New Year, New Home Decor Trends 2016

A new year inspires fresh beginnings and clean slates.

The Places In The Home New Year, New Home Decor Trends 2016 is complete and ready to inspire.

You will spot several carry over trends from last year’s list, perhaps question the prediction of renewed interest in decor trends of decades past, and hopefully agree with and look forward to implementing one or more of the new introductions making a big style splash into your decor.

home decor trends 2016

Decade Design

Interior design and decorating loves a good comeback story.

In the world of trends, a revival of styles in an everything old is new again manner is inevitable.

Early home decor forecasts show decade design on trend for 2016. Dynamic colors, textures and patterns of the glam 1970s and the large floral prints reminiscent of the 1980s are inspiring home decor accents and home furnishings lines.

Gold drenched metals, geometric patterns, bold floral pattern- all present and accounted for.

Mid-Century Modern

Didn’t you just cover Decade Design?

Yes, but Mid-Century Modern design is a design marvel unto itself.

When it comes to mid-century modern home furnishings, Eames and Nelson set the standard and Herman Miller brings it all home and office.

Vintage period pieces and pieces in the style of  from the decade of clean lines, nontraditional materials and modern utility complement most of today’s decorating styles.

It’s a Mad Men mixed material modern world we design and decorate in.


Tile Pattern at Play

Play with your pattern.

You’ll be amazed at the statement it can make.

trend-alert-penny-round-tiles-1602368-1450449001.640x0cMy Domaine


Discovering or rediscovering a classic home decor accent that brilliantly reflects decorating fabulousness is always on trend.

A mirror is the ultimate home decor accent master of illusion.

Spaces devoid of size, light or depth become prime candidates for the presence of a mirror or mirrors.

Mirrors cast the illusion of depth which contributes to opening up the space.

Placement is key when using a mirror to bring more light into the space.

Place, hang or prop a mirror perpendicular to windows in order for the light to saturate the space.


Mirror, Mirror on the Kitchen Wall or Backsplash

No smoke but definitely decorating with mirrors in the kitchen is gaining trend traction.  

In the pursuit of openness and light, a strategically placed mirror in a kitchen solves the issue.  

Now for the part I love about using a mirror(s) in the kitchen- decorative oomph.  


All traditional, transitional, modern, contemporary, urban, farmhouse, eclectic, coastal, antiques or vintage runs the risk of the decor style of the Jack or Jill decorista being categorized as unimaginative, dated and boring.

Throw the eye a curve ball and the space a pop of personality by mixing styles.

greekmodern_3Apartment Therapy

The success of a trend is often measured by the acceptance of the designing and decorating public, ease of functionality and implementation into established decors and the decorative ability to show staying power.

A passing fad, epic fail, emerging classic or blast from the past must try- what’s your opinion of the New Year, New Home Decor Trends 2016?

Love your style!

Our Home For The Holidays

Happy Holidays friends!  We are T-3 to Christmas 2015, and the joy of the season is electric by way of white Christmas lights and treasured traditions.   Welcome to our Home for the Holidays where the theme of comfort and simplicity is well represented.


Our tour is of the dining room and the part of the foyer decked for the holidays. The dining room, a forever work in progress, has seen several design and decor changes in 2015, and will continue to see more in 2016.  The walls are devoid of artwork (the piece you see in this photo is part of the kitchen gallery wall) and the style jury is unable to reach a unanimous decision on accent rug vs. hardwood floors.  The dining room isn’t the only space getting a makeover.  My Mother’s Day gift from our son was paying for the new wallpaper I fell in love with at first sight but took several months to decide if I really had to have it. Turns out I did. Dave the Builder began the project, but real life obligations and unexpected circumstances stepped in and halted the foyer beautification project.  Patience is not only a virtue it is a necessary tool of the trade in design and decorating.


On the Monday before Christmas, my true love gave to me.  A single Santa leopard-ing


and a Christmas goose in the foyer displayed in front of the new zebra wallpaper sitting pretty (pronounce it prit-tee and it rhymes with tree.  Get it?  Partridge. Pear Tree).


A  holiday table centerpiece of magnolia leaves and holly is indeed so Southern, so holiday, so easy and so beautiful.



Bob’s Sweet Stripes as swizzle sticks and crystal finial ornaments as wine charms? You bet!


