Blue, Brown and Aqua Color Palette

The color spotlight for this week shines on the palette perfection brought forth by the calm, serene and often understated elegance of a blue, brown and aqua color palette.


A tried and true color palette choice, a blue, brown, and aqua color palette is not your average lock you down to basic run-of-the-mill color palette option.  Selections of varying shades work together to serenely frame a space regardless of decorative style.

Cat-Mountain-ResidenceGlynis Wood Interiors

From the subtle shades of coastal blues and tranquil aquas to a bold turquoise paired with a warm Moroccan, the blue, brown, and aqua color palette strikes a perfected balance of blended shade and tone culminating in flawless color palette execution.


Working with classic color palette combinations as the decorating foundation and building from there allows for a fresh perspective in the grand color palette scheme of things.


Aqua, turquoise, Tiffany or Wedgwood- the many tones, colors and shades available in the current paint, fabric, upholstery and wallcovering marketplace reflects the popularity of this palette and how it fits in with the design and decorating styles and tastes of today’s decoristas.

Bold Statement

Saint-JamesHotel Saint James

High Impact


Reserved Elegance




Benjamin Moore HC-69  Whitall Brown ||  Benjamin Moore  2107-10  Chocolate Candy Brown  ||  Aqua Ocean by Valspar  ||  House Fabric  ||Online Fabric Store  ||Inside Wallpaper  ||  Total Wallcovering

DIY Project Inspiration

About the time I think it’s time for a blog vacation, I see something so gorgeous, so share worthy, my blog writing, sourcing and general gabfest battery is recharged and DIY project inspiration is born.  Thank you, Better Homes and Gardens.  The summer months can be as hectic as they are relaxing, and with that in mind I am tailoring my blog posts to suit the on-the-go set.  Pretty is as pretty inspires.

 office-colorsBetter Homes and Gardens

Leopard prints are spot on style. This timeless look falls into the category of classic in the interior design and decor fabric hall of fame.  Don’t share the leopard love?  Here’s a suggestion.  Introduce leopard print in a small but statement making way like the upholstered chair bottom in the above image.  It will either make a bigger impression on you than you think, or it will only be a small bump in the decorative road to change. Vintage chairs can be found for cheap or free at second-hand shops, thrift stores, garage sales, flea markets and curbside boutiques (one man’s trash is another man’s DIY project).


Pick a fabulous designer color in your favorite brand of paint or spray paint and chalk it up, distress it down or go glam.  Fabric remnants are a do it yourself upholsterers best friend and find.  Upholstering a chair bottom is about as easy as a DIY project comes.   Link love: how to reupholster a chair seat.

DIY project inspiration

Low cost DIY projects keep beginners anxiety and buyers remorse at bay and spells  D-I- Why not?

Love your style!

Check It Out: Check Patterned Fabric

Check patterned fabric is visually synonymous with the flair and finery of French decor.  Synonymous, but not exclusive to it and it alone.

check fabric dining chairsThe Swedish Furniture

Bring on the gingham style, houndstooth, buffalo and tiny squares of horizontal and vertical line beauty.

check patterned fabricTraditional Home

Checks and valances~

pink checks fabricHGTV

One of my very favorite interior design, decorating, entertaining, garden- all things house that make a home magazines is Traditional Home. Elegant examples of traditional as well as new traditional style inspire the eye each and every issue.

Tim Gunn checks

Traditional Home

These dining chairs in Tim Gunn’s New York apartment are upholstered in small check toffee fabric from Ballard Designs.

ballard designs check material

check fabric curtains1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Window treatments, textiles and upholstered pieces prove to be favored choices for showcasing check patterns.

pendant light with shadeTraditional Home

Size, stripe, line and color set the check pattern apart from its designer fabric first cousin, plaid.  Neutrals and whites tend to dominate color preference.

check-fabricTraditional Home

Pattern blocks of uniform squares, wavy lines, and at least two contrasting color choices designate the main difference between the multiple strong, bold colors and criss-crossed lines characteristic of plaid.


check-dressing-tableTraditional Home

check fabric

check upholsteryTraditional Home

A true home decor fabric chameleon, this pattern is as stunning in a formal dining room as it is charming in a country French kitchen.

upholstered dining chairsPinterest

check-french-chairAt Home in Arkansas

check fabric

Check patterns mix, match, and master the art of versatility. The check pattern stands up and stands out as the little or big square that can and does impress.

