The Master Bathroom Remodel Project Is Officially Completed


Change is good, but it also has the ability to drive me bonkers.

Paint color that is one shade in the can and a totally different shade on the wall also has the ability to drive me completely bats%*! crazy.

It is this kind of particular color bump in the road that brings about the decision to change a paint color.

If it doesn’t look right you do it over.

It makes the client is happy and that’s what matters.

albert moodboard

The master bathroom remodel project is officially completed

Before images and info post is here.

What Dave the Builder lacks in the professional photographer department he more than makes up for in the professional builder/remodeling department.

master bathroom remodel project

The new color on the freshly repainted and completed walls is not translating well in the photos.

See what appears to be three completely different paint colors in the image below?

SW renwick beigeSherwin-Williams Renwick Beige SW 2805

The wall between the tub and shower is the closest to the true color, Sherwin-Williams Renwick Beige.

master bathroom tub

From demo to prep

shower remodel

to master bathroom remodel project completed success.

tile shower floor

Making things pretty and new creates a mess, but it is so worth it!

This was about the time in the master bathroom remodel project where a bit of design and decorating persuasion came into play.

remodel before pictures

Two vanities, two sinks, two faucets, two lights- you’ve got to go with two mirrors.

And two mirrors it is!

I purposely removed the color field out of the image below to emphasize a point to the client.

We both loved the result and selected it to print and frame.

albert remodel1

Great space for a master bathroom walk in closet and extra linens storage.

tile-floor-install (1)

The client requested the stained louvered doors leading into the master bedroom remain.

louvered doors

I requested the louvered doors leading into the walk in closet be painted to match the trim.

A win-win situation.

walk in closet

The inspiration and the idea for the design direction we will be going in for the master closet.



Another project completed.

Project Master Bathroom Remodel

When our team completes a project success is measured by the satisfaction seal of approval from the client.   If the client immediately hires you for another project it’s a pretty good indicator of job well done.

We celebrated this master bathroom remodel and the upcoming project hire with a Places In The Home remodel dance. Part safety dance, part remodel celebration boogie.

albert moodboard


The presentation board for the master bathroom remodel captures the design and decor element the client requested.


Good bones and an even better layout, structurally speaking, removed the need to move walls and reroute plumbing. The focus was all about aesthetic updates complete with new fixtures and materials.  We can certainly do that!


The first to go was the fiberglass shower and bath inserts.  Mosaic tiles were used for the shower floor.

Stonefire Noce Porcelain MosaicStonefire Noce Porcelain Mosaic

The intent here is twofold- texture and palette variation of blended neutrals.

bathroom vanity area

We constructed the layers of the shower pan using a vinyl membrane and concrete (technical jargon for we built a custom shower pan).

Here’s a preview of the shower progress.

master bathroom remodel

We selected 12″ x 12″  ceramic tile for the flooring, bath and shower walls and shower floor.

Stonefire Beige Porcelain TileStonefire Beige Porcelain Tile

Moving onward and upward!

love your style

Designer Bathtubs

Designer bathtubs offer a visual focal point for the space while redefining innovative style and function.

Designed with that in mind, the calming effects of the space and fixtures can provide a soothing home spa experience.

designer bathtubs1st Option

Relaxation will never be guilty of being highly overrated.

The day’s stress belongs to a take me away far exceeding the bubbles of Calgon.

A desired and serene respite can be exclusively limited to the walls and confines of the bath.

soaking-tubBetter Homes & Gardens

Better Homes and Gardens details options available for bathtub types, installation options, and materials to assist in finding the perfect tub.

 Find the Right Type of Tub for You.

spa-bathtubUndermount Installation 

The standard designed clawfoot bathtub continues to be a highly sought after and favored choice.

The vintage traditional style beautifully accents the almost any decor.

Perfectly positioned for comfort, and optimally placed under the window for the homeowners to enjoy beautiful views, the accents, color palette and  vintage inspired fixtures put the pieces of the eased and elegant puzzle together.


Vintage inspiration coupled with modern freestanding design is the aesthetic feature of the clawfoot bathtub.

Beauty and function work together in relaxing harmony.

designer-tubBevolo on Pinterest

From formal tone to casual simplicity, masculine decor or feminine influence, the beauty of a copper bathtub works well into the personality of the space.

Copper does not rust, is naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial, and the patina will only become more beautiful over time.

Kalista copper bathtubKallista by Kohler

bathroom-shutters-12West Country Shutters

This hammered copper double slipper bathtub from Premier Copper Products will instantly become the focal centerpiece of the space through superior design.


Renowned Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola partnered with Agape to design the Pear bathroom collection.


The collection brings modern, sleek, and monochromatic magic to the guest rooms and suites of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Barcelona.

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Barcelona

Possibly better the second design time around, this Patricia Urquiola designed Vieques Tub for Agape brilliantly exemplifies a contemporary interpretation of a classic style.

An interior white finish coupled with a dark gray exterior finish magnifies modern appeal.

Agape bathtub

The design features of a freestanding bathtub makes it an excellent choice for center of the room placement.


Kohler offers this white oval freestanding tub from their vintage series.

 The rolled rim and durable cast iron construction offer elegant traditional, and the anti-slip finish provides added safety.

silver bathtubHome Bunch

Influenced by marine woods and perfected by innovative design, the Laguna Spa Wood bathtub is a modern and glamorous fixture.

The Laguna Spa wood bathtub offers extraordinary design elements such as a soft sculptural form, glossy wood veneer finish available in Wenge, Walnut, Mahogany, Pearl, Iroko or Oak wood, and a dramatic pebble ring with elaborate overflow prevention technology at the edge of the tub.


Designer bathtubs make a statement while providing a luxury spa experience in the privacy and tranquility of your home.

tiled master bathTraditional Home

Beautifully designed and crafted, a designer tub introduces luxury and style to the at home spa experience.

The look as well as the function serves well as an essential  feature in both the design and  the ability to transform a standard bathroom into a relaxing retreat.