I purchased these vintage mini framed Madonna prints for my kitchen gallery wall.


Inspiration is everywhere.


The subject matter is holiday appropriate, and the petite size of the framed prints sealed the DIY deal.  Napkin rings it is!



I have collected Victorian inspired Santa Claus figurines for years.  Due to the epic move aka the gift that keeps on giving, combining two households into one and the renovation of my childhood home into our new to us home, most of my Santa collection now resides in climate controlled storage.  These inexpensive stand-in Santas have no great provenance or famous artist signature assigned to them, but I do love the colors and facial features of these old world replicas.


A picture is worth a thousand words, and this perfectly imperfect image serves as a visual reminder of my personal design and decorating philosophy.  Perfection, style and beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  The life lived within a home comes alive through personal style and taste, and there is nothing more gorgeous than a home that beautifully illustrates personal style lives here.  Design and decorate it with a sense of you!


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Love your style!

Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark Interiors

Dark interiors make a dramatic, commanding and intimate statement. Dark interiors are coming out of the shadows and into the trend spotlight.

Halloween-DraculaTurner Classic Movies

Although black is not the only dark color choice associated with dark interiors, it does seem to be the basis for dramatic back in black magic. Black is the new black- a perennial color classic and decorating color essential. What oomph the perfect little black dress lends to a fashionista’s wardrobe, a space dressed from floor-to-ceiling in the color black speaks to a decorista’s personal interior design and decorating style.

dark interiorsAtlanta Homes & Lifestyles 

Visual allure produces a theatrical statement.


donna-mondi-interior-design-portfolio-interiors-stylesDonna Mondi Interior Design

Dark interiors keep beautiful company with deep accent colors rich in palette intensity, and therein lies the secret to the perfect design and decorating marriage.


My initial thought when sourcing the Vertigo pendant by designer Constance Guisset for Petite Friture?  Haute witches hat.

vertigo-chandelierPetite Friture

Dark interiors introduce a sophisticated warmth to the space.

d95b066e3c1683ef09a375d783092110Elle Decor


Dark interiors.  What say you?

Love your style!

Curling Up With Good Interior Decorating, Home Decor and Architecture Books

Curling up with good interior decorating, home decor or architecture book in the name of all things house that make a home is always in style.


Beth Webb : An Eye for Beauty: Rooms That Speak to the Senses

Today I am sharing a short list of a few interior decorating, home decor and entertaining books I am looking forward to reading cover to cover.

a-place-to-call-homeA Place to Call Home: Timeless Southern Charm

I love a gorgeous read with an equally attractive jacket for bookshelf, coffee table and bedside table accessorizing.

I believe that’s what they call an interior decorating win-win.

Entertaining in the Country : Love Where You Eat: Festive Table Settings, Favorite Recipes, and Design

Entertaining in the Country : Love Where You Eat: Festive Table Settings, Favorite Recipes, and Design

City Farmhouse Style: Designs for a Modern Country Life

City Farmhouse Style: Designs for a Modern Country Life

An eclectic and dynamic fall reading list promises to deliver impressive interior decorating eye candy and inspire interior and exterior creativity.


House Beautiful Style Secrets: What Every Room Needs

It’s never too early to think about the holidays!

Christmas with Southern LivingChristmas With Southern Living 2017 : Inspired Ideas for Holiday Cooking and Decorating


The Season of Louisiana Gulf Coastal Style

Certain decor styles have a season, and now is the season of Louisiana Gulf Coastal style.

Louisiane gulf coast map

The decor style displayed throughout your home is a 365 day a year love your style affair, but at certain times of the calendar year the appeal of particular decor styles is heightened.

Brown_Pelican3The Brown Pelican – The Official State Bird of Louisiana

Louisiana is a mixed bag of decor styles, dishes and dialects.

Oyster-shuckLouisiana Cookin’

Among the Victorian, Acadian, Creole, French, Spanish and European influences is the Sportman’s Paradise belle of the decorating ball, Louisiana Gulf coastal style.

One Kings Lane Vintage Silvered Oyster Shell Lamp Finials - Set of 2Vintage Silvered Oyster Shell Lamp Finials – Set of 2

Uttermost Oyster Aged Ivory Shell Sculptures (Set of 2)

Uttermost Oyster Aged Ivory Shell Sculptures (Set of 2)


Cue the magnolias, John James Audubon prints, pelicans, oyster and turtle shells, eclectic objets d’art of beach and bayou and blue and white porcelain.

