Easter Week at Places In The Home

Spring blooms, seasonal snaps, and a heavy dose of Easter tradition ushers in Easter week at Places In The Home.  What’s hoppin’ around your house this Easter week?


Red and pink beauties are beginning to bloom offsetting the brown and greenish gray color holdovers from winter’s grip.

Easter week


From the I ♥ garden roses collection.  I’ll enjoy the arrangements for another day or two, and then use the petals for rose petal ice cubes.


My brother dropped by yesterday bearing gifts of gardenias.  The spring beautification process is a slowly but surely operation, but we’re getting there.


Dave the Builder’s latest pet project, the taming of the squirrel, is proving successful.


Maybe too successful.


This crazy thing perches itself on the main branch of the crepe myrtle tree right outside the kitchen window and peers through the window.  Evidently watching me washing dishes is wildly entertaining.  We are one wild and crazy crew, animals included.

I dug this photo of Dave, the Canadian snowbird and Cottontail the rabbit out of the Places In The Home archives.  If you think the photo quality is horrible in black and white, you should see the color version.  Mama Places In The Home snapped this circa 2005 pic with a throwaway camera.  Annie Leibovitz she is not.

Here’s the Reader’s Digest version of the bunny backstory:

Dave and I were checking out the newly planted flower beds late one spring afternoon.  I was in the color in bloom zone, laser focused on the budding design features detailing my mad lawn and garden skills.   Dave on the other hand was channeling his inner Dr. Doolittle with the just discovered addition to our flower garden menagerie.  Cottontail the baby rabbit hopped right up to Dave in are you my father fashion.  We brought him inside that evening and set him up in a toilet paper box direct from the discard bin at the local Kroger.  We lined the box with newspaper and grass clippings hoping to emulate a natural surrounding, and placed a water bowl and rabbit food over to one corner.  Cottontail was in high cotton for the evening.  The next morning it was back to the outdoors where he thrived and frolicked, nested in our yard and flower garden, adapted to the daily comings and goings of our schedules, and waited in the driveway each afternoon to greet Dave.  As mysteriously as he appeared he disappeared, leaving a hole in our hearts.  We got so attached to that silly rabbit, so much so that I cried for three days when he went away.  Dave stills tears up when he talks about that silly rabbit.


My Easter Eggstravaganza centerpiece is a build upon canvas.  Deconstructing the Mardi Gras King Cake centerpiece, it dawned on me that by adding to instead of taking away from the existing tulle a shimmering color rich nest effect would be created.


What nature does not provide, the Walmart-Michael’s-Hobby Lobby floral department will.  Faux flowers serve the purpose in certain decorating for the holiday situations, and when quality stems are selected the finished result can be faux fabulous.


The incredible, dyeable, edible egg.


Marbled Indigo  ||  Silk-Dyed Eggs  ||  Botanical Easter Eggs  ||  Natural-Dyed Easter Eggs


Fresh mint.

Fresh lemon.

Fresh orange.


Fresh parsley.

Fresh carrots.



Easter week sets spring into motion.  Another season, another wonderful reason for decorating, planting, entertaining, and gathering round dining and picnic tables of stylish tablescapes and delicious dishes with dear loved ones and great friends.  Dave and I hope your Easter week, weekend and Sunday is one of blessings, love, laughter, and making wonderful traditions and memories time spent with family and friends who are like family.

love your style

Lovely, Delicious and Holiday Spring Things

Busy holiday times rightfully take precedence over the keyboard this week. These lovely, delicious and holiday spring things on a Good Friday offer a glimpse into the Places In The Home Easter holiday celebration.

garlic roasted carrots

Garlic Roasted Carrots.  Our Easter dinner table staple.

malted coconut cake

Malted Coconut Cake from Country Living Magazine.


Malted Coconut Cake for Easter from the Places In The Home test kitchen.

decorative cabbage

Artificial cabbage head decorations will become place card holders.


Seersucker napkins from Food52 make a seasonal debut into the spring tablescape rotation.


A Shepherdess Watering Her Flock by Luigi Chialiva (1842-1914)  {{PD-US}}  is a favorite painting and a favorite subject.

lamb statue

Gold-rimmed china, crystal and blooming wisteria for optimum serving, color and fragrance wow factor.  The entire dining room is filled with the sweet aroma of wisteria. The fragrance notes should settle to a light floral scent for Sunday’s Easter dinner setting.

lovely, delicious and holiday spring things

Dave the Builder and I hope you and yours enjoy this lovely, delicious and holiday spring things Easter weekend.

Love your style!

Set The Tone and The Table: Easter Tablescape Ideas Part 2

I dig a good word within a word moment.  Take the word tablescape for example. The word escape is within the word tablescape, and that discovery became the subject of the blog post, Seasonal Update: Turn Your Tablescape Into A Table Escape.  When we tablescape we escape through creativity, and right in the middle of the word creativity is the word that is the reason for tablescaping in the first place- eat.  Now that I think about it, when we tablescape we decorate, and the last three letters in decorate spell ate.  I’m on a roll.  Coming back around to the subject of wrapping up the Set The Tone and The Table: Easter Tablescape Ideas Part 2 series, here are several ideas to get you started:


You can’t go wrong with these cut-glass coolers from Dollar Tree.   The look is vintage, the material is quality, and the price is right.  Shore blue dinner plates perfectly pair with Easter, spring and summer tablescapes.


Kate Lake Shore Blue Stoneware Dinner Plate

One dozen decorative speckled eggs can be used in many ways past an Easter tablescape.

speckled-eggsSpeckled eggs

Carved. Distressed. Creamy white. Charger.  Enough said.


 Carved white charger 

White herringbone dish towels with a singular green stripe put a spin of pastel on the dinner napkin situation. Not too thick, not too thin, completely washable and reusable.

dish towels

White cotton Herringbone dish towels 

Grosgrain knots and bows adds the finishing touch.


Grosgrain ribbon

French rabbit printables from The Graphics Fairy used as place cards will deliver the ooh la la factor in vintage elegance.

Natural-History-Rabbit-GraphicsFairy21Vintage rabbit printable

A natural angel vine bird nest placed in the center of each dinner plate will lend a lovely look for spring renewal.


Willow baskets lined with decorative plastic grass and finished with a fresh herb plant make an aromatic addition to an Easter tablescape and an even nicer parting gift for guests.

willow-basketsWillow baskets

Sideboards need decorative love too.  A rolling rabbits statue as a sideboard centerpiece draws the eye and carries out the theme.

rolling cabbage rabbits statue

 Garden rabbits rolling cabbage statue

I prefer fresh flowers, but when Mother Nature or the local grocery store floral department and I are not in fresh flower sync with each other I’ve been known to go this route.  I keep a few artificial flowers on hand for decorating wrapped gifts and cupcakes.  A pastry piping Picasso I am not, and I’m not too proud to accept a helping hand in the decorating and adorning department, even if it’s only artificial flowers from the dollar store.  Simply give the flowers a gentle wash and dry, cut down the stems to desired length and place them atop your favorite cake.  You will be surprised at how nice a spring flower cake actually looks.

faux spring flowers

Love your style!

Easter Beauty

“Easter spells out beauty, the rare beauty of new life.”  

S.D. Gordon

ocean waves crashing

Images that inspire me through color, peaceful reflection and tradition capture and edify the essence of Easter beauty.

building facade

decorative picture frames

french chair


Albert Hadley

spools of yarn



Easter eggs

antique door knob

“April hath put a spirit of youth in everything”

William Shakespeare


Easter beauty

Have a lovely Easter weekend!

Love your style!





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