Planting the Seeds of Change: A Decorating 180

It appears a decorating style metamorphosis is taking place, a planting the seeds of change decorating 180.

“In gardening, architecture, landscape design
and interior design the principles
are interchangeable-or, at the very least, highly adaptable.”

  — Charlotte Moss

A decorating 180 turns up the volume just enough to keep things visually interesting.


The preferred decorating style of choice at Places In The Home is traditional with a twist, but styles and tastes evolve as they should, and mine are no exception.

If only on an experimental basis for the fresh and updated look of it, try introducing one or two accents, colors or patterns from a different decorating style to the space.


I paid a visit to the Hopefully Classic warehouse (storage unit) a couple of weekends ago to do a bit of shopping.

Shopping from within is a tremendous concept.

I become reacquainted with items in the inventory, an afternoon of hunting and digging for treasure qualifies as an excellent workout and the prices can’t be beat.

I pulled a set of decorative concrete planters (one of which is shown in the above image) to pair with two small boxwood plants I bought marked down at Lowe’s.

The picture does not do the planter justice, and as stunning as these planters are, do these lovelies qualify as my personal decorating 180?


This visually striking Italian Heather plant in all its classic pink and green color combination glory is summer planter poised and ready.

garden-basketOrlandi Statuary Round Basket Planter

Hold the phone!

This Orlandi Statuary basket planter may be all the style sashay towards a decorating 180 needed to calm the winds of change.

The style deviation is subtle enough not to overwhelm the process while staying true to the traditional foundation.

Throw the eye a curve ball every now and then and hit a style home run.

Love your style!

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