Making Fabulous Out Of Flawed With An Existing Space: Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Dave the Builder and I had big, big plans for the renovation of our new house, which also happens to be my childhood home.  My parents moved in with us last year and we agreed to give them the master suite. That decision meant it was time for the guest bathroom remodeling ideas to begin.  The before pictures have been lost in the shuffle, but you don’t need a great imagination to envision what we were working with.  A vast knowledge of outdated ugly will do.

The first question Dave the Builder posed was “Are you going to leave the existing tile walls?” I  don’t  care for what is involved with the removal of ceramic tile. The bathroom walls had the original gray and green decorative 4″ square tiles, randomly placed on a background of predominately white 4″ square tiles. Not exactly atrocious, but leaning more to the tune of forty plus year old taste. I did not want to remove the timeless white tiles. Why? Because you see the exact same tiles used today. We cut around and extracted the gray and green tiles, replacing them with 4″ glass tiles.  The original ceramic floor was left in place, and we overlaid it with 12″ square slate purchased from Lowe’s.

Step three involved the removal of a double flush mount sink vanity. We replaced it with a piece of custom built furniture for the wow factor effect.  We removed the wood top, replacing it with a solid marble top and decorative single sink and faucet from the Artist Editions collection by Kohler.

The gorgeous framed mirror was a gift from my equally gorgeous mother-in-law.

Now came the time to select colors and make the decision to paint or paper. I selected a classic brown Toile pattern with blue background wallpaper by York to enhance the colors of the slate floor and vanity.

Dave wanted to go with a dark brown glass tile, and I wanted to go with Café au lait glass tile.  We compromised with the old half and half trick.

I wish Lamps Plus partnered with the United Mileage Plus program. It would be Viva Las Vegas time!  The four light bronze bathroom fixture perfectly matched the mirror frame.

One successful shopping trip to our local Marshall’s for guest towels, and one easy order placed at JCPenney for the shower curtain set put us in home decor business.

An afterthought born out of the need for further storage brought me to I thought it was smarter to order the cabinet vs. hiring a cabinet maker to do a custom order.  The cabinet was less than $100, and I really like the look it offers.

I could not be happier with the finished product.  It was the logical, practical and most cost efficient choice for us to make.  Our renovation and remodel repertoire grows.