Pink Backed Pelican

Pink Backed Pelican


Fish Set Including a Large Platter and Six 1960s French Porcelain Oyster Plates


Louisiana Gulf coastal style

Mercana Gold Resin Turtle Shell Storage Box Box Tabletop Decoration


Antique Turtles Shells III Premium Gallery Wrapped Canvas

iCanvas "Alligator Sketch" by Ethan Harper Canvas Print

iCanvas “Alligator Sketch” by Ethan Harper Canvas Print

Stupell Industries Alligator in Business Suit Men's Fashion Reptile Canvas Wall Art

Stupell Industries Alligator in Business Suit Men’s Fashion Canvas Wall Art


Grand Bazaar Radiance Hand Knotted Wool Viscose Area Rug

Louisiana Gulf coastal style blurs the lines of traditional coastal style in a let’s build upon a classic way.

Blue_crabBlue Crab found on the Southern Louisiana Coast


Create a custom piece by replacing existing cabinet hardware with decorative cabinet knobs.

It’s amazing how a piece can go from to plain to pizzazz with the addition of decorative embellishments.

cabinet knob trio

Table lamps and wall sconces are like jewelry in that these are the accessories that complete the look.

driftwood-sconce-silverRegina Andrew Design Driftwood Sconce

Corfu Coastal Blue Striped 32-inch Table Lamp

Corfu Coastal Blue Striped 32-inch Table Lamp

shell shaped wall sconce light

Shelly Wall Sconce

Gwen Table Lamps, Set of 2

Gwen Table Lamps, Set of 2




We take just enough decorating liberty with traditional coastal to make it our own, enhancing the look with a dash of native to Louisiana flavor without walking too terribly far way from the core notes.

Louisiana-coastal-designJarod A. Hebert Architect, LLC


Cyan Design Driftwood Table Lamp

Wyeth Cream Accent Table

Wyeth Cream Accent Table

Noble House Petes Club Chair, Beige and Dark Brown

Noble House Petes Club Chair, Beige and Dark Brown

Scouted décor additions to further complement and enhance the Louisiana Gulf coastal style aesthetic.

Roah Rustic Solid Wood 27-inch Trestle Side Table - Off White

Roah Rustic Solid Wood 27-inch Trestle Side Table – Off White

Haveli Mango Wood Night Chest - Brown

Haveli Mango Wood Night Chest – Brown


Safavieh Handmade Ikat Madyson Wool Rug


Linen Balloon Chair

Florence 6-Drawer 2-Door Carved Sideboard

Florence 6-Drawer 2-Door Carved Sideboard


Windsor Floor Lamp

White Washed Rattan End Table

White Washed Rattan End Table

Furniture of America Jill Modern Metal Crocodile Textured End TableFurniture of America Jill Modern Metal Crocodile Textured End Table

A maddening search of warehouse and storeroom for my Great blue Heron John James Audubon print got this Louisiana Gulf coastal style party started.

Audubon-blue-heronAudubon Oppenheimer Octavo Edition, Pl. 369 Great blue Heron



Bronze Cranes


Avalon Rattan Bar

Accents and accessories-

Bryn Modern Coastal Table Lamp in Rattan

Bryn Modern Coastal Table Lamp in Rattan

Gold Polyresin Coastal Fish Sculpture

Black Crocodile Removable WallpaperBlack Crocodile Removable Wallpaper

Hanging the Great blue Heron print in the dining room is under decorative consideration, and the best way to rule it in or rule it out is to actually hang it before the second and final coat of paint.

Metallic Gold Alligator Sculpture Table Decor

Metallic Gold Alligator Sculpture Table Decor

I do this often when it is convenient.

If I decide against the piece, Dave simply caulks the nail hole and we’re on to bigger and better items.


Updated to reflect the decision to add the print to the dining room décor along with a few new pieces.



The natural color palette so beautifully found along the sands and water’s edge of the Gulf Coast inspires the softer shades of traditional coastal colors.



Natural Brown and Clear Glass Wood-Framed Rectangle Console Table with Natural Branch Sculpture Base

Brown and Clear Glass Wood Rectangle Console Table

Coastal cocktails anyone?

