Street Cred & First Impressions: Create Curb Appeal

Interiors float my boat, but it is crucial to the overall design to create curb appeal.

What is the first thing seen by neighbors, guests or potential buyers?

Minnetonka Shingle-Style

TEA2 Architects

The back of the house may be the brains, but the front is the decorative brawn.

Ellen Grasso & Sons, LLC- Traditional Exterior, Dallas Dan Piassick - photography

Ellen Grasso & Sons, LLC

Summer seems as good as time as any to spruce things up around the old homestead.

Let’s look at a few big impact, small investment ways to create curb appeal around the old homestead.

create curb appeal

Shut the front door fabulous is not difficult or expensive to achieve. Painting an existing front door is a sure way to create curb appeal.

Color guarantees instant paintifcation will come knocking.


Erica Burns Interiors

A decorative entry door kick plate, door bell, house number display, and door hardware

curb-appeal-brass-kick-plateBetter Homes and Gardens


The Pineapple is widely regarded as a sign of hospitality.

Let welcome ring!


P2 Design

Knock, Knock!

Who’s there?


Theodore who?

Theodore knocker is beautiful!

Bronze door handle fist & ball door knocker

Bronze Door Handle Fist & Ball Door Knocker

A door knocker is a great way to enhance the look of an exterior entry door.

A new or refreshed mailbox will garner street cred aka curb worthy attention.


Sarah Berry – DecorPad

Spray paint is the power tool to keep stocked in your DIY home projects toolkit.

It has the power to affordably transform items into stylish home decor.

There are at least 50 shades of flat, gloss or metallic gray and other colors that can invite a pop of color to the street party.


I want to share two inexpensive outdoor planter ideas that will add color and unique individuality to your front porch and walkways.

First up: terracotta pots painted with spray paint.


Bright pops of color go so well with your annuals, perennials, herbs or ferns.

4 Terracotta Pots In Wire Basket

Your favorites will stand out against the backdrop of a clay pot painted with  flat, hammered, gloss or metallic spray paint.

Take the curb appeal party from plain to front porch palette perfection with a can or three of spray paint in your favorite designer color.


Curb appeal is not strictly a spring or summer consideration.

As seasons change, so do outdoor decor options.

I like to suggest items that make the transition from season to season while sparing the pocketbook.

Bright colors with a whimsical twist take to a summer color palette, but they also keep beautiful company with the classic neutrals and deep rich tones of fall outdoor accessories.


Toss an outdoor throw pillow in seasonal colors, patterns, and textures here and plant a full of fall color croton there, and you’ll effectively and affordably warm up the place without missing a beat.


Dering Hall

Exterior lighting adds ambiance, direction, and safety to an entryway.


Solar walkway lights, landscape lighting, hanging and wall lanterns, and sidelights can be found at home improvement and discount retail stores in a large variety of finishes to coordinate with the style flow you are trying to achieve.


Southern Living

Shutters and trim hardware frame windows in additional exterior wow factor.   

Love the look of board-and-batten shutters trimmed out with forged iron shutter dogs!


There’s no better time than curb appeal o’clock to put a fresh coat of paint on the brick, soffit, fascia, shakes and shutters.

Weekend paint party, anyone?


First impressions make lasting impressions.

Investments to the front of the house to create focal point curb appeal interest brings impressive results and big returns.

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