Elegant Timeless Perfection: Crystal Chandeliers

Crystal chandeliers captivate and hold my attention, especially when found in the most unique and not-so-traditional spots and spaces.


Glamour in the kitchen is embraced more and more as a traditional design feature.

white-kitchen-polished-brass-knobs-gold-tiered-chandelier Kim Stephen

When light captures a crystal chandelier a decorative synergy is produced.

crystal chandeliers setDomino

Crystal prisms cast rainbow colors captivating the Dorothy in all of us.

Le Meurice HotelSalon at Le Meurice Hotel, Paris

Synonymous with elegance, crystal chandeliers illuminate a classic style.

Draped Bijoux ChandelierAnthropologie Draped Bijoux Chandelier


 Dunbar Road Design

Ebanista chandelier


Now I ask you, what design element in the image below most captures your eye?

What first draws the eye is often what first impresses the heart.


 SCW Interiors

Make an opposites attract statement by beautifully hanging fixtures in traditionally unexpected places.

crystal chandeiliers kitchen island Apartment Therapy

Focal point prominence achieved through the mix and mingle of rustic chic with formal finery puts the j’adore in the juxtaposed moment.

rustic charm


Achieved balance paired with a good eye is an essential component in decorating.


 Whittney Parkinson Design

Whimsical ecclecticity at its absolute finest!


Country Living

Baccarat crystal placement perfection!


Architectural Digest

Consider the addition of a crystal chandelier to your lighting portfolio as an investment piece that not only makes a statement, but introduces an elegant sense of whimsy that gifts the space with charm and character.


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