Color Awakenings Through Spring Color Palette Choices

The season of color awakenings through spring color palette choices is upon us.

Warm mid-afternoon breezes, hints of pastel petals, the yellow dusting of pollen (you want pretty flowers, don’t you?), the hum of lawn mowers and thoughts of strawberry pie.

Spring offers wonderful inspiration for making color palette choices.

spring flowersGood Housekeeping

The colors of the season shake off the last of winter’s remnants.

Granted it was not much of a winter here in Louisiana, but enough of one to make me appreciate the fact it is almost a memory.

spring color palette choicesPrego Sem Estopa

Spring moves the clock forward, seems to think it is the perfect time for us to clean, and wakes up the color all around us.

You know how I love my world to be colored!


An easy and affordable way to make a colorful impact on your surroundings is through exterior and interior paint, accents and accessories.

Throw pillows are a guaranteed burst of new color energy with maximum results for minimal money.

Who doesn’t like that?

decorative throw pillowsGood Housekeeping  

Wallpaper has the power to quickly transform a space by infusing color, pattern and texture.

Using wallpaper or fabric as the wallcovering on only one wall can automatically pack a space with immediate focal point potential.

There will always be the question of wallpaper vs. paint.

In certain situations, coupled with certain tastes, here’s where I stand on the matter.

Why not both?

Decorative harmony is a beautiful and colorful thing!

clarissa hulce wallpaperHarlequin 

Oh Happy Day

A gorgeous wallpaper pattern in equally gorgeous spring colors~ Masquerade from the Gazebo collection by Thibaut.

Thibaut wallpaper

“Only those who love color are admitted to its beauty and immanent presence. It affords utility to all, but unveils its deeper mysteries only to its devotees.”

— Johannes Itten

Habitually Chic

Subtle in nature and brilliant in execution, white does indeed make a strong and complementing canvas for the space to show its true colors.

Country Living 

The different shades and tones of gray in the distressed headboard, chandelier patina and wallpaper all come together as the foundation to build upon.

Gray is no longer associated with lifeless, sterile and unimaginative interiors.

I really am embracing it more and more as an accessory color.

The more I study this image and the influence gray has on bringing out the pinks, the more I am fascinated by the result.


Color wakes up a space in the same manner that spring wakes up color from its winter hibernation.

Balance is perfectly achieved between the neutral walls, rug and curtains and the strategic points of color.

Color breathes life into the space to freshen and renew the look.

Norskein Interior Blogger 

How do you color your world?

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