Encore Post: Orange And Lemon Almond Mint Tea 2

I served Orange and Lemon Almond Mint Tea at our Easter dinner as a pre-dinner refreshment and the crowd went wild (well, as wild as an Easter Sunday crowd can get all loaded up on a non-alcoholic beverage).

Figuring we have all seen plenty of recipes over the last week leading up to the holiday, but not wanting to break with the recipe Monday routine, I offer you a repost of this refreshing Orange and Lemon Almond Tea recipe.


Just in time for spring and summer afternoons, bridal showers, a graduation tea or girls’ night in, Orange and Lemon Almond Mint Tea is a refreshing alternative to traditional iced tea.


The combination of orange juice and fresh lemon juice pair well together to add the citrus kick, and the almond is the perfect flavor complement.

Orange and Lemon Almond Mint Tea


4  tea bags

3  tablespoons fresh mint sprigs

4  cups boiling water

1  cup sugar

¼  cup fresh lemon juice

¾  cups orange juice

2  teaspoons almond extract

additional 2 cups hot water


Bring 4 cups of water to a boil.

Add tea bags, sugar and fresh mint.


Stir well to eliminate sugar from sticking to bottom of pan.


Remove pan from heat; cover and let steep for 15 minutes.

Add orange juice, lemon juice, almond extract and additional 2 cups water together in a 2-quart pitcher; stir well to incorporate.

When steeping is complete, remove tea bags from mixture.

Pour steeped tea mixture into pitcher and stir well.

Refrigerate until chilled.

Serve over ice with optional garnish.

Makes 2 quarts.









Spring Home Decor Ideas

Color, texture, edits and updates usher in spring and spring home decor ideas.

Home décor items in decorative and colorful choices spring up everywhere this time of year.


Architectural Digest

Regardless if your seasonal update involves a major weekend color infusion paint party throwdown or a more subtle approach of the decorative throw pillow, lampshade, and decorative accent kind, inspirational and affordable ideas abound.


That’s a moiré wallcovering!

Designer Jamie Drake selects a silk moiré wallcovering that not only exemplifies optimum pattern and color choice, but highlights the accessories in the always spring appropriate fuchsia.

I like how the balance between feminine and masculine in this bedroom tips the scale toward perfection.

fuchsia bedroomFreshome

Hydrangeas in full bloom housed in a porcelain pitcher or galvanized metal bucket never fail to take my thoughts back in time to Saturdays spent at my grandmother’s antique shop.

spring flowers in farmhouse sinkCountry Living

A bouquet of hydrangeas sitting atop an oak server, walnut dining table, or mahogany parlor table brings out the natural beauty of the flower and the furniture.

pink wing chair

How spring does love the classic and timeless color combination of pink and green!

Nick Olsen Lee Jofa designer roomKravet

The Featured Designer room at Lee Jofa in New York City features the color inspired brilliance of Nick Olsen.

The  Cheshire Tight Back chair is upholstered in Lee Jofa Ayla Trellis in fuchsia red.

Bold colors in big doses too much  for your tastes?

My advice for that is to practice the ABC’s of impact.

Adjust Big Color.  

A seasonal splash of color through spot accessories can achieve just as big of an impact as color drenching the entire space.

Big and colorful things do come in small packages.

How do you welcome spring into your home décor?

Lemon, Orange, And Rosemary Air-Freshener

I’m all about stopping, smelling the roses and not hurrying through one thing to get to another…usually.

This week it’s all about smelling the fresh scent of lemon, orange and rosemary air-freshener.

Lemon, Orange, And Rosemary Air-Freshener

Winter has been a brr of a season, and is fast on the way to overstaying its welcome.

I was inspired to try my hand at creating an all-natural air-freshener after seeing  a post from Folk magazine on the Places In The Home Facebook page.

Isn’t that what the blogosphere and social media is really all about?

The fresh citrus aroma associated with spring is a lovely thing to enjoy in February.


Homemade fresh from the garden and cupboard ideally puts creative control in your hands, pans, and jars.

The citrus of fresh lemons and oranges pairs well with the pungent scent of fresh rosemary.


Add 2 tablespoons lemon extract and spring is in the air.

Simmering new or tried and true winning combinations of fresh fruits and herbs, spices, extracts, and essential oils is a natural, clean, and fresh way to eliminate odors and bring the scents of a favorite season indoors.

Lemon, Orange, and Rosemary Air-Freshener


2   quarts water

2  stems fresh rosemary

2   lemons, sliced

1   large orange, sliced

2  Tablespoons lemon extract


Bring all ingredients to a boil in a medium saucepan. Reduce heat and simmer uncovered, adding additional water as needed.