Using Metal Colors in Interior Design and Home Decor

Keeping late project hours tend to catch up with you, but inspiring images and finds prove a powerful motivator so here I am, at the keyboard, typing out what I hope is informative as well as inspirational information for using metal colors in interior design and home decor.

transitional home office Webber Coleman WoodworksWebber Coleman Woodworks

In order to keep my painter happy the air is turned to artic blast, the coffee is brewing, and the radio dial is set to his favorite classic rock station.

Traditional Home

“Heavy Metal” by Don Felder played this morning, and now it is stuck in my head.

Whittney Parkinson DesignWhittney Parkinson Design

The catchy tune and the on-trend metal parade gave me the idea for this using metal colors in interior design and home decor post.

Inspiration is everywhere, my friends.



taylor borsari industrial style kitchen cabinets Taylor Borsari


Pursley Dixon Architecture kitchen

Pursley Dixon Architecture

Mihai Cork Metallic Wallpaper RollMihai Cork Metallic Wallpaper Roll


 Tamara Magel 


gold-trunk-the-Brick-HouseThe Brick House

 kristen panitch interiors Kristen Panitch Interiors


kelley flynn interior design

Kelley Flynn Interior Design

Using metal colors in interior design and home decor adds depth, warmth, and sophistication to the feel of the space.

Decorative Impact: Affordable Home Decor Ideas

Affordable home decor ideas circumvent the dreaded too much project at the end of the money.

Take heart, decoristas!

Projects, spaces and places come together as you dot the i’s and cross the t’s of getting “it” right.

Define right.

Right is when the finished look is exactly what you envisioned it to be.

As the dog days grow shorter and first signs of changing colors make their presence known,  thoughts of fall naturally come to mind.

Changing, rearranging, and editing from season to season puts a fresh spin in the mix of interior and exterior color palettes.


The Rusty Rooster

Painting a vintage piece can serve as the perfect muse for dipping your toe into DIY waters.


Embellishments set off accent pieces by adding the all important pop of color.

Damara Drum Lamp Shade

Damara Drum Lamp Shade

Custom lampshades are an investment- instantly bringing a noticeable change to the space.

spring-houzz-Jerry Jacobs Design, Inc.

Jerry Jacobs Design, Inc.

A single curtain panel paired with a  tie-back  adds decorative flair and presence.

As a room divider or as a fixed curtain, this look can be a dramatic charmer.

Achieving a designer look with curtain panels doesn’t have to be money or labor intensive.

Duponi silk pewter

I have great luck finding inexpensive curtains or a single panel online and at big discount and resale stores.

Fabric store bargain bins are home to designer fabric remnants at great prices.


If you choose to go with drapery fabric and you do not sew,  no-sew is no problem.

I recently purchased a hand held Singer sewing machine from Hobby Lobby, but have yet to open the package.

Okay, the jig is up.

Sewing is just not my thing.

Here is my my no-sew advice: take the fabric to a seamstress for those no-frills bottom hems, side hems, rod pocket and header projects.

The lady I use gets the job done reasonably and the work is perfect.

Custom does cost more than ready made, but it is worth it for the look and decorative longevity.


With a glue gun in one hand and several yards of accent trim in the other, I’m now in the drapery decorating business.

Bouillon fringe comes in different lengths which comes to the rescue when the curtain look or length is not right.

It’s a handy talent when you are a card carrying member of the hot glue gun gang!

Drapery hardware can also be found at bargain prices at home improvement stores, discount and thrift stores or estate sales.

I am a corbel kind of girl, and I’ve never met a wall sconce I didn’t like.

I absolutely love them!


Using corbels as wall sconces for displaying decorative home decor accents comes highly suggested.

Shake things and a can of spray paint up for an accent with a twist.

Pick up a can of your favorite brand of spray paint or stain in your favorite seasonal color or finish and voilà!

Let there be color, presence, height, proportion, style, and a new and affordable look!

Seasonal home accessorizing can equal a stylish look that is both easy and affordable.


One Dining Room and Four Re-dos: Let’s Dining Room Remodel

Look familiar?  Yes, it is the second draft of parts 1 and 2 of the Olioboard moodboard I worked up  for our dining room remodel.  Change is a constant thing around Places In The Home, and anticipation is keeping me waiting for the right time to proceed with yet another dining room remodel.  This will be the fourth remodel do-over of the dining room, but who’s counting?



I use the term do-over because that is exactly what it is- the chance to redo the previous idea of what floated my decorative boat at the time. This is strictly a preliminary guide in the general decorative direction I’m going in for the space. Olioboard is my virtual controlled source for design and decor storage.  Come up with an idea, create a board, save it, and conveniently store it away for future use.




This dining room has come a long way since its humble beginning in 1965. See more of the reveal here.  The wall color has seen two choices thus far. Fired Brick from Sherwin-Williams had a five year run being replaced by Crème Fraîche from Valspar.


I want to mix and switch the furniture from other rooms to create a flow with the my decor ideas du jour.  The marble top sideboard pictured below will replace the existing one currently in place and be graced with…

marble-top-sideboard (2)



a two door primitive cabinet with chicken wire doors similar to the top of this one from Matthews House and Garden sitting atop it.  I think it will be a great choice for displaying my china, and the juxtaposition will work for the space.

chicken wire doorsMy Notting Hill

Dave the Builder is a farm table builder extraordinaire, and I have put my order in.  I will more than likely use Louisiana Cypress with antique table legs. Stay tuned for more on this project. The Chippendale dining chairs are keepers and will be updated with new upholstery.  Although, a set of six dining chairs recently added to inventory might find their way to the house.  Another advantage to this thing I love called antiques.

