No Rhyme And Strictly For The Look Of It Reason: Mixing China Patterns

Mixing china patterns is a great way to showcase vintage and eclectic items while keeping the accent on unique style.


The Collector’s Guide to Antique Floral China Patterns

Tea or coffee time is usually an on the go event where the most stylish aspect is the blend or bean.

mixing china patterns

When time affords  the opportunity, I bring down from the cupboard the company worthy collection of antique and vintage sugar bowls, creamers, flatware, and demitasse sets.

vintage china patterns

It’s the perfect time to take decor liberties with “eclecticity.”

No rhyme and strictly for the look of it reason sets the table for what coffee and tea time are meant to be, a relaxing break from the routine.

Shabby chic boutiques, resale stores, grandmother’s china cabinet, online stores and antique shops are collection creating central.

vintage creamers

The  pairing of a formal sterling silver with a whimsical white porcelain cow creamer works.

I refer to it as the decor Donny & Marie effect-I’m a little bit this and I’m a little bit that.



Sunny Cottage Joy

The potential “this is so out of place”  impression will be overruled by the pop of color principal.

A little something to shake things up promotes the fun factor, and fun should be an integral part of  design and decor choices.

At this very moment as I create and type, Dave the Builder announces it is coffee time. 

The “eclecticity” of this moment will be unforgettable. 

It is a work day for him, which means he looks the part (in need of coffee).

It is also a work day for me, which means I’m decked out in frazzled chic (make mine strong!).  

I believe I’ll go with a crystal sugar bowl, flow blue creamer, and dollar store gold rimmed porcelain coffee cups. 

It’s the perfect service to set to help us celebrate the moments of our DIY life.







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Vegas Nights: Bright Paint Colors

The final installment in  the Color Your World series is courtesy of my colorful interpretation of America’s playground, Fabulous Las Vegas.

vegas stripCaesars Palace

neon paint colors

Vibrant and bright paint colors take the pulse of our decor choices and supply the essential element, the pop of color.



bright-fabricInside Fabric



Fiori di Como at Bellagio

chihuly_cobaltblue01_org_lFive-Piece Cobalt Blue Sea Form Set with Turquoise Lip Wrap by Dale Chihuly


Dylan Blue Velvet Button-tufted Club Chair with Round Acrylic Feet

Vegas sign

Cameron-Diaz-apartmentElle Decor

vegas nights wallpaper



Designers Guild

Porter Teleo: Ink Blots


Inside Fabric

I hope you have enjoyed viewing this series as much as I have enjoyed bringing it to the page.

Thank you, thank you very much.

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Color Your World Series: Decorating With Black and White

The second installment in the Color Your World series focuses on decorating with black and white.

black and white upholstered chair

House Beautiful

Decorating with black and white epitomizes classic elegance.

Atlanta0holidayshowhouse-dining-roomAtlanta Homes & Lifestyles

This timeless color combination choice is the most distinct of distinct color choices- an interior design and interior decorating classic that commands the room while beautifully owning up to the bragging rights of presence through powerful neutrality.

bette-davis-1932-gettyimages-506011763House Beautiful

From fashion to floor to ceiling, decorating with black and white is a color palette choice that allows a space to open up.

black-white-living-roomHarper’s BAZAAR

Let’s look at the color combination instantly recognized as a premier choice in the world of color, design and decorating.

jean-louis-deniot-inc-07Interiors by Jean-Louis Deniot, Inc.

“Color is black and white put together”

– Author Unknown


Architectural Digest



Total Wallcovering

black-and-white-fabric Inside Fabric 


Hans Andersen Home Arsenalsgatan Chandelier


Stenciled Brazilian Cowhide Zebra with Spine Black/White Area Rug


Katlin Area Rug

decorating with black and white

Decorating with black and white makes a strong and timeless statement. This color combination strikes a stunning scheme resulting in the desired effect- a chic and commanding presence.

