10 From 12: Best of 2012

When You See An Image Of An Iconic Figure From The World Of Fashion, Cinema Or Music, Do You Think Interior Design?

Traditional Home

Keeping Home Decor Costs Low & Decorative Impact High

SuperCopperKitchenTasticExcellent à laDecorocious!

Maison Boheme

Introducing New Finds & Keeping Old Favorites: Stylish Decor With The Accent On Chairs

Period Living

Lovely Lantern Light Fixtures

She Chive

Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper, and Nickel: Metals of Distinction In Interior Design and Home Decor

Traditional Home

When The Pear Begins To Rot: A Kitchen Repaint Project

No, this project did not hit a decorative wall.  The pear project continues to be a work in progress, and the New Year will bring a new lantern, drawer pulls, and perhaps a cabinet garage.


Color Me Inspired: Choosing Paint Colors

Paris Apartment

Updates, Edits, And Seasonal Color Palettes: Fall Home Decor Ideas


Traditional Home

Blissfully Delicious Recipe Contest Entry And Winner! Vanilla Bread Pudding With Vanilla Sauce

There you have it- the best of 2012 .

Thank you all for reading, visiting, subscribing, commenting, tweeting, pinning, sharing, liking, and supporting me and Places In The Home.

I know there are gazillions of choices out there in the blogosphere, and I am humbled you take the time to click on mine. 2013 will bring more color, pattern, suggestions, trends, ideas, inspiration, recipes, and home decor news.

I’ll be here and I hope you will be too!

Dave the Builder and I raise our gorgeous goblets toasting and wishing you happiness, health, family, love, peace, prosperity and friendship throughout the New Year 2013!

Love your style!


I’m Not Quite Through Enjoying Fall Decor Just Yet

Fall decor confirms what I’ve known for sometime.

I like, no, I love this fall decor time of year.

Fall excites the senses through seasonal colors on parade, thread counts of warm and cozy fabrics, tastes of pumpkin, apple, cinnamon and spices, and pitch clear sounds floating through the air of a crisp fall evening.

Those of us who live for and love the fall season savor the season, knowing fall is best enjoyed when we keep calm and harvest on.


Fall is the gateway to the season of warm colors, cool weather fairs and festivals, and home for the holidays celebrations.

diy-fall-scentsHouse Beautiful

I wait all year for this time of year to roll around and I want to enjoy the look of fall decor for as long as I can.

I’m adopting a stop and smell the cinnamon and apples attitude.

fall decorSouthern Weddings

Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas decor ideas and decorations are in stores and magazines, but I remind myself to keep calm and harvest on.

I’m not quite through enjoying the beauty of fall decor just yet.



This space definitely got the natural elements works memo.

Stone masonry, white cedar logs, and birch bark veneers carry out the Adirondacks feel year round.

The spot on twig chandelier and stag horn candle holders emphasize the season and put the finishing touches on the rustic package.


Wildwood Branch Chandelier

You are good to go with nature inspired home decor pieces from September to spring.


Pasillas Flared Arm Loveseat


Balsimo 30″ Wide 8-Light Spanish Traditional Chandelier 

Copper cookware and home decor accents lend an element of warmth and distinction to stove and space.

Ruffoni Historia Hammered Copper Chef’s Pan with Acorn Handle

Ruffoni Historia Hammered Copper Chef’s Pan with Acorn Handle

John Derian’s Fall Frolic fall collection of digital notecards and party invitations has a vintage vibe.

The artist based them on 19th-century pieces from his own decoupage archive.

These fall frolic invitations are anything but boaring.


This time of year gives our seasonal home decor choices a permission slip signed go ahead- get cozy, relax, and stay awhile.

Using Metal Colors in Interior Design and Home Decor

Keeping late project hours tend to catch up with you, but inspiring images and finds prove a powerful motivator so here I am, at the keyboard, typing out what I hope is informative as well as inspirational information for using metal colors in interior design and home decor.

transitional home office Webber Coleman WoodworksWebber Coleman Woodworks

In order to keep my painter happy the air is turned to artic blast, the coffee is brewing, and the radio dial is set to his favorite classic rock station.

Traditional Home

“Heavy Metal” by Don Felder played this morning, and now it is stuck in my head.

Whittney Parkinson DesignWhittney Parkinson Design

The catchy tune and the on-trend metal parade gave me the idea for this using metal colors in interior design and home decor post.

Inspiration is everywhere, my friends.



taylor borsari industrial style kitchen cabinets Taylor Borsari


Pursley Dixon Architecture kitchen

Pursley Dixon Architecture

Mihai Cork Metallic Wallpaper RollMihai Cork Metallic Wallpaper Roll


 Tamara Magel 


gold-trunk-the-Brick-HouseThe Brick House

 kristen panitch interiors Kristen Panitch Interiors


kelley flynn interior design

Kelley Flynn Interior Design

Using metal colors in interior design and home decor adds depth, warmth, and sophistication to the feel of the space.

Color Duo: Black And White

The decorative darling color duo of black and white is as classic as it is sublime.


Distinctive traits bring to mind another classic color duo of note, the Oreo cookie.

black and white

John Jacob Interiors

Both utterly delicious!


There’s those who consider black and white to be nondescript, flat, and visually uninteresting.

Beautiful Black & White Canvas PrintsBeautiful Black & White Canvas Prints

Who would dare refer to the legendary Coco Chanel black and white suit collection as nondescript, flat, and visually uninteresting.


Domino – Photography by Meghan McNeer 

Black and white introduces a touch of luxury and classic elegance into a space.

Benjamin Johnston Design

Benjamin Johnston Design

Neutral to some spaces yet to others a palette focal point.

Jill Shevlin Design

Jill Shevlin Design

This never boring, always on trend color pairing stands up well as a decorative chameleon- a color foundation in which to design and decorate upon.

Estee Design

Estee Design

From classic traditional to modern to retro kitsch, black and white interiors, accessories and accents garner dramatic results in presentation.

Robert Kaner Interior Design

Robert Kaner Interior Design

James Dawson Interior Design

James Dawson Interior Design

I discovered a new level of cookie greatness over the Christmas holidays.


The easy and delicious Oreo Cookie Truffle takes the three ingredient recipe of Oreo, cream cheese and white chocolate to a whole new level.




Like its color duo counterpart, it’s all in good taste.

Melanie Turner Interiors- Stan Benecki Homes

Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles

Be it together on a wall, chair, frame, fixture or in complementing contrast to each other in the space, the decorating darling color duo of black and white makes a classic color statement.

Love your style!

Don’t Fear Using Color In Your Home Decor And Interior Design

Don’t fear using color in your home decor and interior design.

Color may possibly be the consummate element of design and decor.

The implementation of color develops and defines interior design devoid of monotony.

bold-hbx-benjamin-moore-split-pea-0215House Beautiful

bold traditional homeTraditional Home

With this title I feel as if I should have a cowbell, a drumstick and Christopher Walken asking for more cowbell.

In this case, cowbell is color, and current trends are asking for more of it.

Nuevo Estilo

Color enhances a space with a positive energy.

First it draws the eye, then effortlessly offers the vision of how to introduce color to the space.

bold style at home decorpad

Style at Home


Color flows from walls, furnishings and accessories to envelope the space in comfort, warmth and beauty.

bold-hbx-orange-skirted-table-0215House Beautiful

Nuevo Estilo


House Beautiful

Traditional Home

Gorgeous, n’est–ce pas?

That’s the undeniable beauty and result of using color in your home decor and interior design.