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Paging Friday, March 20th: First Day of Spring 2015

Paging Friday, March 20th.  I don’t believe I’m going out on a limb here when I say most of us are more than ready for the first day of spring 2015 to make an appearance in weather reports, gardens, flower beds and home decor accessories. Gloomy days and frozen nights of late make a very good argument for the hurried anticipation of spring’s arrival.  North, south, east and west- it’s time for spring to get to springing. I’m for less of this…


and much, much more of this.  Blooming trees, color on parade flowers and budding plants, warm temps, sunny afternoons and swing time works for me!

First Day of Spring

Have you ever seen the movie Waking Up in Reno?


This silly rednecks on a road trip resonates with our crowd in a we know people exactly like that kind of way.  One particular dialogue exchange between Billy Bob Thornton (as Lonnie Earl Dodd) and Patrick Swayze (as Roy Kirkendall) in regards to the customized Chevrolet Suburban they would be traveling in hilariously hit home.

Lonnie Earl: Nothing’s too good for my friends.  We’re gonna be ridin’ and stylin’ and profilin’.

Roy: It smells loud.

Lonnie Earl: That’s probably that Corinthian  leather, is what that is.”

My uncle, a Southern gentleman of few words and good taste, was in the carpet and flooring business for years before embarking on his career as the cinnamon bun king of central Florida.  Loud was his word of choice when describing busy colors, bold fabrics and pungent foods.




The MacKenzie-Childs Flower Market Outdoor Butterfly Chair is exactly that, loud. Subdued in its statement it’s not, but then again, neither is the beauty of spring. This chair captures the iconic look of the brand with the perfect amount of funky fun, live out loud color flair, and unique interpretation.


Speaking of loud, the buzz of the bee is the sound of nature at work. The bee makes spring things happen in the great outdoors as well as indoors with a gorgeous result.

bee-finialQueen Bee Finials

wallace-Napoleon-Bee-FlatwareWallace Napoleon Bee Flatware

Thibaut and Sunbrella bring classic style and outdoor durability to spring 2015 with the Portico collection.

Thibaut-Sunbrella-fabricsPortico ~ Thibaut

The Portico collection offers fabric selections in a gallery of vibrant colors and patterns synonymous with patio, deck, porch, courtyard and sunroom fun in the sun and shade style.

spring-flowers-purple1            Midwest Living ~ Architectural Digest

LilacLilacs ~ courtesy of Better Homes and Garden

We’ve got less than a month to go.  Hold on, the loud and lovely spring band will soon be Marching in.

Love your style!

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Sharing Spring In Full Bloom Splendor

Gorgeous is as gorgeous grows!  The wonder of nature is all around us sharing spring in full bloom splendor.


I love the Alice Walker quote from The Color Purple, “I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don’t notice it. People think pleasing God is all God cares about. But any fool living in the world can see it always trying to please us back.”

Dallas-Arboretum-Botanical-GardenDallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden

spring-bouquetBetter Homes and Gardens

Classic blue and white by nature’s design carries through to our beautiful indoors.

blue-and-white-porcelainTraditional Home

8 Biggest Mistakes You Make With Fresh Cut Flowers from Good Housekeeping

Good Housekeeping

 Pink dogwood trees in full bloom splendor are a fixture here in the South, the calling card of spring.


Lovely lantana.  Just add spring.

LantanaBetter Homes and Gardens

Happy Easter week!

Love your style!

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Good Things and Warm Temps: Spring Is In Sight

Our local weatherman just made my day with the forecast that pays- sunny with an expected high of 78 degrees. Can I get a spring is in sight! The first day of spring didn’t necessarily bring spring like weather to some, but let’s look at the iced tea, water and lemonade glass half full.  Good things and warm temps will come to those who patiently bundle up this week.

beverage stationWedding Chicks– Photographer: Fondly Forever Photography

Now that the weatherman and the calendar have established that spring is in sight, one’s thoughts naturally turn to spring break vacation, daycation and backyardcation destination ideas.  There’s places to go, people to see and parties to plan.  I received an email from our friends at Pinterest inviting me to create a place board of my ideal dawn to dusk daycation.  Any guesses where we’re going?

