Metals of Distinction: Using Metal Colors in Interior Design and Home Decor

Inspiration is a powerful motivator.  I’ve been keeping late hours the past few weeks catching up on emails, sourcing, writing and supervising the kitchen paint project.  Earlier today I didn’t think I would have the energy to write up a post, but here I am at the keyboard typing out what I hope is informative as well as inspirational information for using metal colors in interior design and home decor.

Traditional Home


In order to keep my painter happy the air is turned to artic blast, the coffee is brewing, and the radio dial is set to classic rock.  “Heavy Metal” by Don Felder played this morning, and now it is stuck in my head. Between that song and the Olympics, the inspiration for this using metal colors in interior design and home decor post was born.


Using metal colors in interior design and home decor adds depth, warmth, and sophistication to the feel of the space.

Home Decorators 

Traditional Home

using metal colors in interior design and home decor

Pewter. Copper. Gold. Nickel

D Magazine

House Beautiful

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11 thoughts on “Metals of Distinction: Using Metal Colors in Interior Design and Home Decor”

  1. What beautiful metals! I am a huge fan of ANYTHING metallic. I absolutely love coppers and bronzes.

  2. Anything goes well with silver. I love how they accentuate every home with furniture pieces made from bronze and silver or gold and silver, the combinations are endless.

  3. I too love to see metals included in interior design. That bathroom featured in the picture is truly stunning. It has certainly given me some inspiration!

  4. Yes, the combinations are endless, and that is one reason I consider the metals to be neutral. I am sourcing cabinet cup pulls and have not found a metal I am not head over heels home decor in love with.

  5. Great! Metals “pop” a look and lend an elegant spin to whatever space or accent they grace. I did a kitchen install in a 100+ year old historical home where the homeowner intentionally wanted to de-antebellum the kitchen/den/dining area, but retain an elegant flow. T white tambour kitchen cabinet doors looked nice, but when the pewter cabinet hardware was- wow! I would love to know what you choose. Here’s to inspiration!

  6. Just love everything metal! We’re always thinking on how to mix metal and wood in our collection… Hard to go wrong!!!

  7. Love the examples. Adding beautiful metal pieces to my home decor is something I definitely need to do more. Thanks.

  8. I want that walk in wardrobe island. I finally have closet big enough and want to create a space like that. Silver is my favorite, the stainless steel is so glamorous.

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