Happy Thanksgiving My Dear Friends

Happy Thanksgiving my dear friends.  I count your friendship, loyal support and continued readership among the things I am grateful for.


Family will gather together here at Places In The Home to enjoy each other’s company, a Thanksgiving dinner with all the traditional trimmings guaranteed to please, and the Southern comforts of home we’ve come to love and appreciate.


May love of family and friends, health, the comforts of home, appreciation of beauty, and wealth in all of these richly touch and bless your life each and every day.


Happy Thanksgiving!

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Do You Know What Your Thanksgiving Tabletop and Decorating Plan Is?  

It’s the 1st of November.  Do you know what your Thanksgiving tabletop and decorating plan is?  Inspiration is everywhere, and we thrive on it  here at Places In The Home.  Let me share with you a few of the Thanksgiving tabletop and decorating suggestions and finds in seasonal color, texture and pattern to set the holiday tone and the Thanksgiving table with the look of the season.


Birds of gorgeous feather colors flock together among 6′ baby tear and frosted eucalyptus garlands from Hobby Lobby.  Duck hunting in the Sportsman’s Paradise goes with the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, and this new to me find sets the scene- one very well known to the men of the Places In The Home family.


Fall clearance sales are underway much to the delight of the tablescape maven.  May I also suggest checking out dollar, craft, hobby, and fabric  stores for candles, candle holders, decor, chargers, etc…  Dollar stores are inexpensive to begin with, so there’s that.  The upside to Christmas and holiday items being stocked and displayed on a store shelf near you earlier and earlier each year is the deep discounts on fall and harvest themed items shoppers see sooner and sooner in the season.  The cream craft pumpkin from Lowe’s is 50% off, and the Ashland Finial Vase from Michael’s is on clearance.  Both are calling my name.

thanksgiving tabletop

Frosted Eucalyptus Garland  ||  Cracked-Look Candle Holders  ||  Cream Craft Pumpkin  ||  Grace Dinner Plate  ||  Antique Crown-Embossed Compote  ||  Autumn by Lenox  ||  Vintage Soup Tureen  ||  Ironstone Pitcher  ||  Transferware Vegetable Dish  ||  Copper Bowl  ||  Ashland Finials  ||  Quail Figurine

Thanksgiving Tabletop and Decorating

After creating the gallery I remembered Dollar Tree stocks a white stoneware dinner plate with gold rim.  You can’t go wrong with a set of  white dinner plates with gold or platinum rims.  A simple yet elegant white dinner plate makes a strong argument for the perfect foundation plate, and complements almost every china pattern known to man.


My style preference leans traditional.  Classic tableware and vintage linens set most of my holiday tablescapes and Thanksgiving tabletop, but I do like to gift the eye a decorative surprise.

Marry a traditional china pattern to a modern and/or contemporary pattern.

Intermingle pops of bold color with the customary fall palette.

Mix seasonal buds and branches with roses and taxidermy.

I am always impressed and amazed when decor accents and accessories that normally would not be paired together come together in perfected contrast to create remarkable beauty.


PomPom Design Dinner Napkins – set of 4  ||  White Burnout Snowflake Dinner Napkins-set of 4  ||  Godinger Dublin Goblets  || Cromwell Highball Glasses  ||  Antique Crown-Embossed Compote

Halette+Pedestal+Cups+Cake+StandDessert compotes remind me of my grandmother- a woman who mastered the art of the holiday table with signature style and grace.

vintage-soup-tureen-and-ladleVintage Soup Tureen

One of the best pieces of Thanksgiving tabletop and decorating advice I can offer is this:  I embrace the words do small things with great love.  Incorporate pieces, finds and treasures you love into your Thanksgiving tabletop and decorating.  Personal mementos and collections tell a compelling all things house that make a home story.

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From Table to Turkey: Thanksgiving Finishing Touches

From table to turkey, holiday hosts and hostesses are putting their Thanksgiving finishing touches on all that reigns holiday supreme.


This past Friday as I was planning and primping the decorative details of our Thanksgiving gobblepalooza, an unfortunate event in the Places In The Home Thanksgiving holiday celebration occurred.  I was in the dining room putting the Thanksgiving finishing touches on the sideboard and tablescape decorations, and as I always do, I asked my mother to come and see the progress. Stocking feet and hardwood floors make a hazardous combination, just ask my darling Mother.  It was the fall heard round the house, and over the river and through the woods to the emergency room we go.  Several tests and x-rays later the ER doctor delivered the unfortunate news; fractured kneecap.

My mother is one tough bird and a pretty good patient however, the attention to decorating detail has now shifted to total healing detail. We’ve  rearranged our Thanksgiving dinner plans and re themed the Places In The Home Thanksgiving celebration.  We are a grateful, not graceful people.

Thanksgiving finishing touches

What decorating I accomplished before the fall will have to be as good as it gets.  No formal place settings, adorned placemats and table runner, silver flatware, crystal goblets or formal china patterns this year, but with a pumpkin here and a turkey figurine there it festively all came together.


The dining room redo is not quite finished, but far enough along to give a glimpse of things to come.


I am thrilled with the leopard print accent chairs as the choice for captain’s chairs.


One change in placement and one edit took the look from “this just isn’t working” to “that’s it!”


I’m looking forward to a thankful and grateful group of loved ones coming together and the next round of holiday decorating.


As we enter the Thanksgiving homestretch, take a moment to admire the Thanksgiving finishing touches and the Home for the Holidays beauty you’ve created.  It’s one of the best parts of holiday decorating season.

Love your style!


Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, dear friends! In this wonderful season of togetherness, sharing  and thankfulness, I am continually grateful for the beauty of each day and for each of you, my readers and friends.   May you and yours be blessed with love, health, safety, comfort,  joy and the beauty of the entire holiday season.


Happy Thanksgiving from our family to you and yours!



Places In The Home For The Holidays: Setting The Thanksgiving Table

Decorative options are a lovely thing!  It’s those options that allow us to take a slight step or total turn from traditional and/or expected decor choices.  The holiday table begins as a blank canvas ready to reflect a personal interpretation of holiday style and splendor.  Setting the tone for holiday magic begins with setting the Thanksgiving table.

holiday tablescape ideas

Traditional colors, shapes and accents associated with the Thanksgiving and Christmas tablescape have lead the way for years as the hallmark of holiday distinction.


Martha Stewart. Who else?


Traditional is timeless, but the updated classic beauty of new traditional style proves there’s a new and stylish sheriff in town.

dining room chairsvia

The mixing of styles, patterns and presentation invites rave reviews. Begin a new tradition by one or two updated classics to your holiday tabletop and home decor accessories.


It is guaranteed to keep guests guessing and the holiday tabletop decor festive and fresh.  Holiday time “presents” the perfect reason to update tabletop and home decor accessories.


What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the term casually elegant?  Beautifully understated?  Comfortable?  Cozy?  Warm?  Inviting? Simple sophistication?

tablescape accents

Stunning does not have to be expensive or labor intensive. Simple is the whole point behind the concept of simple sophistication.  The above examples demonstrate how free, inexpensive and clever ideas produce elegant results.  Craft paper makes a super easy table cover. Use a Sharpie to write heartfelt messages or quotes on the craft paper to be read by your guests.  I love the free place card template from Martha Stewart.  Martha is such a giver!  Now you know I couldn’t do an idea post without mentioning the Dollar Tree.  The free wheat bushel and ornate frame printable from The Graphics Fairy will make a wonderful header for a printable Thanksgiving menu.   Type it up,  place it in a Dollar Tree decorative frame,  and place it on the table or sideboard as an informative accent.


Happy decorating!

Love your style!


Let’s Talk Thanksgiving Turkey

Thanksgiving is on its way.   It’s T-will be here before you know it days until the first leg of the holiday season.  Speaking of a holiday leg, are you thinking Thanksgiving turkey yet?  Local grocery stores are preparing large areas in the freezers for the arrival of  this traditional dinner star, and I’ve got my eyes out for the sale circulars.  Timing is a big consideration in regards to the Thanksgiving turkey.  We time the purchase, defrosting, roasting and serving of the bird.

Thanksgiving turkeyBetter Homes & Gardens

In this pre-Thanksgiving dinner calm before the storm period, I am utilizing my time to gather the roasting pan, carving set, kitchen essentials and necessary information.  I thought I might offer a few suggestions to lend a holiday helping hand.  Let’s talk turkey.

Roasting the Bird

Roast/bake the turkey at 325 °F using the chart as a guide for approximate roasting times.  The turkey is done when the internal temperature reaches a minimum internal temperature of 165 °F.  Use a food thermometer to check the turkey in the innermost part of the thigh and wing and the thickest part of the breast.  The minimum internal temperature should reach 165 °F for safety.


I’m a fourth generation fan of the granite ware oval roasting pan. Traditions rule in the Places In The Home holiday kitchen, and roasting a turkey like my great grandmother, grandmother and mother did requires a granite ware oval roaster.

granite-oval-roasterGranite Ware Oval Roaster

It speaks holidays to me, but I could be swayed by this copper roasting pan beauty.

copper-roasting-panSur La Table

Time saving multitasking marvels of kitchen efficiency are my kind of holiday helping hand!  Equally as important as a well-stocked holiday pantry is a well organized holiday baking, cooking and entertaining kitchen.


A cook is only as good as the kitchen and cooking essentials, tools and accessories he or she uses.

Love your style!




In Grateful Appreciation~ Happy Thanksgiving 2012

I remain truly grateful for the beauty of each day and for each of you, my readers and friends.  Thank you for welcoming me and my words into your world.


May the blessings of health, love, family, friends, and beauty be plentiful in your life and the lives of the ones you love.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Love your style!


A Season of Thanks: Thanksgiving Tablescape

My Thanksgiving tablescape is rich in colors of the season, natural elements, good deals, vintage pieces, and memorable keepsakes from the past.

Thanksgiving tablescape

I stumbled upon these boxwood letters at Hobby Lobby.  At first glance I was intrigued.

decorated light fixture

After a much closer second look, I was sold by the yellow and red beauty of the clearance price tag.

T-H-A-N-K-S !


Stop me if you’ve seen this one.  A quail, a turkey, a duck and a pheasant… This group made their first guest appearance on my casual Christmas table,  A Dash Of Louisiana “Seasoning”: A Casual Christmas Tablescape.

Thanksgiving china

Burlap sandbags continue to be my first choice for fall and Thanksgiving tablescapes.   Deep gold placemats and oatmeal goblets, heirloom vintage lace napkins, and gold resin acorns achieve the look and feel of the season.


The recipe for making the tablescape your own is simple-bring items of special meaning to the table.


Fruits, flowers, and vintage finds accentuate the casual, the simple and the elegant.


The sideboard display is a potpourri of locally grown and sold items. The knock out roses are from a local nursery, the cotton stalks from local fields, the vegetables from local growers, and the salad plates from the local Goodwill.


“Forever on Thanksgiving Day the heart will find the pathway home.”

Wilbur D. Nesbit

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