Beach Blanket Bingovia

Times have definitely changed and styles have evolved, but fun in the sun with our SPF50+ on is still highly recommended.

designer swimming poolvia

What colors do you see in your spring into summer color palette future?

tropical entry

This season’s color crush is brought to you by Sherwin- Williams Aloe and Sherwin-Williams Bunglehouse Gray.  I love any excuse to contemplate and coordinate bedding with spring and summer colors and textures.

coastal paint colors

The Barbara Barry Poetical Celadon Collection is about as let’s spring and summer update inspiring as it gorgeously gets. If the color blue had a scent Pure Grace by Philosophy is it.  The fresh and light scent makes a nice linen spray, and it’s my summer in a bottle scent suggestion.

pure grace fragrance

An acquaintance of ours has recently purchased a beach property in need of a decorative update or two.  Too many miles between us and certain time constraints makes this project a prime candidate for my edecorating services. I’ve been perusing shops and sites for furnishings and accessories that say beach chic.  I’ll share the design board with you all soon. Your comments are always welcome!

love your style

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Spring Cleaning Ideas

I am so ready for next week’s arrival of the first day of spring.  Aren’t you? Winter 2014 is one for the record books, and although I got a kick out of the snow here in the deep South, I’m ready to move on.  I know some of you are wondering if Old Man Winter will ever release his grip on these crazy weather patterns.  In the immortal words of Journey, “Don’t Stop Believing.”  Spring is on the way, and that means spring cleaning ideas.

So true on me for every Sat & Sun of Spring & Summer...I'm usually covered head to toe in dirt too, just ask my neighbors.  I know sunshine & dirt always help me feel better! I highly recomend it or hire a gardener and just sit in the sun!

Dirt belongs in planters and gardens, not in the tub, sink or on countertops. Spring is the time of year when the call to clean is sounded.  Are you ready to get your spring clean fling on?  My spring cleaning philosophy is simple- into the best styled spaces a little dirt and clutter will fall.  The life lived within our homes can get messy and cluttered.  Cut through the clutter and show off your mad organizational skills with drawer organizers and closet racks.  The selections range from get the job done efficiency to I spy a DIY project.  Seize the spring cleaning moment and turn those closets and drawers into magazine feature quality works of art.

designer closet

Moving on to the dirt busting side of things, let’s put spring cleaning into two categories (like a big pill- it’s easier to swallow).  Scrub a dub dub kind of spring cleaning gets the job done with simple solutions.  Let’s freshen up and color up spring cleaning gets the job done by updating and coordinating home decor to the corresponding season.  There’s a gazillion helpful hints, ideas and tips out there.  Here’s a couple of dollar store solutions I spring clean by.


tile cleaner


Shower, Tub & Tile

On your next dollar store run pick up these “clean” cleaning essentials: a spray bottle, soft scrub brush, pot and pan brush, soap-dispensing scrub sponge, a couple of toothbrushes, wire basket, shower hook, Dawn dishwashing liquid and vinegar. Clip the shower hook on the shower side of the rod and hang the wire basket from it.  The wire basket will now be known as supply house central.  It will hold the cleaning supplies but it won’t hold water.  Fill the soap-dispensing scrub sponge with equal parts Dawn dishwashing soap and vinegar. The Dawn cuts through oily residues, the vinegar deodorizes, and you can simply wipe down the walls each time you shower.  Mix up another batch and pour in the spray bottle for cleaning the fixtures, shower head, bathtub and grout lines.  Use the pot and pan brush as a tub brush, the soft scrub brush for fixtures and the toothbrushes for the shower head and grout lines.


Dryer Vents Need Cleaning Love, Too!

This spring cleaning reminder applies to spring, summer, fall and winter.  Clean the dryer vent after each drying cycle. Why?  Because lint builds up in the dryer vent and reduces the air flow to the dryer.  Signs of lint build-up issues include:

  • Clothes not dry after normal run time (one cycle).
  • Clothes are excessively hot upon removal from dryer.
  • Noticing heat and humidity in the laundry room when dryer is running.  Dryer vent could be disconnected or improperly performing.
  • Debris collecting around the dryer vent opening on the outside of your home.  Make sure to include a check of your outside dryer vent.

Removing lint build-up after each cycle helps to reduce the risk of fire hazard. Take it spring cleaning further by vacuuming around and behind the dryer to further remove lint that has built up during the winter months.  You will also notice how much faster the clothes will dry when the dryer remains lint free.  It’s better to err on the side of caution when it comes to any appliance. Also, never leave home with the dryer running or while sleeping.

What Does and Does Not Belong In The Dishwasher

The wonderful What Does and Does Not Belong in the Dishwasher detectives at POPSUGAR break it down for us.  Click on the image to get the dishwasher dos and don’ts.