Drumaridly+3-Shelf+Bar+Cart (2)

Addison 3-shelf Multi-use Cart by Greyson Living


I believe we can all agree that summer is the season of coastal décor style, and the popularity of Louisiana Gulf coastal style is simply experiencing its day in the sun.

Love your style!

Planting the Seeds of Change: A Decorating 180

It appears a decorating style metamorphosis is taking place, a planting the seeds of change decorating 180.

“In gardening, architecture, landscape design
and interior design the principles
are interchangeable-or, at the very least, highly adaptable.”

  — Charlotte Moss

A decorating 180 turns up the volume just enough to keep things visually interesting.


The preferred decorating style of choice at Places In The Home is traditional with a twist, but styles and tastes evolve as they should, and mine are no exception.

If only on an experimental basis for the fresh and updated look of it, try introducing one or two accents, colors or patterns from a different decorating style to the space.


I paid a visit to the Hopefully Classic warehouse (storage unit) a couple of weekends ago to do a bit of shopping.

Shopping from within is a tremendous concept.

I become reacquainted with items in the inventory, an afternoon of hunting and digging for treasure qualifies as an excellent workout and the prices can’t be beat.

I pulled a set of decorative concrete planters (one of which is shown in the above image) to pair with two small boxwood plants I bought marked down at Lowe’s.

The picture does not do the planter justice, and as stunning as these planters are, do these lovelies qualify as my personal decorating 180?


This visually striking Italian Heather plant in all its classic pink and green color combination glory is summer planter poised and ready.

garden-basketOrlandi Statuary Round Basket Planter

Hold the phone!

This Orlandi Statuary basket planter may be all the style sashay towards a decorating 180 needed to calm the winds of change.

The style deviation is subtle enough not to overwhelm the process while staying true to the traditional foundation.

Throw the eye a curve ball every now and then and hit a style home run.

Love your style!

 Read more from Charlotte Moss Green Rooms in Introspective on 1stdibs

A Most Fetching Friday

This week’s Fetching Friday features signature design and decor interpretation, fashionable words, a perfect blend of antiques and modern, a summer settee, a full on fall preview, and a question for you all.




adjective: fetching


synonyms: attractive, appealing, sweet, pretty, good-looking, lovely, delightful, charming, prepossessing, captivating, enchanting, irresistible


As illustrated in the Domino magazine feature “High Style Made Easy”, Interior designer Mary McDonald captures decorating lightening in a bottle in this office kitchen with her signature bold design choices.

Decorating in a straightforward fashion strictly based on the function and purpose of the space does not always a statement make.

Doesn’t this office/workspace with its playing it not so safe accents and accessories pop a bit more than a conventional just get the job done look?

ff-Oscar De La Renta

The pairing, mixing and blending of antiques with modern and contemporary style elements is a decorative endeavor I highly recommend trying.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

ff-sophisticated-retreat-feelStyle at Home

A Marina Rust, Penobscot Bay, Maine summer home and a pink settee seasonally in Vogue.


This Traditional Living Room by Springfield Interior Designers & Decorators Nathan Taylor for Obelisk Home defines full fall glory in apples, feathers, rich colors and warm accents detail.


What favorite person, place or thing will be a part of your weekend plans?

I hope you have a most fetching Friday.

Love your style!

A Most Fetching Friday 6

This Fetching Friday 6 features setting colors, fashionable words, traditional English style fit for fall, ooh la la in the kitchen, and a visual testament to a love of antiques.




adjective: fetching


synonyms: attractive, appealing, sweet, pretty, good-looking, lovely, delightful, charming, prepossessing, captivating, enchanting, irresistible


Being optimistic is always in fashion.

ff-be-optmistic-badgeBe Optimistic Felt Badge – Best Made Company

Open the window and let the air of fall weather in is coming to a cool morning and crisp afternoon near you soon.

fall-breakfast-areaArchitectural Digest

Leila Lindholm’s fabulous French inspired kitchen complete with eclectic extravagance with the accent mark on love the look!


A fascinating combination.


Never underestimate the decorative presence, power and inspired influence brought forth by the use of antiques and eccentricities in design and decor.  A point well made in the home of Houston antiques dealer Kay O’Toole as featured in Lonny Magazine.


I hope you have a most fetching Friday 6.

Love your style!