Thinking Outside Of Little Boxes: Unique Interior Design And Home Decor Styles

Unique interior design and home decor styles breathe originality into the life of the home- an indisputable reflection of individuality.

unique interior design and home decor styles
Nowhere is this more true than in home design and decor.

unique-bedroom-decorAtlanta Homes & Lifestyles

Interiors that break with tradition can be remarkably distinctive.


The Summer of Love shows its true colors in fresh design and decor.   As cliché as it sounds, designing and decorating with accessories that define your personality and remind you of fond memories and good times makes your house your home.

Graphic Mosaic Walls in Bathroom

Euro Style Lighting

Mooving away from the “ it’s what everyone else is doing”  puts the own in homeowner.

P S C Bath 

Daring to be visually different from the expected celebrates the homeowner’s unique perspective, and keeps a finger on the pulse of inspiration.

custom refrigerator doorsBlock and Chisel

Malvina Reynold’s “Little Boxes” makes an excellent and relevant point today as much as it did when she wrote it in 1962.  We can all be alike, but where’s the fun and individuality in that?

Put a unique spin on function and decorate a little left of center. 

bicycle bathroom vanityPinterest

I have seen my fair share of decorative accents and pieces that aren’t for me and would never be ones I would choose.  I am however, always interested in their origins, the why and where did you come up with that idea answers, the creative process running at full tilt, the art of individuality, and the qualities they possess for the client or homeowner.

pedestal beside tableNew England Home 

Intentional or not, no home is ever void of focal points and conversation pieces with the hallmark of personal style.  I definitely appreciate that!

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