Icons of Individuality

Did you know Elvis and David Bowie share the same birthday?  I find this information strangely fascinating in light of recent events.  On more than one occasion David Bowie’s musical masterpiece “Changes” has played over and over in my mind as I make ch-ch-changes to a design and decor space oddity.  Shocked and saddened by the news of David Bowie’s untimely passing, I began a session of connect the dots to the similarities and commonalities between these two icons of individuality.  There is no mistaking the contribution these larger than pop life figures made to the world of music, fashion and design.  The art of reinvention is the cornerstone of relevance, and Elvis Presley and David Bowie mastered the art form in a style all their own.

Icons of Individuality

The King’s kitsch jumpsuited his flamboyant taste to a tee, while David Bowie’s penchant for brilliantly navigating the waters of fearless originality placed his persona in a time capsule of out of this world self expression.  Individual style and taste is often influenced by the nouns of notion- the people, places and things we come into contact with that make a thunderbolt impression upon us.  Sensory experiences inspire the brushes we use to paint the canvas of our life.


Elvis and David Bowie prove moxie mixed with just the right amount of nonconformity produces heroes and icons of individuality for so much more than just one day.

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Look to the “stars” for inspiration as you master the art of individual design and decorating style.

Love your style!

What’s Your Interior Design Style?

The interior design and decor from tastemakers Jason Oliver Nixon and John Loecke captures the essence of personal style.  I like the designs of this dynamic duo, and recently discovered I really like the way they think. The defining and profound statement responsible for this conclusion and recently read on their blog, Demystifying Design, speaks volumes.

“Life is so short, so why not make a big impact…”

What’s your personal interior design style?  Are you a trend setter, a practicing tastemaker?

Is your design style best defined as a time honored traditionalist?


Does the high style from the low country guide your tastes as they translate from outdoor rustic to indoor beauty?


Do your interior design tastes lean more toward the bohemian?

Magnolia Pearl



Sutro Architects

Rebel with a color my world cause?

Traditional Home

Do you describe yourself as an eclectic embracer?

jj locations

Perhaps you are a decorista who dances to the beat of a different but very decorative drum?

Traditional Home

One who adores a little shabby with the très chic?


When home decor ideas are flowing but the home decor budget is not, do you take no for an answer or prove imagination knows no boundaries?

Carl Kleiner via Mary McDonald

Are you influenced by chic and stylish accents, accessories, and home decor, but in the end design and decorate to impress and inspire your tastes?

The Style Saloniste

Do your decor choices take a stand against the cookie-cutter effect of interior decorating,  firmly debunking  the myth that you are a complete and utter failure in life if your decor doesn’t look like every other space on that blog, this magazine, or this home makeover show?

Pottery Barn

Are you of the school of thought that the first rule of interior design and decor is that there are no rules?

“The first rule of decoration is that you can break almost all the other rules.”

-Billy Baldwin

Don’t you love questions that have no wrong answers?  Individual style is one of the most crucial components of interior design and decorating. There is no question that staying true to your tastes, decorating your home with that in mind, and making no apologies whatsoever for those unique choices is always the rule.