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Color Your World Series: Decorating With The Color Pink

Decorating with the color pink is a decorista go-to in my portfolio preferences.  Over the next few postings I will be showing a series of color charts, fabric samples and wallpapers for your viewing pleasure. I am appropriately titling the series Color Your World.   I’ve selected a few fun, funky, classic, trendy, traditional, elegant and affordable options.  Who couldn’t use a little color in their decor world?  Let’s kick things off with interiors, ideas and a shades and styles design board featuring ideas for decorating with the color pink.

Amanda Nisbet Design Amanda Nisbet Design

Peacock-Cabinetry Peacock Cabinetry


Tibetan Lamb Ottoman


Amanda Reynal Interiors

Amy_Morris_2016_04_25_9999_7Amy Morris Interiors ~ Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles


Amy Morris Interiors ~ Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles


Abstract Wilderness Canvas by Elisabeth Fredriksson

pink colors moodboard

pink-palette Sherwin- Williams 

color pinkCountry Living

benjamin moore blush paint colorsBenjamin Moore ~  Rose Blush ||  Warm Blush ||  Misty Blush


Burke Decor ~ Inside Fabric


French Rose Antique 2 Drawer Chest by The Bradburn Gallery

Bungalow-Rose-Aquarius-Pink-Beige-Area-Rug (1)Aquarius Pink/Beige Area Rug by Bungalow Rose


Matthew Izzo Oil Painting on Canvas


American Flamingo’ by John James Audubon

Scalamandre Le Tigre PillowCustom Scalamandré “Le Tigre” Pillow

gold-ibis-table-lampFun. Funky. Fabulous.  Gold Ibis Table Lamp from Lamps Plus

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She Said A Toast To The Bottle Drying Rack. He Said Nice Rack!

Dave the Builder and I have two completely different views on which way to go with the title of this post featuring bottle drying racks, but compromise equals blogging bliss.

Men and women.

Mars and Venus.

French wine bottle drying rackBetter Homes & Gardens

What we do agree on is the accessory appeal and unique ways to use antique French wine bottle, vintage, rustic or stylish reproduction bottle drying racks.

bottle drying rackWest Elm

reproduction bottle drying rackBetter Homes & Gardens

Antique and vintage items that are repurposed in practical, useful, and stunning ways catch on quick with the reproduction world.

Reproduction bottle drying racks widen the field of affordability, offer broader size and color options, and add to the popularity of these home decor jewels.

French wine drying rack Apartment Therapy

A countertop counterpart sounds better than dish drain extension, doesn’t it?

Super problem solver to one of my biggest dish drying dilemmas.

Bottle drying racks provide a stylish option for storage, display, and freeing up a precious kitchen commodity-counter space.

metal bottle drying rackBetter Homes & Gardens

A bottle drying rack will fit perfectly on the countertop and clear the bottom of the cabinet above it.

I’m considering the look and function aspect as a dinner party focal point.

Tea-towels put a fashionable spin on the dinner napkin.

One tier for water or wine glasses, one tier for after dinner coffee or tea cups, and one tier for tea-towel dinner napkins.

bottle drying rack ornaments


What about a bottle drying rack ornament tree?

The prongs are handy hangers for ornaments, craft ribbon, jewelry, baseball or golf caps.


Better Homes and Gardens

What’s not to love about home decor items possessing a unique personality, vintage quality, and what is it wonder?





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Chalk It Up: Chalk Paint DIY Project Inspiration

While catching up on my continuing decorating education this past week, I’ve duly noted the chalkboard chalk paint diy project inspiration love is still going strong.

chalk paint

Home Depot offers great readings and ideas in their forums.

I am in the thought before execution stage of project custom chalkboard for my office.


My color curiosity is even more piqued now that I’ve learned the rainbow of chalkboard paint possibility is multicolored. Rust-Oleum Specialty Chalk Board Tint Base converts surfaces into a usable chalkboard.

Good color choices come in lucky me thirteens!

Benjamin Moore takes its turn at the board in hopes of broadening your chalkboard paint horizons.


