Radiant Orchid

Pantone Color of the Year 2014 has been revealed.  Radiant Orchid delivers a stunning up close and Pantone look at the beauty of color.

Pantone Color of the Year 2014


radiant orchid

Radiant orchid is no shrinking violet in the grand color scheme of  primary or accent things.  I’m most excited to see color, radiant color, take its rightful place on the stage shared and paired with neutral palettes and the decorative darling duo,  black and white.  A hint, a splash or a pop of color often completes the look of the space, and bravo to that!

orchid wallsvia

Floral motifs in soft redwood and orchid envelope and exude soft shades in textured hues in this one-of-a-kind wool rug from ABC Carpet & Home.

orchid wool rug

Blended shades of orchid complement the crackle finish of the Ty Orchid table lamp by Arteriors Home available from Lamps Plus.  Orchid is always in perfect company, complement and contrast to  pale gray.

Ty orchid table lamp


Inspired by the vintage perfume bottles seen in the windows of antique shops in France, Orchid Fragrance by artist Michelle Bennett is a great option for a splash of trend with of pop of 2014 color.

orchid home decor

1, 2, 3

Go for the gold and radiant orchid in geometric sophistication with this Boulevard decorative pillow or set the mood with the Scallop Art Glass Amethyst Candle in radiant orchid purple tones.


The announcement of radiant orchid as the Pantone Color of the Year 2014 at the holidays offers new traditional Christmas decorating ideas for the holiday season.  I already have the  fabric in mind for a custom tree skirt in radiant orchid pattern and texture.  Talk about laissez les bons temps rouler festive timing!  Radiant orchid kicks off the season as the king of carnival color.

mardi gras colors

Will radiant orchid find a place in your favorite and festive spaces?


Foyer Thinking: Foyer Decor and Design

Talk of and moodboard creations for entryway and foyer decor and design has got me Foyer Thinking.  You know what they say about first impressions.  A stylish and stunning  foyer is guaranteed to make a fabulous and lasting first impression.

Traditional Home

What is the shelf life of your home decor?  I’m talking accessories, furnishings, accents, lighting fixtures, wallcoverings, flooring- the whole home decor enchilada.

Oak Hill Architects

Do you spot refresh, elegantly edit, or wipe the decor slate clean?  A foyer is a great space to do a little of all of it in. Taking flow and form into consideration lays the groundwork however,  I admire and appreciate a decorative curve ball- a step away from the expected.  It’s a visual treat to the most trained eye, and it keeps things interesting.

chic foyer decorRue Magazine

As I worked on the Foyer Thinking  Olioboard moodboard for a client presentation this past week, I began to feel the pangs of home decor change.

 Better Homes and Gardens

That’s me- a forward-thinking foyer thinking decorator who likes a good play on words.  Giving the client a myriad of options gave me my own myriad of ideas. Standard accessories usually include a mirror, well placed decorative table or floor lamp(s), and a place to hang your hat.  Artwork, architectural pieces, whimsical objects, accent seating, a rug or runner in pattern play- yes, please!   A foyer or entryway offers a welcoming glance -a preview of  your personal decorative and design show and tell.


As I find myself deep into seasonal updates, client moodboards, color and editing, decor refreshing seems to be hitting home… mine!  Thank goodness the major design and decor choices in this house continue to hold my attention.  Home decor “staples” are design and decor elements that anchor the space and reflect core tastes.   A sideboard in the kitchen one day may be the entertainment center in the den the next.  That’s the great attraction to great pieces.  I call them decorative chameleons. 

marble-top-sideboard (2)

Then & Now


The temptation to remodel, refresh and redo goes with the territory.  I have promised Dave we will start small (you know what they say about promises, they are made to be broken).


A trip to the Hopefully Classic climate controlled storage unit for a personal shopping afternoon will soon be taking place.  Foyer thinking will do that.  I feel the need to take inventory, treasure hunt, shake things up a bit, and do a tad of editing from within.  You know what they say about first impressions!

Wallpaper: A Classic Choice

Wallpaper is an essential decor element- the paper doll of decor.

wallpaper uses

Consider a wall, ceiling, bookcase back panel or whatever item you have in mind the form, and the colors, patterns, and textures the designer article of attire.

wall-covering-ceilingArchitectural Digest

Have fun with interior design, decorating, and home decor!

Pacifico Palm Floral Wallpaper Roll

Pacifico Palm Floral Wallpaper Roll

Rules apply for balance and form, but consider this- the unexpected use of color or well thought out and very intentional placement of a design or decor element in a “I would have never thought of that” place keeps things interesting.

Wallpaper adds interest, a punch of personality, and the all important and essential pop of color.

grasscloth wallpaperTraditional Home

If we’re talking traditional wallpapers, we must talk grasscloth.

Grasscloth wallpaper hangs around the scene for one stylish and obvious reason-its natural texture, quality of style, and durable function keep the spotlight on it. 

Dazzling Dimensions Lustrous Grasscloth

Dazzling Dimensions Lustrous Grasscloth

I’ve installed, suggested, and used grasscloth many times over the years in properties we flipped, commercial and residential design jobs, and in our houses to rave reviews.

Repeat after me:




wallpapered bedroomBetter Homes and Gardens

Instantly recognizable iconic patterns identify with not only the brand but with classic traditional style.

The investment in iconic pattern wallpapers is for the life of the space.



   Scalamandré Zebras Wildlife Wallpaper Roll

Wallpaper can most definitely be considered a work of art, especially patterns such as this one from Studio Printworks as featured in Architectural Digest.

jean louis denoit

Architectural Digest

Timeless designs, on-trend patterns, and durable function make wallpaper a classic and quality choice of product for a quality result in interior decorating.


