Classic Pieces

Classic pieces connect the thin line between fashion and interior design.

From the runway to the entryway, classic lines, textures, patterns, and colors captivate the tastes and eyes of fashionistas and decoristas the world over.


Martinique Wallpaper

Classic pieces in the world of fashion and interior design speak fluent influence and style.



Inspiration is everywhere, and the above image testifies to the truth of those three words.

When fashion needs beautifully collide with home decor wants the result can be fabulous and inspiring.

Where one good eye sees a drop dead gorgeous outfit, another good eye may see a home decor accessory must-have.

I’ve asked the following question several times, even writing a blog post about it.

Scalamandré Tigre pillow cover

Scalamandré Animal Pillow Cover in Tiger

It gets its footing from inspiration and its merit from this visual world we live, write, design, groove, relax and Pinterest in.

When you see an image of an iconic figure from the world of fashion, design, cinema, or music, do you think interior design?

The onslaught of seasonal home decor finds and fashions is in full fall force.

What’s hot, what’s not, and what’s trending makes an interesting read, but I chalk it up to what it really is- a subjective reference guide.

My wallet can’t keep up with the ever changing fads from season to season, year to year.

This is where trend pieces come in.

Selecting affordable wardrobe and home decor accessories keeps things updated, fresh, and fun.

That’s a great and stylish thing.

Oliver Gal 'Travel in Style' Fashion and Glam Wall Art Canvas Print

Oliver Gal ‘Travel in Style’ Fashion and Glam Wall Art Canvas Print

Leaning toward favoring the classics, I follow a basic principle of style in both fashion and interior design.

Build your house of style upon timeless and classic foundation and investment pieces, and let trending accessories do what trends do best, come and go. 

A  timeless piece is a quality investment you’ll only have to make once.  

This applies to fashion, interior design and home decor accessories. 

What trends and classics are inspiring you?

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