Spring Cleaning Sachet, Sashay!

Two tips in this department.  Place scented dryer sheets in drawers, stored luggage and the  linen closet for an effective and economical sachet.  While I’m on the subject on fresh scents, here’s a bonus tip for a vacuum cleaner bag sachet, sort of an around the house aromatherapy. Add a generous scoop of dried lavender to the vacuum cleaner bag for a touch of spring in the air.

dried lavendervia

 I Went In For A Blouse and I Came Out With Home Decor

We’ve come to the let’s freshen up and color up spring cleaning portion of this blog post.  I strongly recommend cleaning out the winter blues and ushering in crisp and clean neutrals and pastels. Welcome mats, decorative storage baskets, linens, throw pillows- easy items on the eye, decor and wallet.  Speaking of affordable, have you checked out the home decor department at H&M?  I have, and it is a bookmarked go-to for stylishly affordable home decor.  These spring cleaning and organizing items in my shopping cart list will fit perfectly with the spring clean fling ideas I have in mind.

spring-home-decor-ideasH & M

 We are in the presence of the first day of spring.  I think I’ll put out the welcome mat, spread some color love around the house and enjoy spring’s much anticipated arrival.  Oh yes, and clean.

love your style

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On This First Day Of Spring 2013

It’s here! Today marks the long awaited first day of Spring 2013. I am welcoming the season with a raised glass of sweet tea, a luscious new hanging fern for the front porch, and the A/C set to comfortable. Spring doesn’t stay around very long in Louisiana, but while it is here it is made to feel right at home.

outdoor kitchen diningvia

Think happy thoughts- 3 words that come together to plant the seed of a smile and a positive outlook.

think happy thoughtsvia

Color wakes up exteriors, interiors, landscapes, and home decor accessories. I am really loving this living area. It is comfortable, color rich, and has great lighting- both natural and recessed.

Diane Burgoyne Interiorsvia

Fresh fruits and vegetables are coming from a farm to a market to a table in seasonal freshness and goodness. What is on your list?

fresh berriesvia

Neutral color palettes need not be color deficient, especially in one with natural light, open doors, and crisp white curtains.  Throw pillows easily infuse seasonal color, pattern, and texture into the space.

neutral color palettevia

The Natural World dessert plates from Anthropologie seem to call out spring  is now being served with a side of whimsy in favorite spring colors and an English garden party vintage vibe.

dessert plates

There’s a whole lot of spring going on in this kitchen!

traditional kitchenvia

Never miss an opportunity to color your world every chance you get.

The Lovejoy Approachvia

A pop of spring bouquet-inspired color palettes  from PopSugar suggest romance is in the air and soft colors should be on our walls, ceilings, furniture finds, etc…

spring paint palettesClockwise from the top: Rich Pink, Whipped Cream, Ambrosia Afternoon, Fresh Green

The Places In The Home welcome mat is out on this first day of spring 2013 welcoming the beauty, color, freshness, and light of spring 2013.


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Spring Home Decor Ideas

Color, texture, edits and updates usher in spring and spring home decor ideas. The colors of spring take winter’s edge off our interiors and fashions- the mirror images of style.  Pantone’s  fashion color report for spring 2013 colorfully illustrates that  exact point.


Pantone spring 2013 colorsvia

Home decor items in decorative and colorful choices spring up everywhere this time of year. Regardless if your seasonal update involves a major weekend color infusion paint party throwdown or a more subtle approach of the decorative throw pillow, lampshade, and decorative accent kind, inspirational and affordable ideas abound.

pink bedroomvia

That’s a moiré wallcovering! Designer Jamie Drake selects a silk moiré wallcovering that not only exemplifies optimum pattern and color choice, but highlights the accessories in the always spring appropriate fuchsia. I like how the balance between feminine and masculine in this bedroom tips the scale toward perfection.

fuchsia bedroomvia

Hydrangeas in full bloom housed in a porcelain pitcher or galvanized metal bucket never fail to take my thoughts back in time to Saturdays spent at my grandmother’s antique shop.

spring flowers in farmhouse sinkvia

A bouquet of hydrangeas sitting atop an oak server, walnut dining table, or mahogany parlor table brings out the natural beauty of the flower and the furniture.

pink wing chairvia

How spring does love the classic and timeless color combination of pink and green!