10 From 12: Best of 2012

When You See An Image Of An Iconic Figure From The World Of Fashion, Cinema Or Music, Do You Think Interior Design?

Traditional Home

Keeping Home Decor Costs Low & Decorative Impact High

SuperCopperKitchenTasticExcellent à laDecorocious!

Maison Boheme

Introducing New Finds & Keeping Old Favorites: Stylish Decor With The Accent On Chairs

Period Living

Lovely Lantern Light Fixtures

She Chive

Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper, and Nickel: Metals of Distinction In Interior Design and Home Decor

Traditional Home

When The Pear Begins To Rot: A Kitchen Repaint Project

No, this project did not hit a decorative wall.  The pear project continues to be a work in progress, and the New Year will bring a new lantern, drawer pulls, and perhaps a cabinet garage.


Color Me Inspired: Choosing Paint Colors

Paris Apartment

Updates, Edits, And Seasonal Color Palettes: Fall Home Decor Ideas


Traditional Home

Blissfully Delicious Recipe Contest Entry And Winner! Vanilla Bread Pudding With Vanilla Sauce

There you have it- the best of 2012 .

Thank you all for reading, visiting, subscribing, commenting, tweeting, pinning, sharing, liking, and supporting me and Places In The Home.

I know there are gazillions of choices out there in the blogosphere, and I am humbled you take the time to click on mine. 2013 will bring more color, pattern, suggestions, trends, ideas, inspiration, recipes, and home decor news.

I’ll be here and I hope you will be too!

Dave the Builder and I raise our gorgeous goblets toasting and wishing you happiness, health, family, love, peace, prosperity and friendship throughout the New Year 2013!

Love your style!


This Is My Idea Of Halloween: Decorating With Black And Orange

Decorating with black and orange reaches beyond traditional Halloween colors .

IDF Studio

IDF Studio

Subtle hints of black and orange welcome spectacular and spooktacular reviews.


Elle Decor

RD Architecture, LLC

RD Architecture, LLC

I have used this image in another post to illustrate the undeniable decorative impact of the color duo black and white.


I could not resist using it again to stress how stunning a space can be with the choice and pairing of orange and black.

black orange chinoiserie fabric chair


Adrian Wilson interior photography, NY

Adrian Wilson interior photography, NY

Refined Haystack

Refined Haystack

These gorgeous rooms, accents, and accessories do not rely on tricks- only decorative and stylish treats for the eye.

I’m Not Quite Through Enjoying Fall Decor Just Yet

Fall decor confirms what I’ve known for sometime.

I like, no, I love this fall decor time of year.

Fall excites the senses through seasonal colors on parade, thread counts of warm and cozy fabrics, tastes of pumpkin, apple, cinnamon and spices, and pitch clear sounds floating through the air of a crisp fall evening.

Those of us who live for and love the fall season savor the season, knowing fall is best enjoyed when we keep calm and harvest on.


Fall is the gateway to the season of warm colors, cool weather fairs and festivals, and home for the holidays celebrations.

diy-fall-scentsHouse Beautiful

I wait all year for this time of year to roll around and I want to enjoy the look of fall decor for as long as I can.

I’m adopting a stop and smell the cinnamon and apples attitude.

fall decorSouthern Weddings

Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas decor ideas and decorations are in stores and magazines, but I remind myself to keep calm and harvest on.

I’m not quite through enjoying the beauty of fall decor just yet.



This space definitely got the natural elements works memo.

Stone masonry, white cedar logs, and birch bark veneers carry out the Adirondacks feel year round.

The spot on twig chandelier and stag horn candle holders emphasize the season and put the finishing touches on the rustic package.


Wildwood Branch Chandelier

You are good to go with nature inspired home decor pieces from September to spring.


Pasillas Flared Arm Loveseat


Balsimo 30″ Wide 8-Light Spanish Traditional Chandelier 

Copper cookware and home decor accents lend an element of warmth and distinction to stove and space.

Ruffoni Historia Hammered Copper Chef’s Pan with Acorn Handle

Ruffoni Historia Hammered Copper Chef’s Pan with Acorn Handle

John Derian’s Fall Frolic fall collection of digital notecards and party invitations has a vintage vibe.

The artist based them on 19th-century pieces from his own decoupage archive.

These fall frolic invitations are anything but boaring.


This time of year gives our seasonal home decor choices a permission slip signed go ahead- get cozy, relax, and stay awhile.

Lovely Lantern Light Fixtures

Whether brilliantly hanging  in the center of the room, strategically and stylishly placed as an accent, or on top of a lamp post, lovely lantern light fixtures remain classic and elegant home decor choices for interior and exterior spaces.

Dream House Studios

lantern light fixturesPinterest

Traditional Home

A red pineapple lantern and lacquered Italian armchairs make an excellent argument for the ever popular pop of color.

Home Bunch

Tobi Fairley strikes interior design gold, and black, and white, and red, and red-orange.

Color combination divine!

Traditional Home

An antique round pedestal center table becomes a stunning muse for the iron foyer lantern.

I really like the look of the lantern, and the way it is hung slightly lower than a conventional hanging height.

House Beautiful

Dream House Studios

Dream House Studios


How I do love thee.

Traditional Home

The crowning glory of this look  is without a doubt the lantern chandelier.

She Chive

Style at Home

Three lovely lantern light fixtures all in a row add such unique detail to this outdoor space reminiscent of classic Hollywood, cocktails at the pool, and lush gardens.


Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles

The neutral palette and wide crown molding complement the dark finish of this hanging lantern.


Hayburn and Co

Lantern chandeliers easily conform to any decor.

A lovely and logical explanation as to why they remain a popular home decor choice.