Go With The Interior Decorating Flow

It came to me one evening as I was going over the afternoon spent with family that the walls and windows of a home frame so much more than the house, they frame the life lived within.

Think of it in terms of a baseball diamond.

baseball-diamond (1)

The entire game starts and ends at home plate.

The bases represent milestones in the lives we lead; the good, bad, the in-between while making memories made along the way.

Your home should provide the calm in the storm, and reflect the personalities of those seeking shelter.


Scarlett O’Hara worked her fingers to the bone in war ravaged fields, and Dorothy walked off a month’s worth of calories on the yellow brick road for it.

A rebel with a cause and a Kansas farm girl both knew the score.


There really is no place like it.


Each space within our home should have a personality all its own.

I feel I’ve done my best interior decorating work when a space stands on its own while creating a key essential; the all important and pleasing interior decorating flow.

In the name of all that is tasteful, try not to be guilty of subjecting others to a interior decorating snafu guaranteed to result in Pretty Baby Face Syndrome (PBFS).

Allow me to explain.

Your close friends have recently had a baby and all they can talk about is how precious little Johnnie or little Susie is.

The proud parents present their bundle of joy and immediately you begin to experience Pretty Baby Face Syndrome(PBFS).

It’s too late at this point, and the window of control over your reaction has just closed.

Smack dab across the middle of your face is one part fear and two parts shock.

mr-bean-baby (1)

I don’t believe I’m going out on a limb here by saying precious is probably not the first word that comes to your scrambled mind.

Being the good friend you are (and an even better actor) you will gracefully pull it all together, aiming in the end to save not only the day, but the friendship as well.

Time will bring beauty to the baby.

You and I will bring beauty to your home.

I’m big on celebrating the homeowner’s individuality and decorating choices.

You own-lease-rent the house- stand tall and own your interior design, decorating and home decor choices.

Just remember to go with the interior decorating flow.

Love your style!