Nick Olsen Lee Jofa designer roomvia

The Featured Designer room at Lee Jofa in New York City features the color inspired brilliance of Nick Olsen. The  Cheshire Tight Back chair is upholstered in Lee Jofa Ayla Trellis in fuchsia red. Bold colors in big doses too much  for your tastes?  My advice for that is to practice the ABC’s of impact- Adjust Big Color.  A seasonal splash of color through spot accessories can achieve just as big of an impact as color drenching the entire space.  Big and colorful things do come in small packages.

Let’s Go Shopping For Spring Things~

decorative throw pillows


1.  Morrocan 18-inch Embroidered Blue Decorative Pillows (Set of 2) ~ Overstock: $58.99

2.  Trina Turk Needlepoint Shanghai Links~ Layla Grayce: $58

3.  Grand Estate Pillow ~ Kirkland’s: $14.99

4.  The Room Essentials 2-Piece Outdoor Decorative Throw Pillow Collection~ Target: $19.98

5.  Greek Key Orange Reversible Square Decorative Pillows (Set of 2) ~ Overstock: $31.49

6.  Azzure Gold Square Throw Pillow ~ Overstock: $28.09

Look what was spotted on Home Goods Facebook page last week. I am soooo jealous of those of you who have a HomeGoods in your town!  I’ll be HomeGoods happy when and if  we ever get one.

spring home decor

Welcome spring, friends, and family with color!

decorative door mats

From  left to right~

Pink Spring Floral Doormat from World Market: $16.99

Life’s a Beach Doormat from Overstock: $33.49

Pink Poppies Doormat from World Market: $16.99

Spring Blocks Coir Doormat from Overstock: $33.49

Beautiful Sunflower Doormat from Overstock: $27.49


How do you welcome spring into your home decor?



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Nutmeg and Black Pepper Popovers

I want to share this recipe with you all even though I have not personally prepared it…yet.  We had dinner at a friend’s house a couple of weeks ago, and to my surprise the “house chef” prepared Nutmeg and Black Pepper Popovers. I’ve raved about trying this recipe after seeing it in the December issue of Bon Appétit . Oh-my-goodness- do these popovers please!  The search for the perfect popover pan is officially on. I am currently working on  a wonderful soup recipe, and these will make a great addition to the meal. Soup knows no season in at Places In The Home, but warmer weather and the very first signs of spring turn a cook’s mind to salads and lighter fare.  That’s the good and tasty thing about these popovers- they will complement  any dish in any season.

Photo: Ditte Isager

Nutmeg and Black Pepper Popovers


2 cups all-purpose flour

2 Tablespoons finely chopped flat-leaf parsley

1 Tablespoon kosher salt

1 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper

1 teaspoon freshly grated nutmeg

3 large eggs

2½ cups whole milk

3 Tablespoons melted unsalted butter



Whisk 2 cups all-purpose flour, 2 tablespoons finely chopped flat-leaf parsley, 1 tablespoon kosher salt, 1 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper, and 1 teaspoon freshly grated nutmeg in a medium bowl. Whisk 3 large eggs and 2 1/2 cups whole milk in a large bowl until well blended. Gently whisk in flour mixture, followed by 3 tablespoons melted unsalted butter (do not overmix). DO AHEAD: Batter can be made 1 day ahead. Cover and chill.

Preheat oven to 425°. Melt 2 tablespoons unsalted butter; grease 12 standard muffin cups with 1/2 teaspoons melted butter each. Pour batter into prepared muffin tins, filling cups three-quarters full and dividing equally. Bake popovers until puffed, golden brown, and crispy around edges, 30-35 minutes. Using a thin knife or an offset spatula, remove popovers from pan. Serve immediately.

~Bon Appétit




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The Vase Is Half Full: Winter and Spring Flowers

Last week during the torrential rain storms here in Louisiana I noticed a pale yellow film standing on the tops of water puddles in the driveway. Enter the time of year when the cold for Louisiana temperatures rise signaling a call to bloom to both winter and spring flowers.


With what appears to be the first signs of an early spring comes a mixed fertilizer bag of jubilation and dread. Into every flower bed and decorative garden planter a little dusting of bright yellow must fall.  It’s the annual trade-off  we must endure in order to bring forth the colors and blooms of the season.


Pollen is the necessary ingredient (evil) in nature’s bud and bloom recipe.  I could live without the yellow calling card it leaves everywhere during the creative process, but the plants could not.  With that being said, I focus on the lovely end result of nature’s process and the beauty it creates spring after spring.