Footstool Redo Status: Completed!

The soon to be footstool redo referenced in the post Decor Mistake Or Furniture Placement Brilliance? In An Unexpected Place is painted, upholstered, hot glued, messed up, re- hot glued, embellished, and sitting pretty in an unexpected place.

Quick backstory~ this footstool belonged to my maternal grandmother and I always had an affinity for it. Sentimental value put the brakes on it becoming antique shop inventory, so keeping it in the family it is. The pseudo early American look simply does not do justice to the little footstool that can and its decorative potential. In a crystal clear moment of creative clarity I remembered the boatload of Sherwin-Williams Illusions Translucent Metallic Finish left over from a remodel. The Illusion line is no longer in production. The new line is Faux Impressions Metallic and comes in gold or pearl.

Sherwin-Williams Illusions Translucent Metallic Finish has a  manufacturing formula that allows it to coat easier and capture the pigment of metal. I used two coats on each leg to achieve the depth of coverage I wanted. I tested a glaze application on one of the legs.  The glaze  muted the sheen too much for the intended effect.  After the legs dried overnight I removed them with a screwdriver, set them to the side, and prepared to get my upholstering on.

On our most recent antiques buying trip I made a quick dash into Hobby Lobby with 40% off coupon in hand.  The fabric below caught my eye only out of the “I’m here and I’m getting something” principal.  Standing and studying the fabric two words rose to the top of my thoughts, bargain bin.

There in the back of the bargain bin was a bolt of fabric with the texture, color, and price point perfect for this project.  Hobby Lobby was out of the thicker bullion fringe I really wanted. This is where the twisted cord trim comes in. The twisted cord trim added a stronger presence to the top of the bullion trim and emphasized the fringe. Nailheads rounded out the purchase- all $8.27 of it.

  • ½ yard fabric : $3.50 
  • 1 yard 2″ bullion fringe list price:$1.99 – with 40% off coupon: $1.19
  • 1 yard 1″  black twisted cord w/ lip trim: $1.59
  • 1 package nailhead accents: $1.99

My upholstering formula is not rocket science. Square up the fabric cut and center the footstool top.

Gently pull the fabric up over sides to desired tightness.  Staple fabric in place.  I staple all the way around continuing to pull up sections of fabric as I go. Working in small sections makes the fabric easier to work with.  I do a neat fold every few staple applications to make a neater tuck.

Trim off  the excess fabric with scissors.

Screw the footstool legs back into place while the glue gun is heating up. Sharp scissors are a must when working with trim.  Raveling is expected, but sharp scissors will guarantee a sharper, cleaner cut. Use caution with all these tools of the upholstering and DIY trade.

Choose your starting point ( I always choose what will be the back area of the piece- most likely to be seen).  Apply the hot glue in small sections.

If raveling occurred when the initial cut was made turn the end under and apply a small drop of glue.  Let it set for a minute and continue on with the final glue application.

Don’t you just love when the hot glue dries and rises above the top of the fringe? Here’s my little trick for removing the glue that has not completely dried yet. Insert the pointed end of a wood skewer into the glue. In an upward motion gently work the glue loose,  being careful not to pierce or tear the fabric or fringe.

The last step is to apply any additional embellishments.  Nailhead accents are subject to personal taste, and in this case they are a necessary part to the completed look.

  To space, or not to space, what do you think?

This home decor DIY project saved an outdated keepsake from becoming just another tucked away item. It perfectly suits the intended purpose, price point, and finished look.

Love your style!