Okay, now it’s your turn. Are you contemplating a do-over, redo, or complete remodel in the decorative future?

Love your style!







Kitchen Color On The Rise

Are you an early riser who springs right out of bed full of energy and ready to take on the world?

Well, I’m not.

Yes, the jig is up and the secret is out.

I am an early riser, but one not so full of energy or immediately ready to take on the world.

My morning involves a strong cup or two (or three) of coffee, a Visine moment for my computer weary eyes, and five minutes of peaceful meditation and prayer.

The enthusiastic voice of an exercise routine weighs in, so I pick up the coffee creamer container and use it for a quick strength training session.

That’s about as good as it gets most mornings.

Morning routines are the pace car of our day.

A peaceful environment is a plus, hopefully setting the tone for the rest of our day.

Unfortunately, it appears fast, faster, fastest is the morning mantra of the masses (number one reason I drink instant coffee).

Accept it- we go-getters are a hurried group.

This is the reason I embrace the first few moments of my morning routine.

As I sketched out the design for our kitchen and breakfast area, the main goal was to create a visually pleasing space.

Enjoying coffee time, mealtime, or downtime in a kitchen designed and decorated with color, comfort, and convenience in mind is a plus in the slow it down column of life.

Some of us need all the help we can get to get our mornings started.

Colorful kitchen elements and accents add the pop o’ the morning to the space.

Cheerful colors evoke a feeling of warmth and coziness.

Good morning, this is color calling with your wake up call.

Love your style!




images: Erdreich Architecture, P.C., Better Homes and Gardens, Southern Accents, HGTV, Hermitage Kitchen Design Gallery/Steven Long Photography, Sroka Design, Traditional Home, A CASA Design, J. Stephens Interiors

Match Game: Matching Paint Colors

Matching paint colors to our favorite collections and collectibles is one way to carry out a personal treasure theme.

Game Shop Utopia

When a client, friend or family member enlist my services in the color selection process,  it often begins like a Kohler faucet commercial.

I am shown an item and asked to design or decorate around the color(s) of the collection.

Let the match game matching paint colors magic begin!


I’ve been introduced to new blogs this week via fall/autumn link parties, with one particular fall mantel display immediately captured my attention.

The author used pieces of blue and white French china from her personal collection.

Another blog showed how a beautiful collection of leather books influenced the color scheme of a space.

Decorating inspiration comes from many different influences.

I realized I am among those who have been, and will continue to be, influenced by items they collect or hope to start collecting.

I also thought it might be informative to play a round or two of Match Game: matching paint colors to items known to be collected for future decorative reference.


Probably one of the most recognizable colors in the world, iconic Tiffany Blue® was the referenced example used time and time again when selecting the paint color for our bedroom.

Sweet Rhapsody by Behr is close, close, close.


Little Blue Box by Sherwin Williams is my second choice.


Gone With The Wind remains one of the most watched and loved Hollywood classics of all time.  


I fell in love with the movie when I was six years old, and it still comes in as an all-time favorite.


Vegas Green – Valspar
Mecca Gold – Olympic
Offbeat Green – Sherwin Williams

Blue & white porcelain and pottery collections are both popular and stylish.


Traditional blue and white wares of Chinese, English and Italian origin merge well with modern patterns to create beautiful displays.

The varied shades of blue play well off of each other and the result is a visual treat.

blue-white-china Pinterest


Blueberry Buckle ||  Rainbow Bright ||  Annapolis Blue || Stunning Sapphire 


Benjamin Moore

Prussian Blue ||  Blue Suede Shoes ||  Delphinium ||  Stratford Blue


Loyal Blue ||  Georgian Bay  ||  Commodore  

Staffordshire dogs are highly collectible ceramic items.

Dating back to the 1700’s, Staffordshire figurines were made in pottery companies located in the County of Staffordshire, England.

Authentic Staffordshire figurines are rare beauties with proper and notable markings.

staffordshire-dog-figurineAntique Staffordshire King Charles Spaniel dog

Vintage Staffordshire dog figurines can be valued in the hundreds of dollars.

Staffordshire inspired reproductions or in the style off knock-offs are less expensive copies, making ownership more affordable.


I’ve come to love authentic Staffordshire spaniel figurines, and some of the better quality reproduced Staffordshire dog figurines.


Old Navy – Benjamin Moore

Coins come in as one of the top ranked collectibles.

Years ago when my parents were big time Vegas visitors, my mother would bring back silver fifty cent pieces as souvenirs.

half-dollarGreat American Coin Company

My fascination with the metallic paints began right then and there.

The fifty cent pieces are long gone and spent, but I’m rich in my love of the colors silver and copper.


French Silver – Behr


Behr-Maple-GlazeMaple Glaze – Behr

This iconic example speaks for itself.


Tricorn Black ||  Caviar ||  Paradise  || Overt Green ||  Nervy Hue

It’s no surprise that matching paint colors to collections resonates with the decorating choices made by collectors.

Love your style!