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I’m “board” on this Monday afternoon. Pinterest and Olioboard boards that is. As I was clocking valuable twitter time Monday afternoon I came across an interesting tweet I like to share with y’all. Layla Grace is sponsoring a design contest, “My Dream Foyer.”  Layla Grace is asking participants to create a Pinterest board showing the Layla Grayce products they would use to create a dream foyer in their home.  My interest was piqued and below you will see how I spent my Monday afternoon(click on photo to be taken to my board).

My Dream Foyer PinterestAnother great site is Olioboard. Olioboard is an easy application for creating digital mood boards. Interior designers, decor enthusiast and creative minds come together to share inspiration and offer feedback.  I have used Olioboard twice and find it a beneficial tool to the trade. Lately, I find myself in the initial stages of remodeling contemplation. In other words, it is looking like our dining room is on deck for a total decor overhaul.  Over the holidays I was approached about taking on a dining room renovation. Both potential client and designer are thinking the project over.  I thought I would get something down on paper, or in this case on a digital mood board.  Click to enlarge.

dining room design board

dining room design



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