Benjamin Moore latex chalkboard paint allows you to turn almost any interior surface into a chalkboard in any color.

Now that is chalk it up to fabulous!


Let’s look at a few examples of chalk it up to fabulous chalkboard chalk paint diy projects.

bee cottage6

I like the quaint yet eye-catching presence of this Frances Schultz designed kitchen and butler’s pantry.

Scalloped edging and burlap ties bring that’s the one I want thoughts to mind.

The blue and white plate and platter display sets the look.


Traditional Home

Chalkboard paint or in the style of chalk paint paints take to primed and ready pieces such as vintage doors, cabinet fronts, decorative frames and framed windows (yes, it adheres to clean glass) with finish perfection.

chalk-boardTraditional Home

usefullwalltreatments_6_magnetfamilywall Apartment Therapy

A vintage panel becomes both a chalkboard and a dining room focal point for practical and vintage collection display purposes.

chalk-daviddambrosiocondo-09Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles

I find myself long on correspondence and short on storage space in my home office.

Beauty is not found in the stacks if the stacks are piled all around.

In a quest to alleviate and edit, I plucked an architectural mantle from the Hopefully Classic inventory thinking it would be perfect for reference books, design magazines and accumulating correspondence.

It was not.

Let the treasure hunt begin for an antique chest or single drawer table.

This is a super easy chalkboard or chalk paint diy project for creating stylish storage solution.

Colorhouse Glass Quart Interior Chalkboard Paint

Colorhouse Glass Quart Interior Chalkboard Paint samples


Colorhouse Chalkboard Paint

The design and decorative draw of chalk paint and in the style of chalk paint is found in the no need to prime, strip or sand technique, quick dry time, premier color chart choices, mix and match color your world with your own color invention capabilities, ease of application and finishing waxes.

Although not a miracle product, these types of paints tend to cover so well it allows the painter/furniture artist to embrace and go with the imperfections.

Chalk paint covers a multitude of decorating sins.


Annie Sloan masters the ooh la la chalk paint techniques, ideas, colors and what wax to use for what effect how-to.

Annie Sloan's Paint Workbook : A Practical Guide to Mixing Color and Making Style Choices

Annie Sloan’s Paint Workbook : A Practical Guide to Mixing Color and Making Style Choices

Vintage shops, flea markets, and or garage sales are prime haunts for finding great pieces to chalkboard or chalk paint diy project with.

Chalk it up to fabulous!

Love your style!



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Home Decor Memories Under The Big Top Of The Piccadilly Circus

I hail from the land of Steel Magnolias, Divine Secrets of The Ya-Ya Sisterhood, grand interiors and impeccable tastes.   If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then I have flattered with the best of them.

In my attempts to recreate the glory of fine, whimsical and vintage interiors, I have found I like home decor memories and keepsakes weaved throughout my decor.  It’s a nice way to incorporate the wonder times of my childhood, friendships, travels, and family.

Steel Magnolias

I’m neither a Southern Belle nor Hollywood’s interpretation of one.  What I am is an appreciator of tasteful objects that take me to a place in my life timeline as I pass by, place around and prize them.

Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood

My mother, who is a Southern Belle with a nth degree black belt in retail, is of the firm belief shopping and lunch go together like Visa and MasterCard.

My brother and I were not particularly thrilled to see this idea of a circus come to town.  The brand of circus I speak of was the weekly ritual of lunching and marathon shopping at “the Village.”

The Village was the largest shopping center in town and the epicenter of early nineteen seventies shopping.

venetian-carnival-mole-by-scalamandreCarnival by Scalamandre

When I can’t sleep there is no sheep counting for my inner insomniac.  I think back and place the shops in their rightful storefronts circa nineteen seventy something.

Works every time!

Fast forward to today’s Village where all that is left of yesterday’s retail offerings is one national chain grocery store and a family favorite, Piccadilly Cafeteria.

I believe I have spent a collective decade of my life at the Piccadilly.  When you are the only kid on the culinary block it just works out that way.