Dining Room Chair Fabric Considerations Part II

Today’s post finds us “re”visiting the dining room chair fabric considerations. If you missed the first part or need a refresher you can find it here. Locating an image to show the look I’m going for is not as easy as you would think. Fun, but not easy.

 I was thrilled to find the above image and couldn’t wait to share it. It’s truly a decorative inspiration, and does beautiful justice to show the color for the dining chairs as I see it in my mind’s eye.

While not the color I am going for, the above image shows the general idea of how I want the paint application to look. The distressed(aged) effect will definitely come into play, but to what amount I’m not sure. Not to worry, nailheads will be revisited. After careful reconsideration, I am leaning towards replacing the original nailheads with newer, smaller and more decorative ones. I hope by the time you finish reading this post it will not be too confusing.  Hang on friends, my train of thought is not that confusing nor is the dining room chair redo project.  That’s the beautiful thing about home decor projects- our colorful world will still exist if paint and fabric mistakes are made.

Choosing paint color is a breeze for me.  Choosing fabric is not, and this is the reason I’ve been known to have a Carrie Bradshaw moment. One of my favorite lines from Sex And The City is from the episode A “Vogue” Idea.  As Carrie enters the accessories closet at Vogue she sees before her several hundred items lining up to make her Vogue dreams come true. As she tries to absorb the moment, couture sensory overload takes over.  With beating heart and fashionista eyes wide open she exclaims, “Oh, my God! It’s too good! I’m sorry, but it’s… it’s too good!  This is too much! How can this be?”  Believe me, I get it!  I’ve stared at so many lovely and wonderful fabric samples over the last week that I now find my interior design and home decor eyes  in fabulous overload.  And may I just add that it is all so very good!

These samples have laid the groundwork for the fabric selection. Of course, the final selection will be based on how the color of the chairs comes out. One never knows what one will screw up.

We are driving up to North Louisiana next month on business.  I’ve  informed Dave the Builder a side trip to Fabulous Fabrics is now on the schedule.  I’m sure he is utterly thrilled, but I’m determined to leave no stone or fabric bolt unturned.  After all, shopping is the best part of the “re” process.


Love your style!







images via Providence Ltd. Design, This Ivy House, Wikia

Home Decor Gotta Have It List

Good Friday everyone!

I thought I would round out the master suite remodel posts with my home decor gotta have it list.  The home decor and home furnishings accessories treasure hunt is as fun as the finds, and I have had a blast searching and discovering  home decor wonders.  The gorgeous Thibaut fabric is a pop of color dream.


A frog anything is always in order, and Butch the Bulldog has a face I can get a chuckle from.  I want to mount the iron goddesses to the wall as easels for a piece of art.  I’m contemplating using the corbels as bookends.  What do you think of the wallcovering choice for the master closet?  An  alligator and/or croc wallpaper is fittingly appropriate for Louisiana.  Please don’t assume I’m a swamp person, but I would be remiss if I did not add a “Choot ‘Em” to the alligator reference.  Click on the image to enlarge.


Next week I will be featuring a guest post that I’m very excited about.  Be looking for it early in the week.  I hope you enjoy looking at  the items featured on the home decor gotta have it list.  Have a great weekend!











Vegas Nights: Bright Paint Colors

The final installment in  the Color Your World series is courtesy of my colorful interpretation of  America’s Playground, Fabulous Las Vegas.  Vibrant and bright paint colors take the pulse of our decor choices and supply the essential element- the pop of color.  I hope you have enjoyed viewing this series as much as I have enjoyed bringing it to the page. Click on image to enlarge. Thank you, thank you very much.

bright paint colors



Thibaut :  wallpapers ~ available at selected retailers. Price available upon request.

American Blinds :  wallpapers starting at $9.98 per single roll.

Benjamin Moore:  prices vary according to retailer.

Sherwin-Williams: prices vary according to retailer.

Total Wallcovering: wallpapers starting at $11.00 per single roll.

