What Sells A House Information

What sells a house information, keywords, and decorating trends is of interest to current and future home owners.

What Sells A House Information

The online real-estate marketplace Point2Homes conducted an in depth study of the most used real estate listing keywords used in the 2019 real estate listings market.

According to the search results of the study, the space that garners the most attention is (drumroll, please) the kitchen.

kitchen-photo-Jeff-HerrBetter Homes & Gardens – Photo by Jeff Herr

Throughout the entire database of listings, price points, and the 65 million words analyzed in this study, the top 10 most used keywords in listing descriptions are as follows.

  1.  Home
  2.  Room
  3.  Bedroom
  4.  Bath
  5.  Flooring
  6.  Kitchen
  7.  New
  8.  Large
  9.  Master
  10.  Covered patio

Dodson Interiors

Dodson Interiors

The top 10 features and amenities used by agents in 2019 listing descriptions include the deal makers in the all things house that make a home category.

  1.  Granite countertops
  2.  Hardwood floors
  3.  Stainless steel appliances
  4.  Open floor plan
  5.  Fenced backyard
  6.  Covered patio
  7.  Vaulted ceilings
  8.  Formal dining room
  9.  New roof
  10.  Natural light

The study covers a wide range of what sells a house information, and I especially find the top ten most popular features and amenities by geographical region category enlightening.

Since I live in the south, I’ll feature the top 10 from that category.

  1.  Hardwood floors
  2.  Granite countertops
  3.  Open floor plan
  4.  Stainless steel appliances
  5.  Covered patio
  6.  Close to shopping and restaurants
  7.  Formal dining room
  8.  New roof
  9.  Screened porch
  10.  Open concept

Lococo Architecture

Lococo Architecture

In other search news, Google’s Year in Search 2019 shows farmhouse style as the most-searched home decor trend of the year.

I certainly can see why if it’s based on this stunning design and interior by Lococo Architecture that gorgeously answers yes to the question, “does this decor style have staying power?”

Decorating trends serve as a barometer of tastes, often fluctuating with what we’re loving at the moment.

What say you?

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