In the spirit of winter and spring colors, today’s positive attitude is brought to you by the glass vase is half full with water and totally full of gorgeous camellias and azaleas.

camellia in vase

Camellias infuse color and a spring preview into what winter we do have in Louisiana.  Even though winter is still with us,  spring is already waving a color packed hello. I’m beginning to gather ideas for my Easter tablescape and dinner presentation, and this one is being added to the must make list!

Floral ice cubes

Floral ice cubes make a pretty presentation, don’t you think?  This spring fling party in a glass floral presentation looks relatively simple to achieve. From the May 2011 issue of  Martha Stewart Living:

To suspend flowers in the cubes, work in layers: Fill an ice tray (one that makes large cubes so the ice will last longer) a quarter of the way with water, add flowers facing down, and freeze. Add more water to fill halfway, and freeze. Fill to the top, and freeze again.

For ice that’s especially clear, use distilled water that has been boiled and then cooled. This limits impurities and air bubbles, which make ice cloudy.

Use only edible flowers, such as orchids, nasturtiums, pansies, and snapdragons, that have been grown to be eaten (to ensure they haven’t been treated with chemicals).

sleeping cat

Nice winter driveway look we’ve got going on at Places In The Home. Tidying it up is on Dave the Builder’s going to get to it list now that the rain has stopped and the temps are mild.  The lazy days are in season all year round for Fatty Cat. And so it goes…



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Easter Beauty

“Easter spells out beauty, the rare beauty of new life.”  ~S.D. Gordon

ocean waves crashing

Images that inspire me through color, peaceful reflection and tradition capture and edify the essence of Easter beauty.

building facade

decorative picture frames

french chair


Albert Hadley

spools of yarn



Easter eggs

antique door knob

“April hath put a spirit of youth in everything”.—William Shakespeare


Easter beauty

Have a lovely Easter weekend!

 images via A Good Thing Happened, Tassels,  Hispanically Ever After, Good Things are Wild and Free, Eastern Breezes, The Looking Lense, Richardson Farms, Apartment Therapy, Wohnidee, Kymberly Janisch, Out Came the Sun, Artisans of Leisure Traveler

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The Seasonal Influence of Color Awakenings Through Spring, Space and Color Palette Choices

The seasonal influence of color awakenings through spring and space are upon us.  Warm mid-afternoon breezes,  hints of pastel petals, the yellow dusting of pollen (you want pretty flowers, don’t you?),  the hum of lawn mowers and thoughts of strawberry pie. Spring offers wonderful inspiration for making color palette choices.

spring flowersvia

The colors of the season shake off the last of winter’s remnants. Granted it was not much of a winter here in Louisiana, but enough of one to make me appreciate the fact it is almost a memory.

spring color palette choicesvia

Spring moves the clock forward, seems to think it is the perfect time for us to clean, and wakes up the color all around us. You know how I love my world to be colored!


An easy and affordable way to make a colorful impact on your surroundings is through exterior and interior paint, accents and accessories.  Throw pillows are a guaranteed burst of new color energy with maximum results for minimal money.  Who doesn’t like that?

decorative throw pillowsvia  

Wallpaper has the power to quickly transform a space by infusing color, pattern and texture. Using wallpaper or fabric as the wallcovering on only one wall can automatically pack a space with immediate focal point potential. There will always be the question of wallpaper vs. paint.  In certain situations, coupled with certain tastes, here’s where I stand on the matter…why not both?  Decorative harmony is a beautiful and colorful thing!

clarissa hulce wallpapervia 


A gorgeous wallpaper pattern in equally gorgeous spring colors~ Masquerade from the Gazebo collection by Thibaut.

Thibaut wallpaper

“Only those who love color are admitted to its beauty and immanent presence. It affords utility to all, but unveils its deeper mysteries only to its devotees.”

Johannes Itten


Subtle in nature and brilliant in execution, white does indeed make a strong and complementing canvas for the space to show its true colors.


The different shades and tones of gray in the distressed headboard, chandelier patina and wallpaper all come together as the foundation to build upon. Gray is no longer associated with lifeless, sterile and unimaginative interiors. I really am embracing it more and more as an accessory color. The more I study this image and the influence gray has on bringing out the pinks, the more I am fascinated by the result.



Color wakes up a space in the same manner that spring wakes up color from its winter hibernation. As shown above, furnishings and accessories are the means in which color is portrayed as the star of the space.  Balance is perfectly achieved between the neutral walls, rug and curtains and the strategic points of color. Color breathes life into the space to freshen and renew the look.


How do you color your world?


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