make perfect accent pieces.   I considered using one of the decor staples of fall, the pumpkin, but that idea hit a snag.  The price of pumpkins this early in the fall decorating game can be quite expensive. After locating pumpkins at a local market I had to pick my mouth up off the floor and recover from sticker shock. Are you ready for this?   One small pumpkin = $8.  That is way out of my pumpkin comfort zone. Hopefully supply will increase and cost will decrease closer to Halloween.


All decorative things considered,  I am pleased with my choices to complete the look.


Croton leaves, dried mushroom something or another (I don’t really know what they are, but I had to have them) from Hobby Lobby, apples, lemons, an assortment of fall ornamental squash and decorative feathers were used.


The colors are as vivid in person as they are in the pictures.


I like what the mantle decor represents-  a colorful gathering of nature’s beauty.

Love your style!


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2 thoughts on “Natural Beauty: A Fall Mantel Created With Natural Elements, Mementos and Memories”

  1. Hi Darleen,

    Beautiful mantel…so glad you stopped by…I see we share an appreciation for pheasants…mostly because of the memories attached…mine reminds me of my dad and uncles when they were all young, strong and healthy, hunting and bringing home the bounty for large family and holiday gatherings. In my mind, the best home decor is that which reflects who we are, where we have been and what we hold dear so I also love that you incorporate personal momentos.


  2. Your mantle is the poster for fall decorating! I love it.
    I need to work up some fall decor courage!
    Thank you for visiting my place!
    Kerry at

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