With frequent visits came a strange familiarity with the surroundings.  My parents viewed after dinner visiting with fellow diners, local friends and dignitaries as the final course of the meal.

As my childhood patience was tested, I would stare at the chandeliers, grandfather clock, draperies and paintings in the dining area for what seemed hours.

cattle oil painting

I always loved the gold gilt framed oil painting of cows that graced the wall of the dining room with its larger than life presence.

Some years later the exterior of the cafeteria was remodeled, and the addition of eight large decorative pineapples found a new home atop the cafeteria’s exterior pillars.

Word spread fast throughout the community of the Piccadilly renovation and liquidation sale of interior and exterior decorative goods.

 My checkbook, my brother and my memories headed to the Village faster than you could say dilly plate.


The beautiful oil painting proudly hangs over the master sitting room fireplace in my brother’s home, and the “Piccadilly Pineapple” graces our kitchen dining area.

The pineapple is a symbol of hospitality, and goodness knows the Piccadilly served up enough of it over the years to my family.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages…

A memorable memento from where we’ve been, what we’ve seen, and who we are celebrates us and brings it all home.

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Green Tomatoes In Phyllo Baskets At The Places In The Home Cafe

Creativity is in full force in the test kitchen at The Places In The Home cafe.   A culinary brainstorming session with my brother resulted in this green tomatoes in phyllo baskets recipe.


The recipes is a work in progress and phyllo patience, but it was met with glowing reviews from the family.

Green Tomatoes In Phyllo Baskets


6-8 green tomatoes

1  roll phyllo pastry sheets,  thawed

8 tablespoons melted butter or margarine

1 8 oz. box Tony Chachere’s Creole Dirty Rice dinner mix 0r favorite brand flavored rice mix

½ lb. ground beef

½ lb. medium or hot ground pork sausage

1 tsp. basil

salt & pepper or creole seasoning to taste

8 oz. shredded cheese of your choice

1 tsp. parsley flakes

1 tsp. paprika

1 Pyrex baking dish

aluminum baking pan

6-8 cup muffin pan

sauce pan or microwavable bowl

sauce brush


Remove phyllo pastry sheets from freezer and allow to thaw according to package directions (two hours at room temperature for quick thaw, overnight in refrigerator for following day use).

Wash and scoop out the inside of  tomatoes.  Place tomatoes in a square Pyrex dish.  Sprinkle with salt and pepper or creole seasoning to personal taste.  Place Pyrex dish into a deep baking pan.

Prepare a hot- water bath by bringing a pan of water to a light simmer on top of stove; carefully pour hot water into a baking pan halfway up the sides of Pyrex dish.

Cover with aluminum foil or inverted cookie sheet to promote a slight softening.

If tomatoes are too soft they will become difficult to wrap.

Brown ground beef  and ground pork sausage together.  Add basil.   Drain and add meats to packaged rice mix; prepare as directed. When fully cooked allow to cool.

Remove Pyrex dish filled with softened tomatoes from hot-water bath.  Melt butter and place to side for use with phyllo dough.

Fill each tomato with cooked rice and meat.  Top each tomato with shredded cheese to individual taste.

We Louisianians are big on flavor, seasoning and heat.

I adjusted the spice of the recipe to a  medium spice content.

Tone it down or turn it up to your please your taste buds.

Prepare phyllo sheets according to instructions.  I used two layers of dough per tomato.

Very important to work only with needed dough keeping a damp towel over the remaining layers until ready to use.  It makes it easier to handle and reduces tearing.

Lightly brush the edges of each layer of dough with melted butter.  Place stuffed tomato in center of dough.

“Wrap” tomato by bring dough corners to center and twisting.


Place wrapped tomatoes in ungreased muffin pan.

Lightly brush dough wrapped tomatoes once again with remaining melted butter.

Sprinkle with paprika and parsley flakes.

Bake in oven at 375 degrees for 20-25 minutes or until golden brown.










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