Warehouse Fabrics Inc. :  drapery and upholstery material  prices starting at $7.79 per yard.

Designers Guild:  wallpaper~ available at selected retailers. Price available upon request.

Color Your World Series: Decorating With Black and White

The second installment in the Color Your World series is brought to you by the colors black and white.  Decorating with black and white epitomizes classic elegance.


Architectural Digest

This timeless color combination choice is the most distinct of distinct color choices- an interior design and interior decorating classic that commands the room while beautifully owning up to the bragging rights of presence through powerful neutrality.

Atlanta0holidayshowhouse-dining-roomAtlanta Homes & Lifestyles

From floor to ceiling, decorating with black and white is a color palette choice that allows a space to open up.

black-white-living-roomHarper’s BAZAAR

Let’s look at the color combination instantly recognized as a premier choice in the world of color, design and decorating.


“Colour is black and white put together”

– author unknown




Thibaut  ~ F. Schumacher wallcoverings, trim ~price available upon request from retailer.

American Blinds:  wallcoverings starting at $9.98 per single roll.

Benjamin Moore:  prices vary according to retailer.

Total Wallcovering: wallpapers starting at $11.00 per single roll.

Warehouse Fabrics Inc. :  drapery and upholstery material  prices starting at $7.79 per yard.

Online Fabric Store  ~  Inside Fabric  ~ Overstock  ~ One King’s Lane

Color Your World Series: Decorating With The Color Pink

Over the next few postings I will be showing  a series of  color charts, fabric samples and wallcoverings for your viewing pleasure. I am appropriately titling the series  “Color Your World”.  I’ve selected a few fun, funky, classic, trendy, elegant and affordable options. Who couldn’t use a little color in their decor world?  Let’s kick things off with this Tickled Pink design board featuring ideas for decorating with the color pink.



Target:  Cameo Back Accent Chair-Stripe  $280.99.

American Blinds :  wallpapers starting at $9.98 per single roll.

Benjamin Moore:  prices vary according to retailer. Golden Coral Table Lamp  $153.99.

Home Depot: Easylite Melosa 5-Light 93in. Bronze Chandelier  $125.95.

Warehouse Fabrics Inc. :  drapery and upholstery material  prices starting at $7.79 per yard.

Pharaohs Furniture:  chest~ price available upon request.



The Cows Have Come Home: Cowhide Home Decor Accessories

The cows have come home in a grand and stylish way in regards to cowhide home decor accessories.  The look created by introducing one regal piece of home on the range chic can leave a design impression on even the biggest skeptic.

cowhide chair

A trip to Dallas, Texas proved my theory correct.  I think it’s safe to say this style may not be for every space and taste, but as long as there is farmhouse chic and home on the range style it is not going to roll the way of the tumbling tumbleweed .


Uttermost Chahna Wood Bench


Uttermost Chahna Velvet Accent Chair

I first took notice of cowhide furnishings in 2004 while browsing through a Neiman Marcus catalog.  The chair delivered a one- two punch. The frame was stunning,  but the price tag was numbing.  I archived the look in my mental Rolodex, and when I spotted a cowhide chair at auction a few years later it was go time.  I won the bidding battle, but soon lost the design war when a client literally begged me to sell her the chair.


Comfort Pointe Jaxon Arm Chair

How about a pair of these beauties as captain’s dining chairs at the ponderosa, partner?  Did I really just type that?  Yee-haw!


I found this dusty yet affordable cowhide upholstered accent chair at one of my favorite home design haunts, Paul Michael Company in Canton, Texas.  The rich deep fawn and black hide paired with my favorite accent feature, nail heads, make a chair in this style a big contender for office or study use.

cowhide rugvia

Faux or authentic, cowhide furnishings lend a chic presence to the sleekest and most modern decor.



If you’ve contemplated this design choice but feared the look would come across as too rustic, practice the rule of less is more.  Go with one piece and place it in an optimum setting.  A little trial and error is to be expected, but when it comes together it will be the right balance of town and country chic.