I’m Board: Pinterest & Olioboard Boards

I’m “board” on this Monday afternoon. Pinterest and Olioboard boards that is. As I was clocking valuable twitter time Monday afternoon, I came across an interesting tweet inviting interested parties to participate in a design and decorating contest.



Participants are asked to create a Pinterest board featuring products they would use to create a dream foyer in their home.  My interest is piqued to the point of participation and inspiration to create a second Pinterest board of the Foyer Thinking persuasion.  Below is pictorial proof of how I spent my Monday afternoon.

My Dream Foyer PinterestAnother great site is Olioboard.  Olioboard is an easy application for creating digital mood boards. Interior designers, decor enthusiast and creative minds come together to share inspiration and offer feedback.  I use Olioboard to mockup decorating presentations, and once I mastered the tips, tricks and tools I have never looked back.


Over the holidays I was approached about taking on a living room renovation project.  Both potential client and designer are thinking the project over.  I thought I would get something down on paper, or in this case, on a digital mood board.


Elegant Interior Design Anchors Of A Space

From one generation to another, classic good looks are timeless.

In design and decor, classic styles, color palettes, lines, and textures never go out of style- they simply become the elegant anchors of a space.


That doesn’t mean your decor should stand still in time.

This is where updating through accessories, upholstery, and curtains takes the lead.

A case in point is the 1800’s Victorian-style home of Josephine Aiken.

Inviting and cozy with a fun flavor was the idea, and the result packs a purple and red stunning punch.

Beautifully detailed in Southern Living, the homeowner selected the colors for two reasons- they are her favorites and are in two paintings she owns.

Favorite(s) items, mementos, and treasures make a perfect foundation to build upon.

The mix of traditional design elements along with vibrant, rich colors and textures effortlessly update a space.


Velvet and silk accessories in red and purple invitingly warm the room.

The result is visually unique, a true characteristic of the Victorian style.

Bold choices take the room by quiet storm, creating a fresh and unexpected statement.

painting over mantel

Going home again is not quite that literal for Ashley Stark.

As detailed in Elle Decor, her two-year search for the right apartment did indeed end at the beginning.

The landmark Rosario Candela building is the same building where she grew up.

Once again, the perfect foundation to build upon is in play.

All the beauty of the original doors, fireplaces, and floors remained intact.

Designers James Aman and John Meeks consulted and the result produced an interior space where inherited pieces and contemporary art blend in decor harmony.

ashley-starkAshley Stark

High drama with a modern aesthetic captures the rustic glamour of an old barn moved from Canada to Connecticut. New York-based architect Russell Groves updated all mechanical, electrical and data systems.

Featured in Style at Home, the structure was sound and left untouched. Bringing the inside to the modern standards to reflect the tastes of the homeowner’s lifestyle is a natural fit of like minds.

design anchors of a space

Contemporary seating , accessories, and art accentuates the wood ceiling and beams without distracting the focus of the decor.

A Shaker bed was ebonized in order to give more of  a modern edge to the space.

The lines of the storage cabinetry are sleek and open shelving done in ebony offers a modern functionality.

The Victorian home of India Knight inspires the lived in, loved in look. Souvenirs from world travels, modern fixtures, and eclectic color palettes reflect the personality of the home.


The living room is family central and the true Victorian features, gorgeous floor-to-ceiling windows and heavy crown molding, are not lost.

India makes a bold and beautiful statement with her bathroom decor.

The larger than life blind is printed with an image of Marilyn Monroe.

Ideal Home

These examples show the fun, function, and funky side of unexpected decors in relation to the design bones of the home.

Interior decors, like wonders, never cease to amaze, and aren’t we glad they do!

Love your style!

Stepping Back To The Nineteenth Century Through Design And Decor By Way Of A Converted Presbytery

The nineteenth century lives on through character, color and design in the converted presbytery home of Muriel Dana. Featured in Campagne Decoration, the decor of this Normandy coast home reflects the fascination of a time gone by.

A self proclaimed decorator and bargain hunter, Muriel’s passion for furniture and objects of the nineteenth century swathe her home in a magnificent interpretation of romance, lace, and femininity.  Shades of pink frame the space flattering brown accents, and the French settee done ooh la la lovely in complementing aubergine.

Repairs were made to cracking walls, doors, and windows, allowing detail to authenticity in the ground floor reception rooms. The greens of both the Louis XVI cane chair with gold accents and velvet curtains draw the eye to the finish of the golden brown mud walls beneath the wainscot.  Two-tone walls, such as in this case, enrich the color palette.

A former upstairs Sunday school room was effortlessly converted to a  dressing room and bathroom.  A pine armoire serves two purposes,  practical storage and perfect complement to the hardwood floors. The six light gold gilt and crystal chandelier pales in beauty only to the claw foot tub and gold gilt drapery crown.

The undeniable hallmarks of French decor- gray(or is it grey), blue, white- Très bien!  The patina of the original mud walls allows an antique finish to be created summed up by two words, perfect imperfection.

Should I begin with the distressed beauty of the copper pot lined cupboard, the silverware cabinet door hardware and napkin holder, the embroidered sheets doing cuisine duty, or the gourmet feeling that French design and decor defines?It’s all so wonderfully French and so wonderfully good!

The upstairs master bedroom became the room Muriel had always dreamed of. Isn’t that exactly what a master bedroom should be?  Baroque influenced accents from whitewashed walls, golden cherubs, and lace panels exemplify the new meaning of the three r’s ~ romantic, refined, restful.

