What Works For You Is What Works In Decorating

The what works for you is what works in decorating principle is a inspiring tidbit of information.  There is no hard and fast formula for what, when, how or who will light the fire.  There are times when the cart does come in front of the horse, and this is one of them.  Scrolling through an image gallery on the Traditional Home website placed inspiration in my blog post thoughts.  The kitchen in the image below has a whole lot going for it in the design and decorating department.  Great choice of flooring, natural light, exposed beams, workable layout and a pair of antique tables that serve up style with a side of function as kitchen islands. Repurposing, replacing parts and the repainting of vintage and antique pieces has taken root.  I must admit I often cringe at the sight of antique pieces in the direct line of a can of chalk paint.  I have seen gorgeous (and I do mean gorgeous) reworkings and re-paintings of antiques, paling only in comparison to the highest end of high end furniture manufactures.   I’ve also seen plenty that left the one word impression on me of why?  I prefer to keep the overall integrity in place and in its original state, but as the taste of the buying public changes so does the need for and use of pieces.  Repurposing an antique farm or harvest table, armoire or buffet to be used as a kitchen island, desk, entertainment center or home bar is what’s in at the moment.  Dave the Builder and I stand ready and willing to accommodate the needs of our clients by replacing the original wood top or shelves with marble, granite or a durable wood for practical use purposes.  The result is another what works for you is what works in decorating piece ready for stylish duty in its new home.

antique-tables-as-kitchen-islandsTraditional Home

At first glance I did give pause to the placement of these sconces, especially the sconce on the far right and its close proximity to the wall. Paired balance is present, but unless the cabinet door is rarely used the constant swing issue of door meets sconce could be a design deal breaker for some.  Moral of the story?  What works for you is what works.

kitchen-gray-wallsTraditional Home

Let’s all gather ’round the grand piano~

Lalanne-sheep-Waldo-FernandezArchitectural Digest

Don’t be sheepishly shy with home decor choices.  The Places In The Home rule book clearly states the design and decorating principle that guides our simple philosophy- your house, your rules.  If you hear something I’m sure it is interior design icons, professors and the by-the-book believers crying out in a collective round of that’s not how it’s done. To that I say oh pooh!   The unexpected always kicks the look up a noticeable notch or two.  Conformity can be awfully boring.

I hold it, that a little rebellion, now and then, is a good thing...”

~ Thomas Jefferson

mix-match-dining-chairsHouse Beautiful

I advise making a mismatched statement in at least one space. Mismatched dining chairs instantly add the pop of personality factor to the don’t be like the rest of them, darling equation.


Talk about going for the brilliant and the bold with determination and palette penchant.  This beauty takes a giant step away from ho hum, jumping style first into entry envy territory in a very what works for you is what works way.

HBX030115_072 Benjamin Moore’s Twilight 

What works for you is what works in decorating.  Always.

Love your style!

Christmas Tree Wow and Wonder

Creative, unique, designer, traditional, non-traditional and color me impressed Christmas tree wow and wonder highlight the season of inspiration. The color palette is poised for magical artistry and inspired interpretation all year long, but the Holidays provide the opportunity to let our little Christmas tree light shine through Christmas tree wow and wonder!  I look forward to the annual reveal of the Claridge’s Hotel Christmas tree. Always a favorite and never disappointing, The Claridge’s Christmas tree, designed by Dolce & Gabana, is an Italian themed marvel.

Claridge's Christmas Tree

London calls again!  The ‘Red Velvet Tree of Love’  at the Victoria and Albert Museum greets guests in holiday color, texture and pageantry. The Christmas Tree wow and wonder for the Grand Entrance of the Museum is by artists Helen and Colin David.

V &A Christmas TreeVictoria and Albert Museum

Elegant simplicity is well represented in this ooh la la factor Parisian-inspired Christmas tree bathed in winter wonderland white, silver baubles, champagne ribbon and a straw hat topper.

Parisian Christmas treeStyle at Home

Fashionably fabulous at the Holidays!


Traditional by nature, stunning by design.

traditional Christmas treeTraditional Home

Branches in urns with fresh greens and bright whites- oh my!

winter white Christmas decorPinterest

Non-traditional Christmas colors capture the eye and the heart of holiday decorating through self-expression.

pink Christmas treeBetter Homes and Gardens

‘Tis the season of tinsel trees and Tiffany colors so gorgeously stated in Christmas chic by Valorie Hart.

Visual Vamp Breakfast at Tiffanys Christmas treeThe Visual Vamp

The more Christmas tree wow and wonder splendor there is to see, the more I am lead to create, decorate and spectate.  Inspiration of the holiday and stylish kind is everywhere!

love your style

Adventures In Decorating Rental Property

During a recent all in the family design consultation the question “how would mom decorate it?” was asked and answered.  The it I refer to is the  townhouse our son will soon call home.  He is on the move once again in the pursuit of higher education and stylish digs.  Thus begins our adventures in decorating rental property.  Our son has a clear and concise idea of what he wants on the education front, but questions his decorative decisions on the latter.


I’m considering printing up a couple of custom stickers that declare “My son and my money and my furniture, home furnishings, and home decor accessories go to LSU.”


It’s important when decorating rental property to be fully aware of the rules and limitations regarding changes to the existing decor, but to also keep a personal stamp of style in mind.

Color does just that. T

he color palette I’m suggesting consists of his all time favorite colors.  Not quite nautical in nature, but close enough to glean inspiration from.  It’s been established the living area and kitchen colors will remain as is for the following two reasons:

  •  A neutral color palette in a common area works to your advantage. Neutral colors are wildly popular because most everyone lives well with them. With that in mind, it’s a safe assumption a neutral color palette in shared areas will reduce the risk of conflicting tastes with the roommate. Your security deposit dollars and post graduation time schedule thank you in advance for your consideration.


  • Introduce color through accent pieces and home decor accessories.  It’s much easier to add and subtract on a smaller scale than to go big or repaint at this stage of the college housing game.

nautical color palette

The decorative emphasis is on the bedroom. The floor plan offers enough space and full walls for better furniture placement. Windows are great, but can wreak havoc with furniture placement. Thankfully, this will not present a problem.  Storage and a sufficient work area remain big considerations in the overall plan.

bedroom floor plan

Let me share with you a renter/lessee tip.  Before painting the interior or exterior of a property, obtain written permission from the landlord or property management firm.  With written permission from the property management firm giving the okay to paint firmly in place, we’ve reached a color compromise of sorts.


Sherwin-Williams Hyper Blue is the one color he is set on.

We both agree the 14′ X 13′ bedroom is better equipped to do Hyper Blue decorative justice as a focal point color.

Enter the accent wall.

red accent wallHBO

“I Heart NY” is one of my favorite Sex In The City episodes.  Moon river, a red accent wall, and the charismatic Chris Noth aka Mr. Big made a lasting impression on me.

That one red wall is captivating!

Other than my gush, our son has no point of reference.  Unfortunately, Dave the Builder does due to the years of overexposure to my obsession.  Dave suggested the above image for visual reference.  The decision has been made and we have a winner- a happy collegiate,  a bedroom stylishly furnished, and one Sherwin-Williams Hyper Blue accent wall.

Dave the Builder insists on making a custom upholstered headboard.  It’s a practical and affordable way to bring more color into the space and to create a striking look.  One sheet of plywood, a jigsaw, upholstery foam, batting, upholstery fabric, and a staple gun will get the DIY job done.

For the next two months one thing is for sure- college decorating days are here again.  This is a refresher course for me in the A,B,C’s of decorating rental property, an all in the family affair, and I’m loving every stylish minute of it!