Home Decor Finds Currently Catching The Eye

Spring packs a powerful and stylish punch with its April showers, May flowers and a stylish storm of home decor finds currently catching the eye.   I can’t say it enough,  inspiration is everywhere!  I can be as inspired by a discarded piece of treasure on the side of the road as I can be by a distinct shade of green running through the rind of a watermelon.  Funny thing about inspiration, you never know where and when it will come a-calling.


Turning the pages of Better Homes and Gardens will almost guarantee the reader an inspired idea or two.  Take the above  swoon worthy image.  Inspiration from this one image can go in many different directions-culinary, color, lighting, flooring, antiques, repurposing, tablescape and last but certainly not least, home decor.  See what I mean?  The china pattern and the vibrant shade of green grabbed my attention and set the wheels of seasonal home decor additions in motion. Before I knew it I was sourcing  kitchen tables and contemplating purchasing the table in the image below for a client and another for the Places In The Home kitchen.  Remember me telling you all about the current state of our kitchen dining table?  Perhaps the mention of a new dining room table may inspire Dave the Builder to relocate his plans, specs, and general stuff to a different and more appropriate location.



Wicker and rattan dining chairs continue to catch my eye.  Past being a trend and more of a taken the buying public by year round storm, the unpretentious allure of these chairs is based in the affordable price tag and ability to fit in with basically any interior design and decor style.




A new this or that update each season keeps the look fresh, new and “seasoned” to decor perfection.

home decor finds

There’s a trick to the host and hostess actually being able to be a part of the party and not being on constant party KP duty.  The rule of  KISS must apply- Keep it summer simple. Melamine plates rank high on the go-to, go well with list for summertime entertaining for that exact reason.  Mark these soft pastels with a pop of bright color, affordable and break and chip-resistant Melamine plates sold!  Besides, the only chips I want to contend with are the ones sitting next to the dip.  The Indian Summer cotton dinner napkins are just pretty.  Mother’s Day is only a couple of weeks away, and mothers tend to love pretty.  The Flea Market canvas print really caught my eye.  I deleted it three times, but kept going back to it.  It’s got a combination 1960’s attempt at mod, Pharrell because I’m happy thing going on.  Fun applies to home decor accents and accessories too. Happy is the theme, so I’ll run with it straight to JCPenney to pick up the Happy Chic Nina Geo lamp by Jonathan Adler.  The soft and pleasing color combination of mint and white is synonymous with fresh, and fresh is what we strive to accomplish when updating a look.  Here’s to happy, fun and pretty home decor finds.

Love your style!


Vennie Distressed Pine Antique White Dining Table  ||  Wicker and Rattan Dining Chairs here and here  ||Happy Chic by Jonathan Adler Nina Geo Lamp ||  Melamine Plates || Indian Summer Napkin  ||  Flea Market Floral Canvas Print

Design Show and Tell

A wonderful opportunity and prospective client may be in my future. It is crazy busy, crazy beautiful at Places In The Home, and I’m loving every minute of it- multitasker extraordinaire that I am. The world of interior design and home decor is a beautiful place to resource in.  With swatches, fan decks, caffeine  patience, eye drops, and Tylenol keeping me company,  the moodboards and mock-ups featuring dining room tables and chairs are under design and decor construction. Dave the Builder knows it serious when I break out my readers. Love the world wide web contacts and convenience, but  computer time wreaks havoc with my eyes!  Anywho, the original concept for this blog remains near and dear to my heart- a design show and tell.

dining room tables and chairs

Be steel my heart!  On trend for 2013 is the mix and match styles of dining room tables and chairs. I discovered the decorative and design impact of this one afternoon at Hopefully Classic, details here. This option may not fly with the client(s), but I’m considering  these metal dining chairs from Masins Furniture Classics Metal Collection.

Masins Furniture metal chair

I have a vintage china cabinet with double arch pediment in storage that is a candidate for an update in the style of this Thomas bookcase in dark grey with antique pearl grey inside from Blanc d’Ivoire.

gray bookcase

The beautiful thing about sourcing for potential projects is I never get bored with it,  regardless of the outcome.  Keep plugging, keep sourcing, keep stylish, and keep beautiful- the mix and match of life and design.  I’ll share more later of this design show and tell project.

