Chalk It Up: Chalk Paint DIY Project Inspiration

While catching up on my continuing decorating education this past week, I’ve duly noted the chalkboard chalk paint diy project inspiration love is still going strong.

chalk paint

Home Depot offers great readings and ideas in their forums.

I am in the thought before execution stage of project custom chalkboard for my office.


My color curiosity is even more piqued now that I’ve learned the rainbow of chalkboard paint possibility is multicolored. Rust-Oleum Specialty Chalk Board Tint Base converts surfaces into a usable chalkboard.

Good color choices come in lucky me thirteens!

Benjamin Moore takes its turn at the board in hopes of broadening your chalkboard paint horizons.


Benjamin Moore latex chalkboard paint allows you to turn almost any interior surface into a chalkboard in any color.

Now that is chalk it up to fabulous!


Let’s look at a few examples of chalk it up to fabulous chalkboard chalk paint diy projects.

bee cottage6

I like the quaint yet eye-catching presence of this Frances Schultz designed kitchen and butler’s pantry.

Scalloped edging and burlap ties bring that’s the one I want thoughts to mind.

The blue and white plate and platter display sets the look.


Traditional Home

Chalkboard paint or in the style of chalk paint paints take to primed and ready pieces such as vintage doors, cabinet fronts, decorative frames and framed windows (yes, it adheres to clean glass) with finish perfection.

chalk-boardTraditional Home

usefullwalltreatments_6_magnetfamilywall Apartment Therapy

A vintage panel becomes both a chalkboard and a dining room focal point for practical and vintage collection display purposes.

chalk-daviddambrosiocondo-09Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles

I find myself long on correspondence and short on storage space in my home office.

Beauty is not found in the stacks if the stacks are piled all around.

In a quest to alleviate and edit, I plucked an architectural mantle from the Hopefully Classic inventory thinking it would be perfect for reference books, design magazines and accumulating correspondence.

It was not.

Let the treasure hunt begin for an antique chest or single drawer table.

This is a super easy chalkboard or chalk paint diy project for creating stylish storage solution.

Colorhouse Glass Quart Interior Chalkboard Paint

Colorhouse Glass Quart Interior Chalkboard Paint samples


Colorhouse Chalkboard Paint

The design and decorative draw of chalk paint and in the style of chalk paint is found in the no need to prime, strip or sand technique, quick dry time, premier color chart choices, mix and match color your world with your own color invention capabilities, ease of application and finishing waxes.

Although not a miracle product, these types of paints tend to cover so well it allows the painter/furniture artist to embrace and go with the imperfections.

Chalk paint covers a multitude of decorating sins.


Annie Sloan masters the ooh la la chalk paint techniques, ideas, colors and what wax to use for what effect how-to.

Annie Sloan's Paint Workbook : A Practical Guide to Mixing Color and Making Style Choices

Annie Sloan’s Paint Workbook : A Practical Guide to Mixing Color and Making Style Choices

Vintage shops, flea markets, and or garage sales are prime haunts for finding great pieces to chalkboard or chalk paint diy project with.

Chalk it up to fabulous!

Love your style!



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  1. I’ve been wanting to try the chalkboard paint in several places in my home; but I can only find the black locally.

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