Warming Up The Place For The Season

Home decor treasures that reflect our interests and individuality celebrates personal style.  I appreciate all styles and tastes in the realm of home design and decor, but I marvel when it is a reflection from the mirror of the lives lived within.  I like putting things here and there that unmistakably show my personality- the treasures, trinkets and trash. Treasures, Trinkets and Trash was the name of my grandmother’s antiques shop, and a term I use quite often. Great term!  One of the best parts of September is updating and displaying  fall home decor accessories.

A mid-afternoon editing session spent rotating out spring and summer accessories welcomed in fall and a walk down memory lane.  Accessorizing for fall is a great way to warm up a space.  I always like to “promote from within” by swapping things around and staging areas with items I currently own.

The pair of blue Dalmatians are a part of our family.  I purchased the pair from a small antique shop in Knoxville, Tennessee years ago. I love them almost as much as I love Tennessee.   What’s better than two pieces of blue and white porcelain?  Three pieces, of course!  Enter the Blue Danube pitcher.

Antique books make a stately decor statement.  I picked up Cimarron and Madame Bovary at an antiques auction.  Like many items purchased over the years at auction, the books never made it to the shop.  My maternal grandmother surprised me one birthday with a 1936 first edition;second printing  hardcover version of Gone With The Wind.   It is a treasure for sure.

My dear neighbor friend knows how I love frogs.  He picked this bronze beauty out at market in Dallas especially for me to add to my collection.  Acorns,pine cones, turning leaves, berries and one lone cotton stem capture the look of fall in Louisiana.

The music box is a cherished Christmas gift from my son.   In one of the images above you can see the antique sterling silver rattle my grandmother gave our son when he was born.  I’ve never grouped the two together until today.  As I grouped them together,  I wondered why I never made the connection before.  That’s the great advantage to editing from within our homes-everything old has the decoratively ability to become new again with a little imagination and styling. 

Is this not a sad face only a frog lover could love?

Seasonal colors and textures weaved throughout a space is a simple way to transition decor from season to season.  A coffee table styled and accessorized with mementos,  a cozy vignette, or a plush throw draped over a fireside chair will easily introduce the look and feel of the season to a space.


The Season Finale: The Fall Tablescape

My fall checklist is winding down.  The mantel is all gussied up, crotons and pumpkins line the front entryway, and cinnamon filled recipes have been prepared and joyfully consumed.  That “leaves” one decorative detail left to address. Last on my fall to-do list but certainly not least is thefall tablescape.  I decided to reflect the simple, natural, and casual feel of fall throughout the tablescape.   See what you think.

fall tablescape

Don’t you think a cloche instantly adds elegance to its surroundings?

Two years ago I found this creamer at T.J. Maxx and had to have it.  It has such a presence sitting pretty in the candy dish which belonged to my great grandmother.

antique dish

I find I am loving and using burlap in many of my decorative undertakings. Burlap is inexpensive, natural, and an easy material to work with.  A couple of months ago I made throw pillows using  burlap sandbags from Tractor Supply. The form of the sandbag caught my eye and I filed the “eyedea” away in my mental Rolodex.  The affordable bags ($1 each) are perfect for making pillows!  The bottom and sides come sewn together with the top left open for filling.  The more I thought about it, the more I knew the bags would be perfect for another project I had in mind.  I was in full fall tablescape planning mode when burlap genius struck.

Nice burlap sandbag placemats, don’t you think?   I really like this low cost/high impact idea.

burlap placemats

I utilized the top ties for securing the place cards.  Inspiration struck once again as I found the decorative feathers from Hobby Lobby.  I placed the feathers through the loop and tucked the ends into the side of the sandbag. Dave the Builder tipped the pine cone with copper spray paint to give it the all important fall pop of color.

fall colors

The essence of fall~ the pumpkin & the pine cone.

tablescape fall

The distinctive colors of the Staffordshire inspired Greyhound statues blend well with the deep, rich colors of the furniture and accessories.

Staffordshire dogs

A decorative urn makes the perfect base for a pretty pumpkin centerpiece. Various types of squash, ornamental dried bundles, taper and flameless candles complete the center display.

fall home decor

I include both a cloth and a paper napkin in my tablescapes.  It never fails that someone will ask me for the opposite of what napkin I originally set, so I am tablescape proactive.  It cuts down on the up/down time. The backstory on the deal of the year salad plates is here.

fall tablescapes

The table is set for fall to be celebrated with family and friends. I hope it meets with approval.

“Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn.”

~Elizabeth Lawrence