Places In The Home For The Holidays: Dining Room Decorating Ideas

I like dining room decorating ideas that deliver year round, classic, and wow factor beauty. I believe these home decor accents and accessories will do exactly that.  The magnificent mix and match movement continues to gather decorative momentum, and why not?  It’s the sure cure for boring interiors. Ever wonder why a table setting set with mismatched flatware makes such a visual impression? Unique and unconventional styling, different styles and finishes paired together, and furniture placement never fails to catch the eye.


Lillian August Gatewick Host and Side Chair from Lillian August Gatewick Side Chair 


Hooker Furniture Sanctuary 4 Door Console from Wayfair

The ribbons, pears and pomegranates design of this early 19th Century Aubusson panel from art1 epitomize the grace of the French motif.

You can’t go wrong with gold-rimmed white dinner plates from Dollar Tree. Neutral, classic, elegant, and affordable- now that’s striking entertaining gold.

To keep the emphasis on elegant affordability, may I suggest the Hampton Forge Sophia 20 piece flatware set from Target (online only).


I view charger plates as the picture frame of the total place setting picture.



I like to use key decorative foundation pieces in neutral colors. It justifies the initial investment for quality pieces, and makes it easier to use those pieces from holiday to holiday.


 Beautifully shine a little light on your holiday celebration with the help of elegant and affordable table lamps in year round style.



Serving pieces are the jewelry of holiday dining tables, buffets, and sideboards. Add magnolia leaves and a fresh green garland and let the impressive holiday dining season begin.


One of the best parts of holiday decorating is decking out the dining room in the colors and decor of the season.

Love your style!

Dining Room Chair Fabric Considerations Part II

Today’s post finds us “re”visiting the dining room chair fabric considerations. If you missed the first part or need a refresher you can find it here. Locating an image to show the look I’m going for is not as easy as you would think. Fun, but not easy.

 I was thrilled to find the above image and couldn’t wait to share it. It’s truly a decorative inspiration, and does beautiful justice to show the color for the dining chairs as I see it in my mind’s eye.

While not the color I am going for, the above image shows the general idea of how I want the paint application to look. The distressed(aged) effect will definitely come into play, but to what amount I’m not sure. Not to worry, nailheads will be revisited. After careful reconsideration, I am leaning towards replacing the original nailheads with newer, smaller and more decorative ones. I hope by the time you finish reading this post it will not be too confusing.  Hang on friends, my train of thought is not that confusing nor is the dining room chair redo project.  That’s the beautiful thing about home decor projects- our colorful world will still exist if paint and fabric mistakes are made.

Choosing paint color is a breeze for me.  Choosing fabric is not, and this is the reason I’ve been known to have a Carrie Bradshaw moment. One of my favorite lines from Sex And The City is from the episode A “Vogue” Idea.  As Carrie enters the accessories closet at Vogue she sees before her several hundred items lining up to make her Vogue dreams come true. As she tries to absorb the moment, couture sensory overload takes over.  With beating heart and fashionista eyes wide open she exclaims, “Oh, my God! It’s too good! I’m sorry, but it’s… it’s too good!  This is too much! How can this be?”  Believe me, I get it!  I’ve stared at so many lovely and wonderful fabric samples over the last week that I now find my interior design and home decor eyes  in fabulous overload.  And may I just add that it is all so very good!

These samples have laid the groundwork for the fabric selection. Of course, the final selection will be based on how the color of the chairs comes out. One never knows what one will screw up.

We are driving up to North Louisiana next month on business.  I’ve  informed Dave the Builder a side trip to Fabulous Fabrics is now on the schedule.  I’m sure he is utterly thrilled, but I’m determined to leave no stone or fabric bolt unturned.  After all, shopping is the best part of the “re” process.


Love your style!







images via Providence Ltd. Design, This Ivy House, Wikia