Like mother, like daughter~ a dream room is the wish Muriel granted her daughter Sophie. Decor choices of framed vintage prints, pink as far as the eye can see, a bed crown befitting a sleeping princess, and toile de Jouy are perfect for child’s play.

Taking a meal in the intimate dining room overlooking the gardens would certainly be a dining and visual treat. The deep patina of the gray(grey) wall showcases the rosewood decorative wall clock as a focal point. The chicken wire doors of the china cupboard, the highly decorative appliques and crown, and toile lined shelves epitomize European charm.

Home design and decor should express and reflect the essence of its owners. The homeowner’s passion for the furniture and accessories, reminiscent of the nineteenth century,  is uniquely displayed throughout the home.  Character and charm are two elements of great design, and are the calling card of this stunning home.

Love your style!







images: Christophe Rouffio

Color Your World Series: Decorating With The Color Pink

Decorating with the color pink is a decorista go-to in my portfolio preferences.


Over the next few postings I will be showing a series of color charts, fabric samples and wallpapers for your viewing pleasure.


I’ve selected a few fun, funky, classic, trendy, traditional, elegant and affordable options.


Who couldn’t use a little or a lot of pink in their decorating world?

Fun Letter Board

Let’s kick things off with interiors, ideas and a shades and styles design board featuring ideas for decorating with the color pink.

Amanda Nisbet Design Amanda Nisbet Design

Peacock-Cabinetry Peacock Cabinetry


Tibetan Lamb Ottoman


Amanda Reynal Interiors

Amy_Morris_2016_04_25_9999_7Amy Morris Interiors ~ Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles


Amy Morris Interiors ~ Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles


pink colors moodboard

pink-palette Sherwin- Williams 

color pinkCountry Living

benjamin moore blush paint colorsBenjamin Moore ~  Rose Blush ||  Warm Blush ||  Misty Blush



American Flamingo’ by John James Audubon

Buoyant I Giclee Canvas Art Print

Buoyant I Giclee Canvas Art Print

A touch of fabulous with a hint of fun keeps the look fresh and focal point worthy.

What’s An Architectural Pediment Like You Hanging In A Place Like This?

Conformity is unavoidable in some circumstances, but individuality reigns supreme in most of them. I like to use elements of surprise, or at the very least, ones that invariably make someone ask, “How did you come up with that idea?”

architectural pedimentBrooke Giannetti 

I’m an “eyedea” kind of girl.  Using an architectural pediment as a home decor piece is a unique way to top off the look.

Sherry Hart ~ Houzz

My eyes are constantly looking at the decor world  through idea colored glasses.  Dave the builder is my 20/20 equal and when we are in the zone we can be quite productive.

repurposed pedimentBetter Homes & Gardens

I distinctly remember my first I could’ve had a V8 moment in regards to this practice. It was 1986, and we had closed on the first of many of our dream homes.  Flipping afforded us the opportunity to have many dream homes.  The reason we had many was simple- as soon as we would complete one Dave the builder would sell it and we’d start all over again. Our first dream home is still occupied by the same couple we sold it to. They love it even more today, and have never changed one thing about the interior or exterior of the house.  Either I’m very good at making timeless decor and design selections or they are incredibly lazy.  I tell myself it is the first one.

headboard made from pedimentBetter Homes & Gardens

The den fireplace was in the center of a brick wall that was the focal point of the room.  The original fireplace mantel in the house found a better home by the curb, and the choices for its replacement were less than impressive.  Today’s choices in the arena of home furnishings are infinitely better, and I for one am eternally grateful for the strides that have been made.  Anywho, back to the late 80’s.

antique pedimentsDave the builder went to a neighboring town to look at a property.  He came home that evening the proud owner of another depressed property in need of flipping, but even better than that he brought home a stroke of genius in terms of interior eye candy.  In his rounds that afternoon he stopped by an antique shop and purchased a salvage piece.  Well, it might not be truly defined as a salvage piece, but what it was defined as was our new fireplace mantel.  In its previous life the piece had served as the pediment of an antique Mahogany armoire.

armoire pediment

Surprisingly, the pediment was in pristine condition as a stand-alone item.  We turned that baby upside down and the “ledge” was deep enough to allow my favorite lamp and Staffordshire dogs adequate display room.  The centrally located broken arch looked great upright, but inverted it went to the next  level of wow!   Our “eyedea” and ideal mantel graced four fireplaces out of six of our homes.  When we sold our second to last home the new homeowner begged me to leave the mantel.  For a split second I considered doing so, but couldn’t find it in my heart to part with it.

bed crown

I like incorporating a pediment into home decor.  The one in the picture below is one I purchased for a client.  Her plan was to use it as a bed crown in her daughter’s bedroom, but we went in another direction. I grew fond of it and the finish by default while handling it five hundred times during her creative process.


When she said no I said so and brought it straight home.  I went antique on antique and placed it above the vintage balustrade lamp in my kitchen.


The one below is really nothing special, definitely a salvage piece off a piece of funky furniture.  It has a bad spot on it we filled in.  The gold spray paint put up a fight not wanting to adhere or cover.  It won, I settled, and it found a home over the picture hanging in my bathroom.

guest bathroom

I ran across a really neat idea in my treasure hunting two years ago.  Don’t throw those old dining chairs away- recycle the top rails and use them as smaller scale pediments.  I purchased two sets and placed them above medium sized frames as a finishing complement.


Keep your eyes open and the creative juices flowing.   I hope this idea helps you with your own “eyedeas”.   One man’s trash is always another man’s treasure.